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Tomb Raider Defeat the Storm Guardian At the Chasm Ziggurat Vestibule

In Tomb Raider, Lara must climb to the top of the Chasm Ziggurat. At the top, she will witness the ritual that may transform Sam into the Sun Queen. Before she can rescue Sam, she will have to defeat the remnants of the Solarii Brotherhood and then defeat the Storm Guardian. This will guide Lara on how to climb to the top of the Chasm Ziggurat vestibule and then provide tactics on the final battle with the Storm Guardian.

Tomb Raider Climb to the Top of the Chasm Ziggurat

Mathias will escort Sam to the top of the Chasm Ziggurat, where the soul of the Sun Queen waits within a decaying body, ready to be transferred to Sam. A wall of fire separates Lara from Mathias and Sam. Lara will have to do it the hard way. She will have to climb the chasm ziggurat and overcome the obstacles to get to the top. The difficult or mind boggling points are –

  • when faced with the first bell, shoot the rope arrow when Lara is in between the door and the bell
  • when faced with a rope stand and no rugged cliffside to shoot arrows into, look up to see the second bell
  • when jumping across to the platform, make sure the lever is somewhat balanced before jumping, so that Lara will reach the other side
  • when scaling the final rugged cliffside, Lara needs to do down and press E (on PC) to hang onto the rugged cliffside and not lean laterally

Tomb Raider Defeat the Storm Guardian

Tomb Raider Defeat the Storm Guardian

Tomb Raider Defeat the Storm Guardian

Tomb Raider Defeat the Storm Guardian

Once Lara climbs to the ziggurat vestibule, rest at the day camp and then continue onwards to the top of the ziggurat. The path here is really straightforward – just keep climbing upwards. Lara will then reach the top and see Mathias begin the ritual to transfer the Sun Queen’s soul into Sam’s body. Lara tries to stop him, but is distracted by enemies.

Go forth and defeat the remaining Solarii Brotherhood men. Use the same tactics – hide behind cover, attack with the best weapons, and jump from cover to cover before using the handgun for headshots if Lara runs out of other types of ammunition. Lara can also try the explosive arrows if enemies get too overwhelming. Eventually, the remaining Solarii Brotherhood men will be decimated.

Lara has only one obstacle left – the Storm Guardian. The key to defeating the storm guardian is to dodge and then target his head, back and unarmoured parts about three times. Probably the best weapon to use here will be the commando rifle and the shotgun. Once Lara stops the storm guardian in his tracks each time, use the pry axe to sever and attack him. The storm guardian will recover and summon more men to protect him after the first and second time Lara immobilizes him. Lara will eventually defeat the Storm Guardian the third time.

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Tomb Raider A Survivor is Born

Once the storm guardian is no more, Lara is left with the final obstacle - Mathias. Follow the commands onscreen and fight off Mathias. Then draw out the classic Lara Croft double pistols and finish off Mathias.

With the classic double pistol move and the rescue of Sam, the new generation of Lara Croft is finally forged. A survivor is born.

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