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Tomb Raider Get to the Co-pilot

Tomb Raider Get to the Co-pilot

Tomb Raider Get to the Co-pilot

Tomb Raider Get to the Co-pilot

Tomb Raider Get to the Co-pilot

In Tomb Raider, Lara’s hopes of the plane arriving to rescue them go up in flames, literally. The plane crashes down near her and she must slide past some hazardous obstacles. Then the platforms and landings before her keep collapsing. Lara must survive this and go after the pilot. This is the start of A Road Less Traveled quest. Lara will then descend into the mountain village from the cliffside village after she reunites with Roth. This will guide Lara on how to get to the co-pilot from the mountain village.

Tomb Raider A Road Less Traveled

The escape from the plane wreckage is quite easy. Stay ahead of the plane and then get out of the way of obstacles. At the end of the obstacle aversion course, get up and jump immediately to the next platform. And then keep jumping from platform to platform until Lara arrives at the bottom. Here, Lara will witness the pilot being murdered by the enemies. Deal with the situation and then find a base camp at the cliffside village to rest and level up. Then continue to find a way down to the mountain village.

After travelling some more, Lara will walk into a trap. Here, Lara’s legs get tied up and then she is inverted and hanged up from a tree branch. From this position, Lara must defeat the men who have trapped her and then shoot at the rope for release. Lara will fall onto the ground.

At this point, Lara will get the new gear – rope gear.

Use the rope gear to cause the structure in front of her to collapse, sending the men in it to their doom. Next, deal with the grenadiers before anyone else from behind cover. With the grenadiers gone and unable to flush Lara out from her position, take your time to deal with the rest of the enemies. Always hide behind cover and then take out the enemies when they are reloading their weapons.

After defeating the men, Lara will continue to use the rope gear. Use it wisely to transverse obstacles. Eventually, Lara will slide down a tunnel and reunite with Roth.

Lara then learns that the co-pilot is still alive. Lara must get to the co-pilot.

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Tomb Raider Get to the Co-pilot

To get to the co-pilot, Lara must first get down to the mountain village. This is straight forward enough. Once at the mountain village, take your time to explore the mountain village again, this time using the rope gear to access areas previously not accessible. Grab as much salvage and upgrade materials as possible.

Then identify the main plane wreckage. From there, there are two routes to the co-pilot, one via a small cave detour and the other one more straightforward. This illustrates the straightforward path.

Optional Quest Hall of Ascension

Whilst trying to reach the co-pilot, Lara has a chance to do the optional quest Hall of Ascension. This is a tomb which is along the path to finding the co-pilot. This will illustrate how to complete this quest.

Then get to the temple of the guardian to save the co-pilot.

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