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SWTOR Revanite Quest

SWTOR Revanite Quest

In SWTOR, the revanite quest is a side quest available on Dromund Kaas. The SWTOR revanite quest is started by talking to Sandor, a sith apprentice standing just to the left of the platform from the taxi stand that leads to the Sith Sanctum in Dromund Kaas. Sandor asks the hero to go to the Revanite Compound (in the southern part of the Dromund Kaas map) to join the Revanites. This will guide the hero in going to the Revanite compound and completing a series of quests to get either the Revanite title or some dark side points and the Saber Marshall's Robe.

SWTOR Revanite Compound and Life and Death Quest

In SWTOR, once the hero reaches the Revanite Compound, speak to Dzoun. Dzoun offers the hero the chance to go on a pilgrimage in order to join the Order of Revan to become a Revanite. The next task in the becoming a Revanite is to speak to Revanite Elder Jhorval, who asks the hero to go to the Revanite Altar and face the trial of death. Use the map to locate the Revanite Altar. There are several mobs along the way to the Revanite Altar. Defeat them and reach the Revanite Altar. Meditate at the Revanite Altar. This is the actual trial of death. Fans of KOTOR will know that Revan the Sith was defeated by the Jedi and then converted into a Jedi again - that was presumably his trial of death. And so this is the trial of death for the hero. Wake from the ordeals of the trial of death and return to Jhorval to accept the next mission.

SWTOR Mask Of Revan

In SWTOR, the Mask of Revan quest is the next stage in the quests to become a Revanite. On return to Jhorval, the hero is asked to speak to Ladra and then Torrun. Ladra asks the hero to locate and bring the Mask of Revan back to the Revanite Compound. This quest is symbolic of Revan being of the light side (Jedi) and the dark side (Sith), and gives the hero the choice to earn some light side points or dark side points. Use the map to find the mask of Revan and bring it back to Ladra to get dark side points or Torrun to get light side points. The mask of Revan is located Lord Grathan's Estate. The hero will have to face some more mobs and a relatively tough Grathan Relic Warden to get the mask of Revan.

SWTOR Revanite Quest Gathering Allies

In SWTOR, the next part of the Revanite Quest involves speaking to Raymon and then reenacting the events of KOTOR, where Revan had to gather allies under his wing to relaunch an assault against his ex-apprentice Darth Malak. So now the hero must speak to a few Revanites or allies to gain their trust to become a full initiate of the Order of Revan. These allies include Ceta Farr and Major Pathel. Once these allies are fully convinced of the hero's intentions to join the Revanite Order, then it is time to return to Dzoun.

In SWTOR Revanite Quest, Dzoun asks the hero to go to a certain tent and speak to ........ a hologram of the Master Revan. Complete this final task, and the real master of the Revanite Order appears, Speak to the real master of the Revanite Order, and learn the purpose behind the Revanite Order - uncovering the supposed conspiracies of the Emperor and the Dark Council. Now the hero has two choices: return to Sandor and expose the leader of the Revanite Order or cover this up and allow the Revanite Order to flourish.

SWTOR Rewards for Revanite Quest

In SWTOR, the rewards for the Revanite Quest are slowly gathered by completing each of the tasks mentioned above. The ultimate rewards for the Revanite Quest is only reaped by returning to Sandor in Kaas City. If the hero decides to lie to Sandor and allow the Revanite Order to flourish, then he earns the title of "Revanite", and some light points. Otherwise, by exposing the Order of Revan, the hero earns some dark side points and the Saber Marshall's Robe, an upgradable robe armor useful for the sith assassin inquisitor class up to about level 16 (which is very useful for most parts of Dromund Kaas).

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