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Skyrim Get to Ancestor Glade

Skyrim Get to Ancestor Glade

In Skyrim, the hero must get to the ancestor glade and find the moth's priest knife. He will then use the knife to harvest bark from the canticle tree. By going so, the hero can attract the moths in the ancestor glade. This will harness the special energy emanated by the moth around the hero so that he can read the Elder Scroll of Blood in the column of light in the ancestor glade. This quest is aptly named the Unseen Visions Quest, for without the moths, the hero cannot see and decipher the elder scroll. This will guide the hero on how to get to the ancestor glade and find a moth priest's knife. Tactics will also be provided on how to defeat the dawnguards and armored troll that infiltrate the ancestor glade after the elder scroll of blood has been deciphered.

Skyrim Ancestor Glade

Skyrim Ancestor Glade - a place of unparalleled serenity......... until the hero arrives, drawing dawnguards and the armored troll to clash within the ancestor glade.

Skyrim Ancestor Glade - a place of unparalleled serenity......... until the hero arrives, drawing dawnguards and the armored troll to clash within the ancestor glade.

Skyrim Find the Entrance to the Ancestor Glade

The hero needs to find the entrance to the ancestor glade. This entrance is not easily found, and the marker on the map can be rather misleading. The way to get to the ancestor glade in the Unseen Visions Quest (for the low level hero who has not traveled much) is to get to Helgen Keep. From Helgen Keep, find the path that leads to Falkreath. This path will take the hero past a bandit outpost. This bandit outpost will consist of two towers with a hanging bridge in between the towers elevated above the path. Finish off the bandits in this outpost and head further down the road. Just a bit down the road and on the left (before reaching Peak's Shade Tower) is a path that leads up into the mountains. Follow the path up the mountain and get to the entrance of the Ancestor Glade.

The road to the Ancestor Glade and this area is just filled with monsters. First dawnguards will appear to attack the hero and Serana at Pinewatch. It is worthwhile eliminating these foes one group at a time, rather than wait for them to hang around. The groups of monsters will just become bigger and impossible to defeat if the hero allows them to hang around. Defeat the dawnguards by finding Pinewatch and going into stealth mode. Use sneak and bow attacks to reduce the health or eliminate one of the dawnguards before the others get close together. Then use Serana to distract the dawnguards and finish them off from behind using sniper attacks, or vampire lord attacks. The area around Falkreath is famous for attracting dragons. And it is not surprising that a dragon lands and attacks this particular hero and Serana. Go into vampire lord mode, use blood magic to summon a gargoyle to distract the dragon, and then use drain life on the dragon, until it is defeated. Remember to use bats to "teleport" away from the dragon's melee attacks, or the dragon's fire breath attacks. Once the dragon is defeated, dispatch some annoying spiders and bandits and arrive at the entrance to the Ancestor Glade.

Skyrim Get A Moth Priest's Knife

The ancestor glade is easy to navigate. Upon entering the ancestor glade, the hero needs to head up a ramp and then cross a tree trunk to get to the inner entrance of the Ancestor Glade. Within the Ancestor Glade, the hero will find a knife hanging on a knife stand near the middle of the glade. The hero must get the moth priest's knife and then find a canticle tree. The colour of the leaves on the canticle trees resembles that of the sakura tree leaves. The canticle tree is easily found by finding leaves of this particular colour. Gather the bark of the canticle tree and approach the seven groups of moths around the Ancestor Glade to attract them around the hero. Once all seven groups of moths have surrounded the hero, approach the shining column of light. Read the elder scroll whilst in the light. This will reveal the location of the Darkfall Cave.

Skyrim Defeat the Dawnguards and Their Armored Troll in the Ancestor Glade

After finding the location of the next quest, the hero is taken by surprise as Dawnguards appear in the ancestor glade. Use some of the tactics described above to defeat the dawnguards. The hero may want to use the vampire lord mode. The best vampire lord combat combination (for this battle) will have to be using vampiric grip with the left hand and using life drain on the right hand. The hero should also summon a gargoyle before attacking the armored troll. Using melee attacks on the armored troll will result in more rapid demise of the troll compared with magic attacks or life drain attacks.

With the defeat of the armored troll, exit from the Ancestor Glade and head for the next part of the quest.

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