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Skyrim Defeating Dragon Priest Nahkriin

Skyrim Defeating Dragon Priest Nahkriin

In Skyrim, Nahkriin is the dragon priest guarding the entrance to Sovngarde. The hero must defeat the dragon priest Nahkriin to obtain the Dragon Staff and activate the portal to Sovngarde. This will guide the hero in devising tactics to beat Nahkrinn. Tactics in defeating Nahkriin will focus on the stealth and bow and arrows approach, along with the conjuration and destructive magic approach and also some melee attack tactics.

Skyrim Defeating Nahkriin

Skyrim Defeating Nahkriin - Sneak Bow Attack on Nahkriin

Skyrim Defeating Nahkriin - Sneak Bow Attack on Nahkriin

Skyrim How to Defeat Nahkriin Using Sneak and Archery

In Skyrim, Nahkriin is the dragon priest at the altar on the top of the summit in the Skuldafn area. This area is only accessible after the hero travels through the initial outside area and then transverses the dangers of Skuldafn temple. Finally, when the hero exits the temple, he will face some two or three draugr wights and one or two restless draugr. The hero should finish all the draugr here, so they do not interfere with the main fight to defeat Nahkriin.

Once all the draugr are defeated, go into stealth mode, and draw out that bow and arrows. Now, sneak up the stairs and notice Nahkriin standing in front of the portal. When the hero climbs the stairs, there will be an area on the stairs where the hero can see Nahkriin but he cannot see the hero. So launch some arrows, and let fly at Nahkriin. Make sure the hero has the sneak bow attack (bow damage X 3) perk already purchased in the skills tree. Nahkriin will be hit and will be alerted to the hero's presence.

In Skyrim, Nahkriin is a really dangerous ranged attack enemy. His lightning and fire ranged attacks will literally fry the hero to a crisp, especially for the hero unprepared and without lightning and fire resistance gear. Therefore, avoid a direct confrontation with Nahkriin. After launching the arrows, run back down the stairs and reenter Skuldafn temple. Rest for a little while, and Nahkriin will lose track of the hero. Now come out and repeat the process above.

Skyrim Adding Magic in Defeating Nahkriin

In Skyrim, the above sneak and archery approach in defeating Nahkriin may take some time, especially if the hero is not too trained in archery, and the hero's bow does not do much damage. Then this method requires patience.

If the hero does not have patience, then hopefully the hero will have the conjuration spell Summon Flame (or other types of) Atronach. Now go and hide behind the numerous pillars on the left and right side of the altar, where Nahkriin cannot see the hero. Conjure a Atronach, and then let the Atronach tank the hero. Now come out on the blind side of Nahkriin and launch more arrows or destructive magic (for example, dual casting of Chain Lightning and Fireball) at Nahkriin. Using this technique, Nahkriin's health points can drop really fast. Occasionally, the hero may also want to use Shouts to add to the magic effects. Although the hero can use the Storm Shout technique, this will actually draw in some dragons. It may be wiser to use Shout techniques such as Fire, Fire Breath, Ice, Ice Form and Slow Time. Slow Time is quite effective for launching multiple dual destructive magic spells at Nahkriin in a very short span of time.

Skyrim Defeatng Nahkriin Using Magic - A Ingenious Tactic Invented by A Mage Hero

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Skyrim Defeating Nahkriin with Melee Weapons

In Skyrim, once Nahkriin's health is really low, the hero can rush in and finish off Nahkriin with melee weapons. Of course, if the hero is the warrior type, this may be the first choice for the warrior hero. Use lots of healing potions or the healing spell, as Nahkriin's ranged attacks are deadly. Note that Nahkriin has been known to run out of Magicka and will stop firing ranged attacks. In this case, melee attacks on Nahkriin should take him down fast without much retaliation. Another alternative method is sneak melee attacks - use Invisibility, Muffle spell and sneak attacks to attack Nahkriin. Using this method repeatedly will result in Nahkriin's health points dropping rapidly and sustainably.

Most heroes may resort to a combination of the above tactics and techniques to defeat Nahkriin. By defeating Nahkriin, the mask of Nahkriin (+50 Magicka, less spell costs for Destructive and Restorative Spells) and the dragon staff will be the hero's rewards. Grab the dragon staff, open the portal to Sovngarde, jump in, and head to the other realm of Skyrim.

Be prepared to battle the formidable opponent Tsun in Sovngarde, and then defeating Alduin.

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