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Toy's From the Past

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Surprise! Remember these Teeny Terrapins?


Toys from the 80s and 90s

I am sure we have all felt nostalgic at some point in our adult lives. Maybe you have searched for a childhood friend, taken your own children to places you grew up, or looked back over old photos of your childhood.

I felt like this recently, when I found myself looking for an old game I used to have. The game was called 'Don't Break The Ice.

When I googled the game, I also i found lots of other old toys, that bought back many memories of gifts from Christmas past.

Playing with my big yellow teapot, and my big red chimney. Play cooking with my red and yellow au la carte kitchen, and running around the house shooting my brother with a Ghost-busters blaster, which fired yellow sponges ha-ha.

Those were the days, when we got toys in our cereal boxes, and those little burger and fries figures that you wound up in our happy meals.

We also got collectible figures, like teeny terrapins, crocodiles and hippos in our kinder surprise egg, rather than these stupid little vehicles, that you try for ages to put together only for it to fall apart again.

Here I have made a list of some of the top toys, from the 80s to early 90s. I obviously couldn't include them all, but feel free to add your favourites to the comments below.

If there was a toy you loved as a child, but cant remember what it was called, then describe it in the comment section below, and I will do my best to find out what it is for you.

I hope you enjoy it back there in memory lane, I know i did.

Keypers Toy


 Keypers/ Finders Keypers- This was one of my favourite toys from the 80's, I had the diamond horse and Bonnie the bear with an umbrella on her back to  hide things in. Keypers were made in the 80s by Tonka Corp, and each came with a little keyper man, a key and a brush. You can still buy them today from EBay and antique toy shops.



He-man was popular in the 80s and 90s with both boys and girls. Girls wanted to be She-ra and boys wanted to be Master's of the universe. Shops would sell these figures like hot cakes. There was He-man, She-ra. Skeletor, man-at-arms, orko, and Battle Cat among others and everyone i knew back then wanted a Castle Greyskull. He-man toys have been updated many times since the 80s so it is not hard to get hold of them, but if it is the originals you are after then your best bet is EBay.


Oh Penny/Oh Jenny


Oh Penny/Oh Jenny- Okay call me childish but i still have the whole set of this toy made by Bluebird, i have the fairground, house, limo, wagon, stable, parlour and lots more. I played with these sets for hours when i was a child and stored them in my parents loft for many years in the hope of having a girl to pass them down to. I actually had all boys but still couldn't part with this part of my childhood. In the UK we called it 'Oh Penny' but i believe in the US it is referred to as 'Oh Jenny'. The US advert for this toy set went 'A is for auto, oh jenny's car B is for barn where the animals are C is for cart, jenny's is cool D is for dip, take one in the pool E is for exit, a treehouse surprise F is for family, with Jenny there are 5 G is for great, the way it will be The world of oh Jenny, from a-z'. And the UK version went 'Oh Oh Penny what a wonderful world you live in..........Oh Penny at Bluebird.'



Boglins were ugly rubber hand puppets, they had long arms and their eyes and mouth moved. I think every boy wanted to own one and they really did freak the girls out. The advert went like this "f you take us home, we'll kiss your Aunt Martha, we'll eat your peas, and we hope you know lots of girls." Each Boglin came in a box which looked like a cage.

Cabbage Patch Doll

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The Cabbage Patch Kid Dolls were first produced in 1982 and since then have been manufactured by many toy chains. These dolls were the most popular in the 80s and each had a large round vinyl head with a soft fabric body. They then bought out the talking cabbage patch doll which could sense when another doll was present through its IR transmitter/receiver, the doll would say "I think there's someone else to play with here". That was just plain freaky. There was also The Garbage Pail Kids that were like the bad version of the cabbage patch dolls, i remember my Mum taking the cards of me that i was collecting because she said they wasn't suitable haha. I am sure one of them was called Potty Scotty.



 Ghostbusters first film came out in 1984 and soon every toy stores shelves were packed with every toy possible on the hit film. I loved this ghost blaster gun which i remember my parents buying me from Toys 'R' Us. There was also all the ghostbusters vehicles and figures and even a dartboard. Kids everywhere were going crazy for the merchandise, and everybody knew the theme tune 'If there's something strange in your neighbourhood, Who you gonna call?....GHOSTBUSTERS!! (you will be singing this all day now)



Snugglebumms were weird but strangely cute little troll like toys. They were made by Playskool in the 80s. There was about eight or nine baby snugglebumms with names like 'Gladly, Happily and Shyly' who all giggled when you shook them and lit up when you squeezed them, there was also adult Snugglebums one of which when you shook it, its hair would stand up on end.

Gordon the Gopher


 Gordon the Gopher was a cute little hand puppet who was Phillip Schofields companion on a TV programme called 'The Broom Cupboard'. He became so popular in the 80s that Teletoys started to make puppets of him so that children could own their very own Gopher. The Gordon the Gopher puppet was dressed in a green top with his initials on and some red boots. He also had a squeaker inside so you could press it to pretend he was speaking.



 Glo-Worms was another favourite of mine. They came out in 1982 and had hard faces and stuffed bodies that when you squeezed would glow up. The glo-worms were so popular that they soon bought out Glo-friends, plus night lights, storybooks and even a video.