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Best Toys for 4 Month Old Baby


What Are Age Appropriate Toys for a 4 Month Old Baby?

My baby is now 4 1/2 months and has taken a stronger interest in toys over the past three or four weeks. This article gives ideas of the best toys for 4 month old babies based on those that are popular with my own son.

At 4 months, the toys he loves best and which are appropriate developmentally, are toys which stimulate the senses. So, toys which are visually appealing with bright and contrasting colors are good. Toys such as rattles with pieces in them that move are also visually appealing for babies. Toys which make sounds such as rattles, squeakers and bells are good too. My baby also loves to put everything in his mouth so teethers and toys which he can jump on are good too.

Ideas include jumperoos, toys by lamaze, beach balls and bubbles. There are also some ideas on how to play with different toys too. Many have great educational value, aid development and have a fun factor for your baby.

Read on for the best toys for 4 month old babies

Jumper / Jumperoo for 4 Month Old

Perhaps the most used toy for this month so far has to be my little boys Fisher Price Jumperoo. He loves this toy. There are lots of activities to play with on the top and he has loved to bounce up and down. It has been great exercise for him and I think it's really strengthened his legs too. He has enjoyed his jumperoo so much that on a couple of occasions he has even fallen asleep in it. It gives me time to do a bit of housework while he is enjoying himself. If you want to get some more advice on the best jumperoo to buy, check out the article below

Advice on Jumperoos

Bright Starts Click and Slide Activity Ball

At 4 months old babies love to experiment and explore different objects. During this month they will start appreciating the full spectrum of colors as their sight develops. They also enjoy hearing a wide variety of sounds. Toys such as the click clack toy opposite are bright, colorful, make sounds and have lots to explore and touch. This makes them a great toy for this age.

Baby tunnels

A baby tunnel is a great toy as there are lots of different ways baby can play with the toy as they grow.

Bright Starts Activity Blocks

Lamaze Toys for 4 Month Olds

Lamaze make a great range of toys that are perfect for babies of this age. The toys below all have various features which stimulate babies senses. They include mirrors, squeakers, different textures to feel and explore, teethers, rattles and more. You can hang them onto car seats and strollers so are great toys to entertain babies when you're out and about.

Musical Toys

Another great Vtech toy that a 4 month old will love.

Musical Toys

We go to a music group once a week and my son loves some of the musical toys there. His favourites include a rattle with bells. He loves watching these jingle, holding them and eating them too. It's great fun for me to jingle them along to the beat of the music.

Teether Toys

As any mother of a 4 month old baby knows, they love putting things in their mouth to knaw on and relieve the pressure from teething. We do have a variety of teething toys. There are many teething toys available. Look for ones which are easy for baby to grab, hold onto and put in their mouths. Toys with extra sensory or play value make excellent choices, like the Winkel below.


Lamaze Cloth Book

Sassy Developmental Wonder Wheel Suction Toy

Many 4 month olds get their first taste of real food depending on when you wean them. If they are sitting in the highchair this makes a great toy to keep them amused when you are preparing food or washing up.

Baby Einstein Octoplush

Fisher Price Rainforest Baby Gym

Another Fab Baby Gym!

Another great baby gym is the piano gym opposite.

Cloud b Sleep Sheep Four Soothing Sounds From Nature

Many babies love teddies. It's often good to get them a toy that helps soothe them to sleep as you can use it when you are having trouble getting them off to sleep as a sleep aid.

Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Station

Superseat Highchair

We have a bumbo seat for my little boy which is really useful for sitting him in. My sister in law weaned her baby in her bumbo and we plan to do the same before we get a highchair. But this superseat looks way better than a bumbo in my opinion. It comes with an activity tray and cool toys which aren't shown in the photo. It can also be attached to a chair and children can sit in it until they are 33 pounds so can last through the toddlers years too.

Beach Ball

Homemade Toys for 4 Month Old Babies

Babies don't need lots of money spent on toys. There are some really simple ways you can use household objects to make great toys for 4 month old babies.

Homemade rattle - You can easily make a homemade rattle. Fill a plastic container with dried pasta or rice for a rattle. Make sure that the lid is secure - you don't want babies choking on dried pasta. My son loves his homemade rattle. He is fascinated by the bits of pasta and rice that he can see and hear inside.

Toothbrush - A baby toothbrush can make a great teether and it will get babies used to a toothbrush so it may make it easier to brush their teeth a little later.

Sock puppets - If you get a colorful sock it makes a great puppet for babies to look at. A fluffy sock puppet are great for babies to touch too.

Bubbles - My son is enthralled with bubbles. If you blow them he loves looking at them. I place him on his tummy and he will try to pat the bubbles when they touch the ground too. It's fascinating for me to watch him watching the bubbles too. You can make homemade bubble solutions from products which you may have lying around the house. Google homemade bubble solutions for some bubble recipes. I do actually buy my bubble solution as it doesn't cost very much.

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Best toys for 4 month olds in the UK


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Charito Maranan-Montecillo from Manila, Philippines on July 20, 2014:

I find the tunnel and rainforest gym so COOL!

QualityKidsToys on November 13, 2013:

The best toys out of this list look to be the Jumperoo and the Baby Rainforest Gym. Both are obviously designed to stimulate the development of the child, and also keep them interested. Good list.

D_L_Harbin on October 29, 2012:

Very cute toys that babies will love.

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