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Skyrim Join the Companions

Skyrim Join the Companions

In Skyrim, the hero is keen to join the companions. Several reasons exist for one to join the companions faction. One is that the hero can become a werewolf by joining the secret Circle of the Companions faction. The second is that the hero can have companions or shield brothers for questing especially within the companions quests. The third is that this is Skyrim the open ended rpg and the hero just wants to join the companions.

Skyrim Join the Companions

Skyrim Joining the Companions can have its advantages - Aela the Huntress - a date anytime in Skyrim apart from a full moon.

Skyrim Joining the Companions can have its advantages - Aela the Huntress - a date anytime in Skyrim apart from a full moon.

Skyrim Entering the Circle of the Companions

In Skyrim, most heroes may want to join the companions to unlock the werewolf specialization class in skyrim. The route to becoming a werewolf is not easy. Firstly to ensure that the hero can change into a werewolf more than once per day, the hero must obtain the Ring of Hircine. Secondly, the hero must fulfill some mundane and challenging quests put forth by the companions.

In Skyrim, to join the companions initially, the hero must approach Kodlak Whitemane within Jorrvaskr in Whiterun. Note that joining the companions quest is only available after completing the quest for the Jarl of Whiterun. Kodlak Whitemane is the leader of the companions, and authorizes the hero to join the companions by asking the hero to speak to Vilkas (in the Take Up Arms Quest). Vilkas will ask the hero to strike at him with some melee weapons. Do not use magic. Following this, Vilkas will ask the hero to bring Vilka's sword to Eorlund Grey-Mane. Do this, and Eorlund Grey-Mane will ask the hero or new errant boy of the companions to bring a shield to Aela the Huntress. Aela the Huntress will then ask the hero to follow Farkas for a little while. Farkas will ask the hero to go and brawl hands on only (no weapons or magic) with Acolyte Jessen in the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun. Following the successful completion of this intimidation quest, Skjor will task the hero with obtaining the fragment of Wuuthard from Dustman's Cairns (burial grounds) in the Proving Honour quest. With this mission comes the joining of Farkas as the shield brother of the hero, and Lydia the servant follower appears to disappear.

Skyrim Dustman's Cairns Quest

In Skyrim, the hero heads to Dustman's Cairns to obtain the Fragment of Wuuthard. Accompanied by Farkas, this mission is a breeze. Farkas's two handed attack is so powerful the hero can just let him deal with all the Silver Hands and the draugrs in Dustman's Cairns and Dustman's Crypt. A special moment in the skyrim game occurs when the hero is trapped within a chamber and only Farkas is outside. Looking increasingly desperate against an overwhelming number of opponents, Farkas changes into a werewolf and easily takes out the enemies. And the truth behind the inner circle of the companions is revealed. Now head forth inside Dustman's Crypt and search the chest in the final chamber for the fragment of Wuuthard. Also within Dustman's Crypt is the Fire Breath Shout, so joining the companions is absolutely essential to obtain this cool shout power.

Skyrim Animal Extermination Quest

In Skyrim, once the hero returns to Jorrvaskr with the fragment of Wuuthard, he is officially accepted into the companions (but not the inner circle yet). Speak to Aela the Huntress and she will send the hero to the Bonechill Passage near Falkreath to exterminate a wolf and an ice wolf. This fight is easy enough.

Note - some gamers may experience glitches in this part of the game ie the game crashes. If this happens in the PC version, just go to options and choose windowed option, and play through the bonechill passage mission until the ice wolf is defeated in the windowed version. After this mission, use the maximum resolution again outside the bonechill passage.

Skyrim Has A New Werewolf

Skyrim Werewolf Hero in Action (Werewolf Pounce Attack)

Skyrim Werewolf Hero in Action (Werewolf Pounce Attack)

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Skyrim Complete the Ritual and Silver Hand Quest

In Skyrim, the hero is informed by Aela upon his return from Bonechill Passage that Skjor wants to see the hero. Here the hero is asked one more time by Skjor if he is ready. The meaning is obvious but not spoken aloud - "Is the hero ready to become a werewolf?"

If the answer from the hero is "Yes", then follow Skjor to the Underforge and finish the ritual with Aela to enter the secret inner circle of the companions and become a werewolf. Now head outside in werewolf form and then enter the Underforge again. Once a few minutes have passed, the hero will pass out and wake up in a forest clearing (in human form) with Aela welcoming him to the realm of the werewolf.

Next, the hero is asked to eliminate the Silver Hands nearby in the silver hand quest. Now head to the Silver Hand camp, and when the hero is hit by one of the Silver Hands, he will transform into a werewolf for a few minutes. Defeat all the Silver Hands, and feed on their corpses to extend the bloodlust and remain in werewolf form. If the hero fails to extend the bloodlust, he will revert back to human form and cannot activate the beast form for another day. That is, unless the hero has the Ring of Hircine. Equip this ring and choose it as the main power. Press Z on PC and watch as the hero transforms into a werewolf again. Now head inside the Silver Hands headquarters and eliminate all the Silver Hands. Be extra careful when fighting Krev the Skinner (boss at the end of this mission), as the harsh bite of silver can inflict some damage on the hero werewolf.

Once this silver hand quest is completed, Skjor is found dead, and Aela promises vengeance. The companions and werewolf quests continue. However, for now, the hero has become a werewolf and likely a werewolf who can transform at will using the Ring of Hircine. Congratulations!

Turning into a werewolf is just the beginning. It's time to move up the bestial ladder and be crowned as the most powerful werewolf in the land.

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