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Tomb Raider Break the Glass Panel to Reach Communications Console Room

In Tomb Raider, Lara will have to call for help by sending out an SOS. To call for help, Lara must scale the natural cliffs of this mountainous region and then enter the enemies’ bunker. She must continue to make her way inside until she reaches the communication console room, where the ancient WWII communication console (no wifi or internet connection included) will be located. The most difficult part of this part the cry for help mission may be trying to find a way to break the glass panel to reach the communication console room. This will guide Lara on how to break the glass panel to reach that room, and how to defeat the enemies before and after the glass panel.

Tomb Raider Use the Pry Axe to Climb Higher

The pry axe serves many functions, but the most important part of this mission will be to scale the vertical cliffs in this region. After saving Roth, Lara embarks on her rock climbing on-the-job training. The first few cliffsides will be easy.

Lara will reach a platform initially where there are men shouting to each other amidst the building stormy weather. Use tactics mentioned before to take them down, and then climb more cliff sides to eventually reach the outside of the WWII bunker.

Tomb Raider Eliminate The Enemies Around and In the Bunker

The next few sequences will see Lara take on the enemies in and around the bunker. The makeshift bow and arrow will be Lara’s chief weapon here. Sneak up from cover and then take headshots at the enemies. Keep doing this as Lara moves into the bunker from the outside and then moves up the bunker. It is entirely possible to take out the enemies here without them becoming too aware of Lara’s presence.

Finally Lara will reach the room with the glass panel.

Tomb Raider Break the Glass Panel

Tomb Raider Break the Glass Panel

Tomb Raider Break the Glass Panel

Tomb Raider Break the Glass Panel

Lara will be faced with a glass panel and a small opening above the glass panel. Climb through the small opening and drop to the other side. An enemy will rush to the glass panel and keep hitting on the glass panel with a WWII submachine gun. This will not cause the glass to break, although Lara will keep saying that “the glass looks weak”. At the same time, in that narrow room in between the glass panels, as Lara pries open the wheel, a gas will be released into the room. This will deplete Lara’s health, so she must climb out into the room before the glass panel again.

The way to break the “weakened” glass is to hurl an oil flask into the room between the glass panel via the small opening. According to Boyle’s law or something like that, this will cause the temperature and pressure to rise within a confined space. The resultant pressure cracks the glass panel on both sides, clearing a path for Lara to go through and also sending the enemy with the submachine gun sprawling and buried within slabs of the broken wall on the far side.

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So end this enemy and pick up the loot – the WWII submachine gun.

Although the WWII submachine gun is not as good as the star trek phaser or the star wars lightsaber and it cannot be set to stun, it is essential for the next part of the sequence.

Explore the area after the broken glass panel thoroughly for loot, salvage, ammunition and banners to burn (burning the banners will unlock a challenge).

Now, head through the only way out of this area, and into a trap. Lara will be ambushed by men with weapons and some lights shone brightly into her eyes. The key to escaping this is to eliminate the enemies. Lara will be trapped in a small area with a locked door behind her. There will be two sets of cover in this area.

Lara should use the submachine gun to attack the foes in this area. Try to use headshots. If Lara is injured, run from cover to cover until the “critically injured” grey screen goes back to normal again. Then resume attacking the men until they are all defeated.

Tomb Raider Break the Glass Panel to Reach the Communication Console Room

Lara will then reach the communication console room. Of course, the communication console is not working. The adventures of Lara Croft continues.

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