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Skyrim Get To Karthspire Puzzles

Skyrim Get to Karthspire

Skyrim Karthspire Blood Dragon Blocks Way to Sky Haven Temple

Skyrim Karthspire Blood Dragon Blocks Way to Sky Haven Temple

Skyrim Get to Karthspire Puzzles

In Skyrim, the hero must get to Karthspire, defeat all the monsters including the Forsworn, the Hargreave and the Blood Dragon outside Karthspire, get to and then solve the Karthspire puzzles to reach the Sky Haven Temple and uncover the secrets of Alduin's Wall. This will guide the hero in reaching Karthspire, and provide tactics to defeat the above monsters and especially the blood dragon and solutions for the Karthspire puzzles.

Skyrim Riverwood to Karthspire and Sky Haven Temple

In Skyrim, the hero must travel from Riverwood to Karthspire to reach Sky Haven Temple. From Riverwood, head to Broken Fang Cave. From Broken Fang Cave, head west until the hero reaches Rorikstead. Here the hero (and hopefully follower) will be attacked by a dragon. Finish off the dragon, and then continue heading west until the hero reaches the river. Cross the river and the hero will find himself just outside Karthspire. The outside of Karthspire has been overrun by Hargreaves and the Forsworn. Not to mention a blood dragon flying above Karthspire.

  • It would appear that the more followers you have, the more dragons there are. It is useful to change into a vampire lord, but civilians will attack the vampire lord on sight.

Skyrim Get to Karthspire Puzzles

Skyrim Get to Karthspire and Solving the Puzzles. Just some dragons along the way.

Skyrim Get to Karthspire and Solving the Puzzles. Just some dragons along the way.

Skyrim Defeating the Blood Dragon

In Skyrim, the hero must defeat the blood dragon near Soljund's Sinkhole and Karthspire and absorb its dragon soul. It is quite tough for the hero to defeat the blood dragon by himself. Luckily, the hero is joined by his follower and Delphine and Esbern the Blades outside Karthspire. With the four working together, it's not that hard to defeat the blood dragon. Hit the blood dragon with fireballs and firebolts or equivalent, and then let Lydia and Delphine shoot at the blood dragon. Esbern will also cast his magic spells at the blood dragon. If the blood dragon still proves too tough, then it may be a good idea to lure the blood dragon down from Soljund's Sinkhole to the outside of Karthspire. Here the Hagravens and the Forsworn will blindly join in the attack of the Blood Dragon. With so much help, the blood dragon will be overwhelmed and defeated.

  • The blood dragon may not be a blood dragon, but a frost dragon, as shown above. It helps when the hero can change into a vampire lord, and is helped by the Forsworn, but remember everyone, including Esbern and Delphine, hate and will attack the vampire lord.
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Skyrim Getting Inside Karthspire and Solving the Puzzles

In Skyrim, once inside Karthspire, the hero and company will be faced with the Karthspire puzzles. There are two Karthspire puzzles and they are rather easy to solve compared to previous puzzles in Skyrim. They are all dragonborn related. For the first puzzle, just turn all the stones to the dragonborn symbol and the bridge will be set up for the hero to cross. For the second puzzle, only step on the dragonborn symbols (they are the symbols with the arrows pointed downwards) and the fireballs will not be fired at the hero. Follow the dragonborn tiles to the chain to deactivate the trap. Now run past all the tiles and get to the outside of Sky Haven Temple. When faced with the blood seal, unlock the seal with the hero's blood, and the hero and company can finally enter Sky Haven Temple.

Skyrim Reaching Sky Haven Temple and Alduin's Wall

In Skyrim, the hero and company reaches Sky Haven Temple and studies Alduin's Wall. Alduin's Wall reveals that Alduin was defeated with a shout. The hero is instructed to head to High Hrothgar to ask the Greybeard Arngeir for this particular shout. Before leaving the Sky Haven Temple, search the Sky Haven Temple thoroughly to find the following treasures -

  • the Blades series of Armor including the Blades Armor and Shield
  • Book on Mace Etiquette - increases the hero's one handed attack by reading it
  • the sword Dragonbane

Speak to Greybeard Arngeir to learn that the leader of the Greybeards Paarthurnax wants to meet with the hero. Learn the Shout Clear Skies - Clear Skies, Spring and Summer to enable the hero to unblock the invisible and damaging walls leading to the summit of the Throat of the World to uncover the mysteries of the Shout that defeated Alduin.

The search for the Shout leads to the hero trying to find the Elder Scroll, Septimus Signus and then exploring the Alftand Glacial Ruins to reach Blackreach.

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