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Squid Game Funko Pop!

Squid Game Funko Pop! Figures are available for pre-sale

Squid Game Funko Pop! Figures are available for pre-sale

The Squid Game Funko Pop! vinyl figures are on Pre-sale now. Pre-sale means the toys are not in the store right now but as soon as they arrive, they will be sent to you. That's because you have ordered them and paid for them in advance. It's quite a common event with collectibles. This way you (the collector) is sure to get their figure to add to their collection. If you are not a collector and it really doesn't matter if you get one or not, then you would be willing to wait and take your chances.

With the popularity of the Squid Game TV series, I would order one while it's in pre-sale to make sure I got one. There are 8 character figures for you to choose from, 5 players and 3 guards, and they are:

  • Player 001 OH IL-NAM
  • Player 199 ALI ABDUL
  • Player 067 KANG SAE-BYEOK
  • Player 218 CHO SANG-WOO
  • Player 456 SEONG GI-HUN
  • Masked Guard TRIANGLE (Funko Exclusive)
  • Masked Guard CIRCLE
  • Masked Guard Square (Walmart Exclusive)

001 Oh Il-Nam


Do you know about Squid Game? This TV series is from South Korea. It is referred to as several different movie genre. It is considered a horror/dystopian/drama/thriller. And it is all of the above. It's also not for kids or the weak-hearted. If you can't stand to see blood, do not watch Squid Game.

067 Kang Sae-Byeok


This series shows the power of money and the tragedy of not having any. There are many philosophical discussions about the multi-fold meanings found in these 9 violent and bloody episodes. It has been dissected and shredded to find the hidden meaning in every minute of film.

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Those without money are pawns in an evil and deadly series of games, oddly enough from the innocent days of childhood. No one would suspect what was coming upon hearing what games would be played. The players are playing for keeps, to stay alive. The winner walks away with everything. High risk, high reward. But at what a price, win or lose, you don't.

199 Ali Abdul


Everyone Loves Ali Abdul Player 199

Ali Abdul, one of the unlucky contestants in the Squid Game, is one of the most loved characters in the show. He is a good person. He is a nice man. He is lovable, honest and kind-hearted, and there for the most honorable reasons. His trouble comes not from his own making. He has no obvious flaws, except to be trusting and he believes in humanity. He is a tragic figure. And that's one of the saddest truths of the Squid Game series.

Let's Name Games

Squid Game contestants play:

  • Red Light, Green Light
  • Sugar Honeycombs - Dalgona
  • Tug of War
  • Marbles
  • Hopscotch on Glass
  • Squid Game

If someone told you that chances are you would not survive playing these games, would you laugh at them? It does seem ludicrous, doesn't it?

218 Cho Sang-Woo


You can find your Squid Game Funko Pop! figures at Amazon or at Entertainment Earth. You can find them in online stores and in your neighborhood stores too. These collectible figures are popular with almost everyone, there are over 9,000 different ones to choose from. Of course, not all of those are still available. As with any kind of collectible item, the more popular ones get bought up quickly.

456 Seong Gi-Hun


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