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Tomb Raider Find Roth's Pack

Tomb Raider Find Roth’s Pack

In Tomb Raider, Lara will meet up with Roth somewhere near to but not at the top of the mountain. Roth is fighting off a wolf and will be wounded. Roth will then collapse from possible septicaemia from the infected wound. Lara must find Roth’s pack at the village plateau. This contains the medical supplies needed to treat Roth. This will guide Lara as she attempts to find Roth’s pack. It will also include the optional tomb quest the Tomb of the Unworthy that is around this region.

Tomb Raider Climb the Buildings to Get to Higher Grounds

Go into survival mode and find the wolf’s trail. The black wolf’s trail will lead the heroine to a series of two storey (or more) buildings. Lara must study the design of the buildings in this area. Then she must scale the ledges and other scale-able mounts in this area to get to higher grounds and finally climb up a series of elevated rocks to get to the entrance of the cave that contains the black wolf.

Tomb Raider Find Roth's Pack

Tomb Raider venture into the black wolf's cave and get Roth's pack

Tomb Raider venture into the black wolf's cave and get Roth's pack

Within the cave, Lara must light up a torch and explore the area carefully. She will find Roth’s pack at the back of a cave strewn with bones and human skeletons. Lara will get Roth's pack and attempt to leave. Not surprisingly, the black wolf leaps out of some hidden corner and attempts to add Lara to it’s food larder collection. Lara must fight back.

To fight back, simply follow the direction and action movements and buttons on the screen. Swift, desperate and accurate movements are needed to prevent replay of this sequence.

When the black wolf is defeated, head out of the cave and then down to the base camp where Roth lies unconscious. Save Roth. Roth will remind Lara that her surname is Croft and she can survive anything, beginning with the basics of rock / cliff climbing with her pry axe.

Tomb Raider Tomb of the Unworthy

In this area near the cave entrance of the Black Wolf, there is a hidden tomb called the Tomb of the Unworthy. This tomb may only be unlocked on Lara’s second climb into this area after she saves Roth. However, the tomb of the unworthy walkthrough remains the same.

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Within the Tomb of the Unworthy, Lara must push off against a crate and then jump onto the lowering cage on the opposite side and make another jump to the ledge on the far side. In this way, Lara will reach a fire source. Torch up and then use the torch to ignite the flammable bags on the second cage so that it will rise to the top. Scale the wall with the pry axe and reach the treasure chest.

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