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The Best Lego Storage Organizers


Lets get those Legos Organized!!!

Do you have Legos all over your house? Do you wish you were able to store your Legos in a more organized fashion? If you answered yes you are in the right place.

I am going to share with you lots of creative ways to organize and store your Legos right here. Not only will it keep them neat for the sanity of us parents, but it will also make it easier for the kids when it comes to play time.

So come on - Lets get ORGANIZED !!

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Lego Storage Ideas

Lego Storage Ideas

Legos Legos EVERYWHERE!!!

Being a mom of kids who have always loved Legos and owning so many of these little building blocks, the one thing I cannot stand is how they are stored. Ok and sometimes not stored because if you have these in your house as well you have stepped on them more than once and it does not feel good when that happens - ugh!!

I am big fan of organization and everything having a home and for the longest time our Legos have been all stored in one large giant bin. While that is great and they are stored it does not make taking them out to play easy. We have millions of these little blocks and the tub is HUGE. So when the kids take them out to build what do they do? Well they dump out all the Legos on the floor and create an enormous mountain of blocks that get all over the place just to find the pieces they want to build with.

Of course when it comes time to clean them up lots of them never make it back into the bin and I end up sucking them up in my vacuum or stepping on them. I know I am not alone and have decided to find some other ways to store them and keep them organized to help prevent that from happening. So while I was doing my research I found so many great ideas and tips to help that I decided to make this page to help other parents looking for the same thing.

While my kids are now grown and do not take them out as often as they use to Legos are one of the toys I will never part with. Legos are so much fun no matter what your age is and even I love to build with them from time to time because there are so many things you can do with them. They are definitely one of those toys I will hold on to and pass down to my grandkids one day.

So let me show you all the great Lego Storage and Organizers I have found....

Tips for choosing the Best Lego Storage System for your Home

Before purchasing your Lego Storage consider some of these things first:

  • How many Lego Bricks do you own?

    Knowing this will give you a better idea of how big you will need your storage to be. Do not forget to consider future purchases!!

  • How will you be sorting your Legos?

    Do you want to sort by Brick Color, Brick Size or do you just want a nice big container and toss them all in?

  • Portability

    Do you want your Legos in a container that you can easily move from one room to the next? If so consider a container with wheels or handles that the kids can easily move from room to room.

  • Will you be sorting by sets?

    Keep in mind that if you have special Lego Sets that you want to keep together and separate from basic sets you may want individual containers for them..

Lego Storage Units

Lay-n-Go - Lego Activity Mat and Storage all in One - I love this !!!


Available in a Large Activity Mat and a Lite Travel Version

This is a GENIUS Idea for Lego Play and Storage and one of those - why didn't I think of that. This is very similar to an idea I had read about - I had read that you let the kids play with their Legos on a fitted sheet and when play time is over it makes it super easy come clean up.

While this is the same concept it is even better because the mat becomes the storage all in one - I wonder if the idea came from using a fitted sheet??? Hmmmm. I love how easy it is to close up and it does so tightly so no Legos can escape. They are available in different sizes and lots of fun colors. Genius I tell ya just GENIUS!!!

Lay-n-Go Lite - Perfect size for Travel

DIY Lego Toy Bag and Play Mat

DIY Lego Toy Bag

DIY Lego Toy Bag

If you are creative and want to save some money you can make this DIY Lego Toy Bag and Play Mat pretty easily following the directions here at They used water resistant fabric too so if the kids play outside you do not have to worry if the ground is damp - I love that!!

Lego Stoarge Bricks - Store your Bricks in Bricks !!!

These Lego Storage Bricks are another fun way to store your Legos. They mimic the sizes and colors of your standard Legos but are giant to hold all the little bricks. So you can fill them with all the matching Legos if you like making clean up and sorting EASY for the kids. Then you can build a Lego Tower with all of them as well - for even more building fun.

Lego Sort and Store Head

lego storage head

lego storage head

This Lego Storage Head (above) will not only store the Legos, but also sort them by size with a little shake!!

How cool is that?

DIY Lego Storage Heads - Recycle your Snack Containers

diy lego storage

diy lego storage

I love nothing more than recycling and this idea is AWESOME. I found this idea over at Obseussed where they show you step by step exactly how they made theirs. A great way to save some money and definitely one fun project.

Lego Storage by Play Visions - Soft Colorful Bags and Buckets

Check out this DIY Lego Storage Wall - A great way to store and display Legos and Mini Figures

Lego Storage Wall

Lego Storage Wall

How fun is this Lego Storage Wall created by Milk and Cookies. They bought Lego Baseplates and stuck them to their wall using strong double-sided adhesive and then they had fun adding their Legos and creating an amazing display of FUN FUN FUN. Whjat kid would not love this? Great in their rooms or in your playroom.

Lego Combined Play

Play and Store All in One

Another great way to store your Legos is one of the many Lego Playstations - I also love these because they combine both play and storage all in one. Unfortunately my kids are too big for these, but I truly wish I had one when they were smaller. Why do kids have to grow so fast??

Plastic Storage Bin Systems - So many different ways to store

Plastic Storage Bins are another great way to store your Legos, BUT you can do it in away unlike mine where they are stored in more than just one giant bin. Purchasing multiple bins and labeling them by color or block sizes I think makes it so much easier come time to build.

If you are not matching the bin color to the block, then stick with clear bins to make it easy to see what is inside.

Lego Sorting Labels - Makes finding and putting away Legos Easier

Lego Sorting Labels

Lego Sorting Labels

I label everything in my house - I love nothing more than my Label Maker. If you are going to be spending the time sorting all your Legos then you want to be sure to label all the bins to make finding and putting them away for the kids easy. I found the above Lego Sorting Labels via The Organised House Wife. These are available to purchase, download and print and only $2.95 - I love the way the look.

Of course you can simply use a Label Maker like me, make your own fancy labels or use a marker and write directly on the bins.

Lego Labels

Lego Labels

I love these Lego Labels made by Style Oyster for her kids Lego Collection. All she did was use colored construction paper and cut out the names of all the Lego colors. Using Mod Podge she brushed on a thin layer and attached the letters. Then she put another layer on the top and she has one awesome looking Lego Storage Station!! I bet the kids find it really easy to clean up when they are done playing.

I love the way that looks don't you?

Lego Bag Storage

Lego Bag Storage

Tip: Use Ziploc Bags to store Lego Sets

So how do you store Lego Sets? You know the ones that have all the parts to create a particular Lego creation. For those you can use smaller bins or better yet Ziploc Bags. Best part is the bags come in all sizes so just use the one that will work for the Lego set you need to store.

I actually do this and I make sure the Lego Set directions are also in the bag and the picture is facing forward so you can see which set it is - Easy Peasy!!!

Check out this Lego Sorting Tip Video

A few more of my personal favorite Lego Storage options:

So?? Will you be organizing your Legos now?

Giovanna from UK on September 18, 2014:

Wow I love that mat idea! My son is 14 and still has lego everywhere! lol! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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