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Tomb Raider Reach the Endurance Wreck and Save Alex

Tomb Raider Reach the Endurance Wreck and Save Alex

In Tomb Raider, Lara must get to the Endurance. Alex is at the Endurance trying to retrieve the tools needed to rebuild the boat so the team can get out the island. This will guide Lara on how to get to the Endurance from the camp. It will guide Lara on how to defeat the boss on the Endurance – Boris. Finally, it will guide Lara on how to get into the room to save Alex.

Tomb Raider Get to the Endurance Wreck

Lara needs to find three small staircase like pillars to climb to get to the Endurance wreck

Lara needs to find three small staircase like pillars to climb to get to the Endurance wreck

Tomb Raider Get to the Endurance Wreck

Lara must head towards the marker that denotes the shipwrecked Endurance. This is the beginning of the Gone Missing quest. At the start, use the compound bow to create a zipline between the pier pillar and the rugged cliff side. Next, swing across some obstacles and climb a platform and see the nearby area from above. Lara needs to jump onto and across more platforms and then make her way to a series of “natural and man-made broken stairs” on the right side of the area (when approaching the area).

Lara may want to take down the enemies on this tower before advancing up the obstacles and further up the tower. Find a long ladder here and climb to the top. Before attempting the climb, use the shotgun to destroy part of a walled-in area on the top. Once at the top, climb further up to the topmost point. At the top, use a zipline to come down to an area with enemies and a secret tomb. Take out the enemies. Continue traveling around this enemy infested area and use a variety of tactics and skills to defeat them. The objective here is to reach the cliffside bunker or bunker vista area. Lara will know she has reached the area when she has to crawl through a small cave and then get to a day camp with a rugged cliffside that she can shoot arrows into.

Shoot at the rugged cliffside and then use the pry axe to climb and then jump to the right. Some pipes allow Lara to transverse further to the right. Lara will eventually be able to climb onto an area with an old WWII ship gun and then crawl through another small opening into an area full of enemies.

Tomb Raider Defeat the Enemies At Bunker Vista

There are lots of enemies at the bunker. As Lara comes out of the small opening, she should use a silent weapon to take out the first enemy. Then hide behind cover and watch as some more enemies converge in the centre of the bunker interior. Use silent weapons to eliminate the two enemies on the left on the second floor.

When another enemy rolls a explosive barrel to the centre of this area, this is Lara’s cue. Shoot at it and it will instantly explode, putting down everyone in the centre. However, this will also announce Lara’s arrival at the combat party. So prepare for a dogfight to eliminate all enemies.

The second stage of this fight continues as Lara must climb the stairs of the bunker and reach the second floor. Cause more explosive barrels to explode and then take out the remaining enemies to reach the second floor. From here, Lara must head to the cover and take out the enemies on the other side. Methodically but surely, using combat proven tactics, make your way to the top of the bunker. It can be done, and Lara will arrive at the top. Climb down from the roof to the second platform and rest at the Endurance Overlook Camp.

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Lara is almost within reach of the Endurance wreck.

Tomb Raider Defeat Boris

To finally get to the Endurance, create another zipline from the Endurance Overlook to the rugged cliffside below. Climb up to the top of the stand alone cliff and then use the second zipline to reach the Endurance.

Lara will then meet Boris, Mathias’ third lieutenant. From stealth positions, use silent weapons to eliminate Boris’ two henchmen. Then take out Boris using the tactics shown below.

Tomb Raider How to Get Into the Room With Alex Inside

Use the rope ascender to create a hole on deck and jump down to the interior of the Endurance. Reminisce about the past as Lara makes her way through the cabins of the Endurance. Then reach the room where Alex is trapped. This will show to get into the room with Alex inside.

Once inside the room, Lara will get the tools from Alex. But can she save Alex? Watch the cutscene and find out.

After this, it’s time to bid farewell to the Endurance. Really, a ship can only endure so much, even for a ship called the Endurance. If Lara can get to the Endurance, she can get back. Reverse and track back to the shipwrecked camp. When there are ziplines below Lara, jump into the zipline and use shift (on PC) to grapple onto the zipline as Lara falls. Eventually, Lara will find her way back to camp and report on the near complete success of her mission.

And then it’s time to get to the WWII research base.

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