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Tips for Starting a Career in Online Gaming Industry

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It’s always been a dream of every gaming freak to earn money by playing games. But whether is it possible to make money or it’s just a time waste. In recent times, online gaming has been filled with career opportunities. It is estimated that online gaming has reached a value of USD 178.2 billion in 2021. And in the future, it is expected to increase to USD 314.40 billion by 2026.


There is no doubt saying that starting your career as an online gamer can be incredibly beneficial. Moreover, it can be a lucrative career, but only if you understand the high risk involved in it. However, if you begin your career ingeniously, you will face no hassle at all. Following are the hints and tips you may consider to start a great career in the online gaming industry.

Discover the whole gaming world

Online gaming is a massive industry; surely, you can’t cover every aspect of it. Before you enter the industry, make your mind about which career path you want to join. Hence if you fail to make a decision, you might face stumbling blocks throughout your career. To start your journey in the right direction, comprehensive research is a necessary thing to do.


In-depth research would open new ways for you. At the beginning level, you might have the wrong perception that gaming is all about live streaming or recording games and uploading to YouTube. But once you have complete knowledge, you will realize there’s a huge opportunities in this field. From game designers to animators to interpreters and translators, you will find various fields looking for the perfect man with the right skillset.

Earnest about the work

To start your career in the gaming industry, you have to be more serious because of the intense competition. For a professional career in the gaming industry, you have to be serious not just with your attitude but with your finance too.


It is always recommended that you should never start as a game developer as you are still a newbie and don't have much idea about the industry. Instead, to have a lucrative career start your profession as an intern or trainee and gain exposure to the industry first.

Gaming degree or certification

Many people wonder why they need a degree or certification to have a thriving career in the gaming industry; after all, it's just a game. However, there is no denying the fact that competition has increased exponentially in recent times. And the only way to beat all your competitors is to have an advanced skill set by achieving a degree in video game development or game art and design.

Furthermore, before you apply for any gaming company, they would first ask for a degree. A degree or certification gives the hiring manager a surety that the person possesses the right skillset and is the perfect candidate for the position. Due to all these reasons, acquiring a gaming degree or certification is vital before getting hired by any gaming firm.

Design games from scratch

To increase the chances of getting hired by gaming companies, you may gain experience in creating games. Designing games from scratch can be an arduous task for beginners, but they can learn through online courses and earn certifications in certain software.


The greatest advantage of building a game is adding additional experience to your resume or portfolio. It will increase the chance of getting hired. Moreover, if you are working as a freelancer, in that case, it can be extremely helpful for you to showcase as a sample work even if you don't have experience working in a game company.

Be Active On Gaming Discussion Forums

While you are sitting at home and wondering where to start with the profession as a gamer. The best thing is to take professional advice from professionals. You can easily find many talented individuals sharing their experiences on gaming discussion boards. Having a conversation with them allows you to acquire knowledge of the gaming industry and their opinion about the gaming world.

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On these gaming platform, you are free to ask any question, or if you have any gaming mock-up or template, you can post them as well. In addition, posting on these discussion forums will help you receive valuable tips, coupons to buy games and suggestions.

Engage in Game Jams

If you are looking for a place to practice your skills, Game Jams is a place recommended. It is the largest community of game enthusiastic individuals where everyone can exhibit their talent—a great place to learn and design games from scratch in a short period of time.


You will find several jobs in the gaming industry, and you can’t put your hands on everything. But once you are at Game jams, you have access to many different fields related to gaming, including Design, Programming, Art and Graphics, Games Writing and more.

Awareness of the newest technology

Nowadays, the gaming industry is all about innovative technologies, and if you are not using them, you are missing out on huge. Cloud technology is the most recent innovation, and the whole gaming universe is after it. Using technology saves your money and provides high-quality content at the cost of internet bandwidth.


Tips for online gaming streamers

Online game streaming is a great way to gain viewers and followers. Nowadays, people love to watch live videos rather than pre-recorded ones. It is estimated that if you upload any gaming video, more than half of your followers will miss it. But once you are live streaming, you can expect more fans watching you.

Live StreamingVideos on demand

Real-time interaction with viewers

Higher quality and potentially better graphics

Higher engagement

More production value

No initial post-production costs

Pre and post-production

In-depth and interactive content

Shorter format


Whether you are playing live on YouTube or Facebook audience will watch you. But the aim is to gain more viewers. To do that, you can send your fans a link that will directly be operational once the live stream starts.


Apart from Youtube, if you have fans on other social media platforms, you can tell them where and when you’ll be streaming. If you have already started your career as a YouTube gamer, upload the video once or twice a week. The better idea is to jump on doing regular live streams that improve channel statistics and generate handsome revenue.

5 Top Promotional Ideas

  1. Share on Social Media
  2. Post in Online Communities
  3. Build a Social Army
  4. Set up an Event
  5. Post Teaser Videos & Blog Posts


The purpose of creating a gaming youtube channel is to make money. But what will happen if you use a similar thumbnail every time? You will miserably fail to gain more viewers, so the better idea is to work up a sweat create a different thumbnail every time and tell your viewers what your live stream is all about.

Don’t stick to a single game

One of the worst things most people do is they stick to a single game. By doing it, you will not just decrease your watch time, but you will drop your subscribers after a few days. The better idea is to plan a weekly chart and, according to it, play games. For example, if today you are playing PUBG, so tomorrow you must be enjoying GTA-V.



By this time, you must have understood that the online gaming industry is not what you think. This specific industry is huge compared to any other industry. If you have a perfect skill set and wants to develop, do it right now. But once you are on your way, create short-term and long-term goals which can be achieved in passing times.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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