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Skyrim Trap and Call Dragon Odahviing

Skyrim Trap and Call Dragon Odahviing

In Skyrim, the hero must learn the words of power "OD AH VIING" to call the red dragon Odahviing. The hero must then trap Odahviing and question him on the whereabouts of his master the black dragon Alduin. This will guide the hero on how to trap Odahviing. Examples will be provided on when to call the red dragon Odahviing and use Odahviing in various combat situations to help the hero get through those tough combat scenarios.

Skyrim How to Trap Odahviing

In Skyrim, the hero must call and then trap Odahviing within Dragonreach. The way to trap Odahviing is quite easy if the following steps are observed -

  • first call Odahviing
  • then when Odahviing is in its midair poise, use Dragonrend to bring the red dragon down onto the balcony in Dragonreach. Or just wait for Odahviing to land himself and attack him with ranged or magicka attacks, until his health has deteriorated to the point where he cannot fly
  • lastly, just make Odahviing follow the hero into the dragon dungeon of Dragonreach, and the guards will activate the lever and trap Odahviing

Speak to the trapped red dragon Odahviing and he will offer the hero flight to Skuldafn in exchange for his freedom.

Skyrim Call Odahviing

Skyrim Call Odahviing for help at a Forsworn Camp

Skyrim Call Odahviing for help at a Forsworn Camp

Skyrim When to Call Odahviing

In Skyrim, once the hero defeats the main boss of the game, Odahviing will swear allegiance to the hero. This means that in certain situations the hero can call Odahviing who will fly to and arrive to help the hero defeat the enemies. These situations include the following:

In these combat situations, Odahviing will not only distract the enemies and allow the hero to launch powerful dual destruction magic spells at the enemies, or the hero can run away, go into sneak mode and reattack the enemies.

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