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SWTOR Thana Vesh Quests

SWTOR Thena Vesh vs Master Sulan

SWTOR Thena Vesh vs Master Sulan

SWTOR Thena Vesh vs Master Sulan

SWTOR Thana Vesh Quests

In SWTOR, the thana vesh quests may be of interest to the hero on Taris due to the intricate working relationship and possible romance between Thana Vesh and the hero. On Taris, the hero will arrive at Toxic Lake Garrison. Pay a visit to Darth Gravus to start the thana vesh associated series of quests. This will guide the hero and provide tactics to get past the bosses in the thana vesh associated quests without revealing the responses and attitude of thana vesh towards the hero in each quest story. The thana vesh quests will also provide the hero with some good equipment to replace those acquired from earlier in the story.

SWTOR Defeating Kom Orda and Master Sulan

In SWTOR, the thana vest quests will take the hero across the following speeder stations on Taris - the toxic lake garrison speeder station, the border assault speeder station, the bomber control speeder station, the tower command post speeder station, the forward alpha speeder station and the crater command speeder station. This thana vest side quests will actually facilitate the main quest for the sith inquisitor on Taris. The thana vest series of quests involves eliminating some important and prominent republic figures across Taris in the hope of winning the war for the empire on Taris. The first republic leader to fall is Kom Orda. Kom Orda is easy to defeat. Next, the hero embarks on a quest to eliminate nekghouls. Nekghouls are rakghouls on Taris who have begun to use the force due to the tutelage of their teacher Master Sulan. The fight with Master Sulan is one of the most cinematic, with Thana Vesh competing with the hero for the defeat of Master Sulan. This makes it easy for the sith assassin to backstab maul Master Sulan. Even when the hero perishes, Thana Vesh will continue to attack Master Sulan.

SWTOR Defeating Bashun and his Bodyguards

In SWTOR Cathar Assassination Quest, the thana vesh related quests continue with the hero having now to defeat Bashun, the commander of a feline like species called the Cathar. The empire and Darth Gravus are hoping that with the defeat of Bashun, the republic's forces and support on Taris will be weakened. The hero should not expect to defeat Bashun until at least level 33, where the sith assassin's various skills and newly acquired companion can be used to the maximum against Bashun.

In SWTOR, to defeat Bashun, the following tactics are recommended. First finish off Bashun's bodyguards. This part is easy. Use Ashara Zavros and concentrate on one opponent at a time. When both of Bashun's bodyguards are eliminated, for the sith assassin, force cloak and go into a corner of the large chamber to rest. When the hero and his companion are back to full health, attack Bashun. Use Ashara Zavros to tank the sith assassin. Use the sith assassin abilities in the following order - backstab maul, electrocute, tumult, and then low slash, and Channel the force. Low Slash is one of the abilities acquired in the deception (damage) tree of the sith assassin skill tree. Next repeat the sith assassin abilities again - electrocute, tumult, low slash. By this time, with the combined attacking prowess of Ashara Zavros and the sith assassin, Bashun will be reduced to low health. Use the sith assassin ability assassinate, and Bashun will be defeated.

In SWTOR Cathar Assassination quest, with Bashun defeated, go ahead and rescue Thana Vesh from her cell. The hero is hoping to romance Thana Vesh with this rescuing the damsel in distress move. However, Thana Vesh is stubborn and will walk away, advising the hero not to stalk her in the attempt to eliminate the next republic forces leader, and yet also knowing the hero will continue to follow her,

SWTOR Defeating Master Cerik

In SWTOR No Escape quest, the hero and Thana Vesh are “teamed up” in the siege of Olaris to bring down the republic forces on Taris. This final Thana Vesh related quest involves some bonus quests for extra experience points. Eventually, the hero must head into the Olaris spaceport to bring down the force fields and locate Thana Vesh. Thana Vesh has been captured by some Jedi. Free her, only to see her jet away to defeat more republic forces. This time, the hero and his companion can really team up with Thana Vesh. Watch the fireworks as Thana Vesh and the hero and Ashara Zavros (that's about four or five lightsabers) defeat the combined republic, jedi and cathar forces within the spaceport. Eventually, face off against the final elite boss Master Cerik. Use the tactics listed against Bashun against Master Cerik. With three sith against one master jedi, the outcome is inevitable. If the going gets too tough even for the sith assassin, go into force cloak and head out to heal. Because Thana Vesh is still engaged in fighting against Master Cerik, he cannot heal whilst the sith assassin can do. Now return to the fight and finish off Master Cerik. After the fight, the hero can earn some dark side points in the dialogue between Thana Vesh and the hero. The hero also has the option of saving Thana Vesh (beware! Light side points are granted here) or putting down Thana Vesh. If the hero's long term goal is to romance Thana Vesh, then there is not too much choice in this. However, Thana Vesh continues to play hard to get, and walks away elegantly in a chaos of explosion to a vast galaxy.

Will Thana Vesh return as a companion in a future edition of SWTOR? One can only hope so........

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