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Best Gifts & Top Toys for 10 Year Old Boys in 2013 - 2014 - Christmas Birthday & 10-11 Year Olds

Best Gifts & Top Toys for 10 to 11 Year Old Boys

Best Gifts & Top Toys for 10 to 11 Year Old Boys

What Gifts and Toys do 10 Year Old Boys Want?

Ten year old boys are active, curious, still love some toys but they can't be treated as little kids any more (even if they are).

You'll make them happy by getting them something that fits their interests - if they have a thing for science a good book will be great or a science kit. Lots of boys at this age like to be active so any sporting gear makes a fine gift - could be as simple as a ball or a shirt or something as cool as fitness equipment.

This gift guide has some great ideas boys at this age will like and I'm sure you will find something for every taste.

What's Cooler Than a Hologram?

This set will blow their minds!

This genius kit let's them project real holograms with the help of either a smartphone or iPod touch. There's a bunch of pre-programmed holograms that come with the set so they'll be able to make their own magic shows (the tricks really are awesome - do take a look at the video bellow) and they will also be able to turn themselves or their friends into a hologram.

The future is here and this has to be the coolest gift for a 10 year old.

Let them read! Book a 10 Year Old Will Love

If they like reading books by all means get them a book, if they aren't avid readers get them a great book that will turn them into one.

Harry Potter series are really great for ten year olds they are easy to read and depict an exciting world of magic they are going to love. There are 7 books in the series (plus three other Harry Potter themed books) and I recommend getting just the first one in the beginning (Sorcerer's stone) and if they get into it then get them the others.

A Plant to Take Care Of

Fun Green Gift

Fun Green Gift

Fly traps are Great for Boys

While pot flowers won't make them happy a mean looking Venus Flytrap will.

These plants don't need much attention so they are perfect for kids and they really are a joy to watch when they are snapping (it isn't as fast as you would think).

The most important thing this plant needs is light! The more the better and while sunlight is the best, artificial light will do the job too.

They also need clean water - rainwater and distilled water being the best for it.

Darts is a fun game to play with friends or alone

Darts is a fun game to play with friends or alone

Let's Play Some Darts

We've got a darts board at home and it's great for fun family time as well as playing with friends.

This is a great game to play with friends or alone as it's moderately competitive, requires patience and precision and even some strategy.

Boys love to host tournaments and have their friends over and what I like the most is even if the game only has one winner they don't get upset if they loose, they always cheer for each other.

One of The Most Popular Picks

10 Year Old Boys Love Nerf Guns

Pre-teen and teen boys are going crazy about Nerf pistols and guns and adults gladly join in the fun too! I much prefer these than air soft guns and paint ball as these have the same level of fun (for kids) and are much, much safer as the bullets are made of foam.

It's fun to watch them chase each other for hours and it seems they really can't get enough of this toy.

10 Year Olds are Into Video Games

If they don't have it already they are probably begging you to get them a new console.

As new consoles were just released the prices of the "old" ones dropped so if you wan't to indulge their wish this is the time to do so.

What console to get?

While younger ones are super excited to get a Nintendo Wii pre-teens are usually asking for either a Xbox or Playstation.

Personally we prefer the Xbox - mainly because of it's add on Kinect which allows you to play games without a controller - your body becomes the controller allowing for a very active play.

If they already have a console a new game will make them happy.

A Classic Sport's Gift

There isn't a gift more traditional than a baseball glove, especially if you're a man and buying this gift for your son.

This glove will make memories and you'll be in them.