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10 Awesome Text Based MMORPG Games

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As one of the best ways to pass a day, or even a weekend, text based MMORPG games offer an excellent time-killer. If you are looking for a way to have some fun when it comes to playing a game on your browser, text-based MMOs are the best place to begin. With so many games to pick from, though, how can you make sure that you pick a game that is going to be 100% what you are looking for?

To help you make the right choice, we have put together a list of what we think are ten of the best text based MMORPG games. Be sure to try the m all out, and see for yourself why these titles have a large (and growing) number of players on their servers. So, what are the ten best text based MMORPG games to try?

1. Omerta International

If you want to enjoy text-based MMORPG games that put you in the hands of being a criminal, then you want to try out Omerta International or Barafranca as some know it. This is a wildly popular game with millions of registered players. Take part in its unique ranking system, build up your reputation taking on various roles, and enjoy being in a world that really forces you to be ruthless.

Definitely, one of the best text-based MMORPG games out there at the moment. A fun theme with plenty to do and a great overall entertainment level.

2. BasketPulse

If you love the sport of basketball, then you might want to try out popular text-based MMO BasketPulse. Here, you run a realistic simulation of running a basketball club. You need to manage the club, keep it in top shape, and take on other players in the competition. It’s a highly enjoyable game that involves a lot of quick thinking along the way.

You need to make tough choices, overcome challenges, and build a ball club with a chance of success.

3. UrbanDead

If you like zombie-based content, then you should absolutely come and try out UrbanDead. This post-apocalyptic setting is a great choice for anyone looking for a bit of fun and satisfaction. The setting is easy to enjoy, while the general theme and mood of the game is one that forces you to think, to co-operate, and to play with others.

Work together, find yourself a chance to survive, and do everything you can to see the next day alive.

4. Discworld MUD

Did you grow up reading the amazing works of the late, great Terry Pratchett? Then try out Discworld MUD. This is based within the same world, and gives you the chance to play a highly enjoyable, hugely whimsical Discworld-themed game.

Not many games exist within this world, so this offers a chance to see for yourself why this is rated as one of the best settings ever written. It’s a fine tribute to one of the best writers of all-time!

5. DragonRealms

Want to play in a fantasy-themed world? Then be sure to try the hugely popular DragonRealms. This is a fantasy themed game and is one of the oldest text based MMORPG games. For that reason you should take the time to try it out and see for yourself why this is still running – even after all of these many years have passed.

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It’s a fun thing to do, for sure, and can be just what you are looking for if you want a fantasy-themed adventure.

6. Gemini Station

As one of the most popular games out there, Gemini Station is your ideal choice for a text based MMORPG games set in sci-fi themes. This is a very fun game because it basically leaves you in the position where you need to try and build a life for yourself on the deeply competitive and challenging space station itself.

Littered with things to do and chances to interact with other players, Gemini Station is a must-try.

7. AD2460

If you want to enjoy a more sci-fi strategy experience, then be sure to take a look at this highly popular game. AD2460 has become a common talking point for those who want to find a sci-fi game that really forces you to let your imagination go wild.

Definitely the kind of highly charged, satisfying experience that can be just what you are looking for in terms of a good time and a real laugh.

8. Blood Wars

A hugely popular text based MMORPG game, Blood Wars has been running since 2006 and looks set to keep going for some time. It has over 200,000 users at present, and you play the role of a vampire who tries to survive in a dying world after a post-nuclear incident.

This is what you need to try and build your character around; surviving in a highly challenging world where tough decisions are an everyday occurrence.

9. eRepublik

Hugely popular with many players, eRepublik is rated among the best text based MMORPG games for a reason. It has become hugely popular since it was first released in 2008, and has grown to become a game where you live your life as a private citizen in a hugely deep and detailed world.

Take part in shaping the world and take the various opportunities that open for you both in the private sector and in more underhand methods.

10. GemStone IV

This hugely popular online game has been around since the late 1980s, and has become one of the most prominent examples of text based MMORPG games. GemStone IV is a wonderful choice for anyone who wants to try out a long-running game with thousands of players across the market.

It is a subscription-tier game, with a free to play model still available for those who do not want to pay for their fun. Definitely an all-time genre classic! x x

What Will You Play First?

With so many text based MMORPG games to look at, you might not be sure what is the right choice for you. Our advice is simple, though; choose the title that fits the theme you like most, and sign-up!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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