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101 Things to Build in Minecraft

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101 things to build in Minecraft. That'll keep you busy for a while.

101 things to build in Minecraft. That'll keep you busy for a while.

Anyone who is anyone plays minecraft, and it has gained a reputation as “Minecrack” due to its highly-addictive nature. Not only is the game fun and all around awesome, but you can literally build anything in the game which is why it’s so awesome and addicting.

There comes a point in time where you need some fresh ideas for the game, though. You can only drum up so many ideas in your sleep-deprived brain, and all of your friends who are buried in their iPads next to you are in the very same Minecrack-induced zombie mode. What’s a person to do?

Sometimes when you have been staring at the same screen for hours or days on end, it becomes hard to think of new things to build. Nothing a little sleep can’t cure, but hey, it’s crack and sleep is for the birds. (You can make birds if you want…lots of birds...)

Let’s skip the birds for now and focus on the really cool stuff. Some people prefer to build a fantasy land to escape into, while others prefer to build a real-life world. Whatever your Minecraft style, there are lots of things to build in Minecraft; you just need the ideas to keep moving along!

It’s time to get don to the nitty gritty of things to build in Minecraft. It’s easy to say that you can build anything in Minecraft, and oh so true, but some people need a more specific list to go by for some good ideas. So, here ya go!

Things to Build in Minecraft

Simspons' HouseUSS Enterprise



Football field

Breaking Bad Lab





Ski resorts

Hogwarts School

The Iron Throne


Steam train

The Death Star

The Tardis


The North Pole

Jurassic Park


Pride Rock from Lion King



Buzz Lightyear

Stark Tower



King Kong

Tropical islands

The Daily Bugle


Firefly Serenity

Las Vegas


Pirate ship

Big Ben

Basketball court

Halo rings

The Emerald City


London Eye Ferris Wheel

Tennis court

Alphabet blocks

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Domino show

Yosemite National Park

Call of Duty maps

Doll house

Niagara Falls

Hedge maze

Log cabin

Monsters University

Sugar Rush



Quidditch arena

Carnival cruise ship

Hyrule Castle


Bikini Bottom

My Little Pony

Hockey rink

Monster trucks

The Shire


Bowling alleys

Hydra factories

Space station


Beer pong table

Nuclear power plant


Area 51


Roller skating rink

St. Basil’s Cathedral

South Park

Water slides

Tower of Pisa


Helms Deep

The Colosseum


Mount Rushmore

Haunted house

The Hundred Acre Wood

Can of Mountain Dew


Egyptian pyramids

Grand Canyon

Statue of Liberty

King's Landing



Cinderella's Castle

Chess board

NASA base


Super Mario Bros. world

Movie theater


More Minecraft Building Tips

If you’re one who just likes to build and build, then it’s likely that you play in creative mode which is the way to go if you are into building a whole world, and like to as fast as possible. Here’s a few building tips for you:

  • Have a picture: If you are trying to build something complex, rather than trying to do it straight from your mind, find a picture online, print it out and keep it next to you as a guide. This can really help with the finer details of whatever it is you’re building!
  • Keep it organized: If you’re OCD like me, then you already do this. I’ve seen some pretty sloppy maps built by others, and although it may seem like a masterpiece to them because they likely spent months making it, it was just disorganized and things were just all over. Stick to themes and organize different themes by different areas. Unless you don’t care. It’s your world, and this is my opinion!
  • Have fun: If you are imagining it, build it! Sure, taking on challenges imposed by others can be fun, but what’s even better is making whatever you want, just exactly how you want it!
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So there you have it, a list of 101 things to build in Minecraft! I say that should keep you busy for a while, providing many sleepless nights. That’s what comes with the turf of the Minecrack-addicted soul: You eat, drink, sleep (sleep?), and breathe Minecraft!

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