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Tribal Wars Tips



This is the ultimate step-by-step guide on how to be a true Tribal Wars player. It features many tips that other guides do not provide. If you want to be an ultimate TW player, welcome!

About Tribal Wars

In Tribal Wars when you want to upgrade a building will need 3 resources - Wood, Clay and Iron. You can also upgrade the building getting these resources, therefore getting more Wood, Clay and Iron an hour. More resources an hour = faster growth. Upgrading these building are essential to the game.

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Village HQ

Village HQ

0 to 500 - Starting

At first you'll want to focus on the three resources; Wood, Iron and Clay. These 3 resources increase your resources an hour.

Start with this:

Timber camp - 5

Clay pit - 5

Iron mine - 5

Next, upgrade:

Village HQ: 6

Barracks - 1

Wall - 2

Market - 1

Smithy - 1

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Statue - 1

Then upgrade:

Timber camp - 8

Clay pit - 8

Iron mine - 8

Then get your warehouse to a decent level for now:

Warehouse - 8

Last and most important:

Village HQ - 10

Timber camp - 15

Clay pit - 15

Iron mine - 15

Barracks - 6

Market - 3

Farm - 8

Wall - 10

Smithy - 10

Hiding Place - 4 (or if you want, level 10)

Don't forget to:

Get a stable

Get a Paladin (you can get one in the Rally Point)

Research Axe-men

Also get:

Spear-men - 75

Swords-men - 100

Axe-men - 100

If you did this properly the you SHOULD have gotten this in 4 to 8 days.


About The Troops

This section is about Troops and which troop is meant for the situation.

Defensive Troops:

Spear Fighter - You get this unit right when you research the Barracks. This unit is good against Cavalry (Light Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry...) but is not good against foot soldiers (Axemen).

Swordsman - This unit requires just a Smithy, level 1. This unit is exceptional against foot soldiers but not very good with Cavalry.

Archers - This requires a Barracks level 5 and a Smithy level 5. This unit is does the general damage as the one a swordsman does and does a tiny bit less cavalry damage of a spear fighter. This is the mother of defense and should be your main defensive troop as is is good in every defensive situation.

Offensive Troops:

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500 to 650 - Troops

In this chapter there are 2 ways to go;

Step 1: if the world has started recently go to Number 1.

Step 2: If the world is rather older than follow Number 2.

With the new update of (I think) 10 Spears and 10 Swords, you will want to get extra troops. Remember troops ARE necessary.

1. Upgrade and Get:

Barracks to level 8

Farm to level 9

Spears - 125

Swords - 100

Axe-men - 100

2. Upgrade and Get:

Barracks to level 8

Farm to level 11

200 Spears

200 Swords

100 Axe-men



650 to 1000 - Upgrading

After recruiting all those troops you can upgrade your resource pit knowing you will be much safer.

This is what you do next:

Upgrade Timber Camp, Clay Pit and Iron Mine to level 18

Warehouse - 18

Village HQ - 15

Smithy - 12

Wall - 15

Stable - 7

Workshop - 2

Research - Scouts and Light Cavalry

Research - Rams and Catapults

Also get:

100 Scouts

100 Light Cavalry



1000 to 2000 - Good

TW tips

When you get past 1000 point you should get points quicker.

Do this:

Farm - 16

Timber Camp - 24

Clay Pit - 24

Iron Mine - 22

Village HQ - 20

Barracks - 10

Stable - 10

Market - 10

If you want you can upgrade your Wall to level 20.

Also get:

250 Swords

250 Spears


500 Axe-men

150 Light Cavalry

50 Rams

50 Catapults


You HAVE to recruit Light Cavalry, it is the best at farming,

Timber camp

Timber camp

2000 to 4000 - Pro

Now you're getting close to an Academy at this time it is crucial that you get a lot of troops.

Next do this:

Timber camp: 25

Clay pit: 25

Iron mine: 25

Warehouse: 20

Smithy: 15

And to also:

Get 500 Axe-men

4000 - 12500

Now is where things will take time, but fear not! Before continuing, remember to Research things and to use common sense. Remember, Tribal Wars is not all about points, it's about troops, which is why there is no use to upgrade everything to the max.


Upgrade Timber Camp, Clay Pit and Iron Mine to level 28

Upgrade Stable to 20

Upgrade Barracks to 25

Yeah, those levels above are my recommended levels, but I'm not going to tell you what to do. Well, this is it! You can look at my Advanced Tutorial when you feel like or when you get 4 nobles!

TW village map

TW village map

Taking Over A Village

Now you should get a noblemen! Things to keep in mind: taking over a player is a good idea, make sure to scout them to see if you have enough troops. Also look at what Tribe they're in (if they're in one), and make sure they aren't too good. But if they have more points than you (but none of them are actually better than you), don't be scared they only have points.

1. Plan that village you are about to take over, making sure you have enough time to send them right when they come back.

2. Make sure you are certain that the village has no troops and that there are no team mates nearby to support the village.

3. Attack the village making sure you will have enough time to send them all when they arrive and make sure to always send all of you offensive troops. The next section (How To Send Troops/Nobles) will help you when you have over 4 nobles.

4. When you have your second village, repeat the process.

How To Send 4 Nobles In A 100ms Gap

TW Advanced Tips

This tutorial will show you how to send 4 nobles in a 100ms gap. The bonus to this is it is practically impossible to snipe. Now, back to business:

First, Download Opera: . It will only work in Opera.

Second, Open Opera and click the button at the top left. Scroll down to settings and click Preferences.

Third, Go to Advanced and on the left it will say "Shortcuts". On "KEYBOARD SETUP", NOT "Mouse Setup", click Opera Standard and press the "Duplicate" button.

Fourth, Re-Name it and call it "T-Train". Double click it and press "New". For the first box only put the letter "t" for the second box, put "Click button&Switch to next page". What this is basically doing is pressing the "OK" button and switching to the next page VERY fast.

Fifth, Press OK for everything and go to the Tribal Wars Homepage. Login and go to your target on the map (DON'T close the map page). Open 4 attack pages (go on the village you want to noble and right-click "Send troops" and press "Open in new tab". Repeat 4 times). Make sure you have 1 noble per attack (remember you NEED 4 separate attack pages). Don't close the map page.

Sixth, Make sure the attack pages are the first 4 tabs (EXCEPT the map page HAS to be first) and press attack (remember that there will be a "Confirm" page, that's where the magic will happen). Then from tab 4 to tab 1 press the "Tab" button on your keyboard until the "OK" button is highlighted. If pressing Tab doesn't highlight the "OK" button click right on top of the OK button and then press "Tab".

Seventh, Go to map tab and hold down "T". Then make sure that the first attack is the full-on attack and not 200 axes.

The reason you need the map page in the first tab place is because when you hold down the "T" button it takes a while for it to accelerate.

Next Advanced Tutorial, Sniping.


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