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Asterigos, A Game for all Greek Lovers

I've always had an acute attention to detail especially when there are things that are obviously meant to be something else.

Asterigos, The Must Have Game of October.


Asterigos, A Must Have.

Out of the time that I've been playing video games, I've been impressed and disappointed with some of the games that I have played and bore witness to the trailers. However, I saw one trailer on a game recently that turned my entire world upside down. Asterigos, Curse of the Stars.

Now, I've played my fair share of games but this one takes the taco. Personally, I haven't seen a game this promising since God of War on PS4. Asterigos, Curse of the Stars follows a young redhead heroine named Hilda. Hilda has an assortment of weapons she'll be using to whoop ass. Having said, I plan on going over a few things regarding the game.


In most games, you have access to a few weapons whereas Hilda will have access to a Hammer, a Staff, a Sword, Twin Daggers and a Spear. With these weapons, Hilda will be able to tear up the field. An added bonus about the spear is that you can throw it long range if you don't want to get up close and personal to nail your enemies.


Along the way, Hilda will learn skills that'll allow her to summon barriers around herself for protection and harness the powers of elemental magic. I have high hopes for this because besides this game taking places between two of the most critical points in history, the expectation for it is extremely high!


Hilda will face monsters from time periods of Roman and Greek consisting of Harpies, Minotaurs etc. I remember a game similar to this that I stopped playing due to the overwhelming pace of getting nowhere in the game. I will admit, any game that has Greek Mythology or even Roman for that matter, is definitely worth a playthrough.

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Aphes, a city well known and that has the highest walls in the history of any castle that has existed back in that time period. Aphes, a city that is at once beautiful and deadly like a rose with thorns. Aphes, a city with its own perils invites all who are willing to make the attempt to climb its walls to see the bounty within.

Fun fact: When I first played Elden Ring, this made me hungry for Stormveil Castle. I couldn't figure out how to get in the joint until I made my way to the front gate and learned that I still was in the wrong place. But once I was in, I knew I had a job to do which was explore the place.


This game does seem rather short, but if you're looking to get the most out of your money, which involves sidequesting and playing through the game, you're looking at 40 hours+. Ultimately, it's enough to get you through if it's the only game you have to work on.

My Prediction

This game is going to become home to some future DLC, a game of this caliber isn't going to be standalone for very long. I can sense that the game devs are already putting together some DLC ideas for the game even though we won't see or hear mention of said DLC for 6-8 months+ it's enough to assume that DLC is in the works.

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Asterigos, the Gameplay

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