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SWTOR Commendations

SWTOR Commendations

In SWTOR, commendations are currency which can be used on various planets to exchange for specialty goods. SWTOR commendations are named according to the planet that the commendations are awarded. This will focus on SWTOR Dromund Kaas commendations and will guide the hero (and sith inquisitor) in exchanging the SWTOR commendations for specialty goods to build great character customizations up to level 16.

SWTOR Dromund Kaas Commendations

In SWTOR Dromund Kaas, the specialty goods vendors where commendations can be exchanged for great items are found in the Dromund Kaas craft and market area. From the Sith Sanctum, head to the taxi stand directly opposite and then run forwards and turn left and head up the stairs to reach the SWTOR Dromund Kaas Commendations specialty goods exchange vendors. There is a weapons trader to the right at the top of the stairs, and an armor and modifications trader just a little down from the weapons trader. These traders trade SWTOR Dromund Kaas Commendations for quality items.

SWTOR Trading Dromund Kaas Commendations

In SWTOR, a great character should have great weapons and great armor. For the sith assassin, a great weapon consists of the most damaging double-bladed lightsaber one can find around level 16. One can do lots of side quests and hope to land a really good double-bladed lightsaber, or one can just exchange those Dromund Kaas commendations (14 required) for the Dark Erudite Double-Bladed Lightsaber (Dark 1 required). Of course the light side sith assassin would want the Principled Erudite Double-Bladed Lightsaber.

Next, head to the armor and modification specialty goods and start purchasing armor modifications and weapons modifications to add to armor or weapons. Type C to see the character and assess the character's slightly weaker attributes. For example, for the sith assassin, it is a trade off between strength and endurance and willpower. Use the Dromund Kaas Commendations to trade for those armor and weapon modifications that will add and complement the sith assassin's character build. By trading Dromund Kaas Commendations and improving character build, the most desirable character build can be obtained by improving weapons and armor.

Example - to upgrade the Saber Marshall's Robe for the sith assassin, use Dromund Kaas Commendations to purchase modifications to fill the Armoring, Mod and Enhancement slots. In the Armoring slots, one could add strength and endurance. For the Mod slots, one could add endurance and willpower. In the enhancement slot, one could add endurance. In this way, the sith assassin gains strength, endurance and willpower, which all compliment each other to build a more powerful sith assassin. This principle can be applied to other classes as well. If one runs out of Dromund Kaas commendations, then one can head to the next planet Balmorra and use the Balmorra commendations to modify and upgrade other items like the Saber Marshall's Leg Wrappings. Hence SWTOR commendations are very useful indeed.

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