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Have a Surf-themed Boy Baby Shower

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SharpLee is a grandma with ten grandchildren. She loves to play the piano, research family history, and make arts and crafts!


A great idea for a summer or warm-month baby shower is a surfing/beach theme!

We held a surf/beach-themed baby shower in August for a baby boy-to-be in the family, with invitations that said "Baby on Board" and "The surf's great! Let's celebrate! Please join us for a baby shower honoring (mother's name) and baby boy!" Included was the date, time, place, and RSVP phone number. Also mentioned was where the mom-to-be was registered.

This photo shows a clothesline between two palm trees that we attached to the house entry-way wall with tape. The palm fronds were made out of green poster board, and the trunks were brown kraft paper. A rope was strung between the palms, and clothespins held the beach hat, sunglasses, swim trunks, onesie, rash guard, and flip flops.

(All photos by SharpLee on HubPages.)

We Had Fun Making a Diaper Cake!


I decided to try making a diaper cake, and followed instructions from a YouTube video, which you can see below.

I bought a box of Pampers size 1 with 88 count. I used more diapers than the instructions said, but not all 88. I held the diapers together with rubber bands, and then put the ribbon over the bands. Instead of the wire ribbon, I used 1 1/2 inch ribbon and the coordinating sheer ribbon over it. The stuffed animal on the top is a crab made by Carter's for babies. The whale came with some washcloths and is made for babies. I used safety pins to attach the whale, socks, teether, and ribbon together. I also used a safety pin to attach the crab on top through its tag.

I made the surfboard out of a piece of cardboard and put a cutout surfboard design from scrapbook paper over it with a glue stick. Also added was a paper flip flop, curled ribbon, plastic palm trees, and a paper umbrella.

Notice that the colors for the party were mainly bright blue, light blue, lime green, and orange, and those colors were incorporated into the diaper cake. The "cake" makes a great centerpiece, and can be taken apart and all the diapers and items can be a gift for mother and baby.

How to Make a Diaper Wheel

This video has good instructions on how to make a diaper "cake" wheel. Start with a large 12" skillet to form the bottom layer, a medium pot or cake pan to form the middle layer, and a smaller pot to form the top layer.

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Some Supplies for Making a Diaper Cake


Blue Punch with Floating Bath Toys!

Key Lime Cupcakes

We made a blue punch with blueberry-raspberry kool-aid, 7 up, and white cranberry juice. Then we added vanilla ice cream. The overall effect was one that resembled ocean and sea foam! We added new, washed, baby bath toys to float in the "water" - a whale, starfish, and octopus. The baby bath toys were BPA free and safe.

For dessert, there were key lime cupcakes with green frosting and picks that said "It's a Boy!" Some extra baby washcloths were put out on the dessert table, along with kid beach buckets that were filled with chocolate-covered macadamia nuts.


Surfboard Cookies!

Besides the key lime cupcakes, we had these cute sugar cookies decorated like surfboards! Sugar cookies were made in the shape of a surfboard, and decorated with a line down the middle and a point representing the skeg (fin). We used white icing for the overall cookie frosting, and then decorated with either a green line and yellow fin, or yellow line and green fin.

Hawaiian Luncheon

We served a luncheon with rice and two sauces to choose from: sweet and sour chicken sauce (sauce with cooked, diced chicken) or creamy chicken sauce (cream of chicken soup with cooked, diced chicken), and toppings to add such as chopped green pepper, shredded coconut, slivered almonds, crunchy chow mein noodles, pineapple chunks, diced green onion, pimiento, grated cheese, and diced celery. We also had Hawaiian rolls and butter. A small plastic bucket with shovel held the plastic forks and spoons. Solid-colored paper plates matched the colorful napkins.

Other ideas that can be used for decorations are shells, hibiscus flowers, cups of sand with tea light candles, real palm fronds, paper lanterns, stuffed beach animals, luau paper goods, containers filled with gummy fish or goldfish crackers, colored crepe paper, paper flip flops, paper umbrellas, a beach ball, real surfboard(s), and kids plastic inner tubes.

There are many different beach-themed paper products available. Many party stores or even Dollar Tree will often have Luau paper goods and decorations!

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SharpLee (author) on September 19, 2014:

Thank you! We had fun!

JJNW from USA on May 28, 2014:

This is just adorable! You did such a cute job on making the diaper cake and cookies and everything!

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