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Skyrim Escape from Bloodskal Barrow

Skyrim Escape from Bloodskal Barrow

Skyrim Escape from Bloodskal Barrow

Skyrim Escape from Bloodskal Barrow

Skyrim the Final Descent

In Skyrim Dragonborn, the hero is tasked by Crescius Caerellius to retrieve his great-grandfather's Gratian Caerellius's journal from the bottom of the Raven Rock mine. This is the Final Descent quest. When the hero does collect the journal, he will be trapped at the bottom of Raven Rock mine much like Gratian Caerellius. The hero must escape Bloodskal Barrow. This will guide the hero on how to make the final descent to the bottom of the Raven Rock mine and then use the Bloodskal Blade to escape Bloodskal Barrow.

Skyrim Retrieve Gratian Caerellius's Journal

On the final descent into Raven Rock mine, the hero will encounter some frost spiders initially. Defeat them and continue the descent. The hero will reach a wooden barrier. Use a melee weapon to smash through this and continue down into the mine. The hero will arrive at a spiked gate. Avoid the trigger on the ground and continue advancing. The hero should be able to spot some draugrs in the distance after this. Defeat the draugrs and advance.

After the first set of battle against the draugr, the hero will arrive at a circular chamber. Not surprisingly, the draugrs emerge to attack the hero. If the hero finds the odds overwhelming, run back to the spiked cage and go into sneak mode and counter attack the draugrs from that point.

After the circular chamber, the hero will go through the iron door and eventually find his way into an intersection where electricity traps have been laid down. To disable the electricity trap, knock the gem out of the pedestal, or simply run past the area.

After the electricity trap, the hero will arrive at a watery chamber with a bridge ahead. There will be some draugr deathlords here. Defeat them and then find a room with a spiral staircase going up. The hero will then arrive at the second electricity trap. Deal with this in the same way as before. Past the electricity trap, the hero will then arrive at a ledge overlooking a gate lit up by red markings. This is the Bloodskal Barrow, and somewhere near the door will be the corpse of Gratian Caerellius. Retrieve Gratian Caerellius's journal.

Skyrim Escape from Bloodskal Barrow

To escape from Bloodskal Barrow, the hero needs to get the Bloodskal Blade from Gratian Caerellius's corpse. The Bloodskal Blade is a fancy sword which is able to throw a blade of energy from far with a power attack.

On the XBox 360 controller, use the left direction controller to formulate a direction (left or right) and then use the right trigger to execute a power attack. The two movements almost have to be simultaneous. Now direct the energy blade towards the wall in the direction shown by the markings on the wall. If it is horizontal, direct the energy blade horizontally. If it is vertical, direct the energy blade vertically.

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Skyrim Defeat Zahkriisos

Once the red gate opens, the hero will have to transverse some swinging pendulum traps and finally reach the final chamber. Here the hero will take on Zahkriisos. Go into sneak mode and use sneak archery attacks on Zahkriisos. Zahkriisos will be too busy attacking Serena to notice the hero and by the time Serena succumbs to his attacks, the hero would have reduced Zahkriisos's health to near zero. Another few well aimed arrows from sneak positions and Zahkriisos will be defeated. Go collect the dragon shout from the dragon wall and some gear from Zahriisos' body.

The escape from Bloodskal Barrow is not over. The hero has to exit from the barrow through the other entrance. The other entrance is guarded by reavers. Defeat the lot of them and escape onto the beach area. Then fast travel back to Raven Rock.

The escape from Bloodskal Barrow is complete!

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