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Top 10 Online Mafia Games

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They say that crime never pays, but in the world of online mafia games that is simply not the case. If you are looking for a good way to have some fun when it comes to playing online mafia games, though, you need to know where to look.

There are a horde of quality online mafia games that you might wish to try out. If you want to start enjoying the kind of entertainment that an online underworld empire can provide, you are not going to be short for choice on highly-enjoyable mob games.

Want to find the best online mafia games, then? Here is a list of the top ten online mafia games to try out. Show the world your criminal nous, and you could find yourself hoarding a fair amount of digital wealth and influence in your city of choice!

1. Omerta International

If you want to keep things nice and satisfying, then try out Omerta International. Otherwise known as Barafranca to some, this is a highly enjoyable online mafia game. It is loaded with interesting things to do and no shortage of opportunities to grow your name.

Join a family, build your reputation on the streets, and slowly but surely move up the list of opportunities that wait for you. Highly satisfying, addictive, and, best of all, free to play.

2. Mafia Returns

If you want a solid text-based mafia adventure, then be sure to take a look at this hugely popular title. Mafia Returns is a bit of a slow-burner, but if you can get through the early hours whilst still having fun then we assure you that you will have plenty of entertainment time left within this title.

Very much an enjoyable one for those who love the atmosphere of the mafia; loaded with things to do and opportunities to whittle away the hours.

3. Mafia Den

Hugely popular, Mafia Den has become an online game of choice for anyone looking for an online mafia game to try out. This will see you try to become King of the Den as you take on other players from across the world.

Very much a fun title with plenty of opportunity for you to build your own little empire. Like most games you start out with precious little and build your empire.

4. Empire Warzone

Having grown from its small starting point, Empire Warzone is very popular today with good reason. It is littered with enough interesting little things to do that you should keep on coming back for a bit more each time. Definitely, a fun enough game to try out if you are looking for something a little bit different.

Commit crimes, join Special Ops, and scour the streets for your next big find as you build your name in Empire Warzone.

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5. Mafia Warfare

While its old-school style might put some people off, Mafia Warfare is an easy to enjoy text-based mafia online game. It’s got enough interesting themes and functions to keep you playing for hours. On top of that, it has a lot of chances to build your character and head off in just about any illegal direction that you can think of!

Definitely an enjoyable enough title for those looking for something a bit more refreshing overall.

6. In the Mafia

This interesting illustrative title has become one of the top online mafia games for those who like something with a bit more involvement. This multiplayer game forces you to be really intelligent with how you try and take on the development of your character. Various opportunities exist that force you to be quite intelligent with your decision making.

Makes you think more than the average online mafia game, and has an interesting enough illustrative style to stand out.

7. Mafiakill

This text based online mafia game is hugely popular for those who want to try and take on various different roles. You can be a cop, you can be a criminal or even a scientist. Take on the role you wish and take the route you desire; you can be as good or as bad as you want.

Fight back against other players, join groups and clans, and find the secret to success in this tough, no-holds-barred game world.

8. Mafia Feuds

This hugely popular, Mafia Feuds, has grown as one of the more popular names within the online mafia games industry. There are various ways to play this text-based RPG, most of the time involving you having to overtake other players and mobsters.

You move around the various cities, taking on the competing mobsters as you try and asset your influence within the area. Very much one to enjoy if you love the idea of being in charge and in control.

9. Omerta Law

If you want to play a classic online mafia game, then Omerta Law is a vote winner for most people. It’s a fun text-based mafia RPG with enough interest to keep you coming back for more. You are asked to take out people who broken the Omerta law itself, and you are required to put them back in their place – six feet under – for breaking the code of the mob. Can you pull it off with style?

10. The Mafia Boss

Lastly, be sure to check out popular text-based RPG The Mafia Boss. This game puts you in a world based on the infamous “La Casa Nostra”, and you are expected to make sure you can live the life of a proper Mafia Don. It’s a tough game, and one that forces you to really think on your feet and, just like a real mobster, be ruthless when the moment calls for it. Definitely, something you can enjoy playing.

Where will you go first?

With so many awesome mafia games online, you might not be sure where to begin. All of the above games offer a great place to get started, though, so why not see what criminal enterprise you can develop in the above games?

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