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Skyrim Defeating Morokei

Skyrim Defeating Morokei

Skyrim Defeating Morokei Using Ranged Attacks

Skyrim Defeating Morokei Using Ranged Attacks

Skyrim Defeating Morokei

In Skyrim, defeating Morokei and finding the staff of magnus paves the way for the hero to become the archmage of the college of winterhold. This will guide the hero in defeating the dangerous monsters of the Labyrinthian and then defeating Morokei and Ancano to ascend and become the archmage of the college of winterhold.

Skyrim Labyrinthian Survival Tactics

In Skyrim, the hero is asked to enter the Labyrinthian by Mirabelle Ervine after the original archmage Savos Aren is slain trying to stop Ancano from using the Eye of Magnus to take over Skyrim. This takes place after the Mzulft Oculory Puzzle. The Labyrinthian is a dangerous place, being guarded by frost trolls on the outside and some deadly monsters on the inside.

In Skyrim, to survive the labyrinthian, several tactics are provided. The hero should have a follower with him. The hero should be a budding mage as this is essentially the quest to become the archmage of winterhold. As a mage, the hero should have dual casting, destruction magic of at least 40 to 50 and apprentice or adept level (recommended) destruction magic. In this way, the hero mage can dual cast fireball on one hand and firebolt on the other. Most enemies can be eliminated or at least severely damaged with two dual casting of firebolt and fireball at the adept level. Then hit the enemies who survive with the shout Fire, Fire Breath, and all remaining health points will be erased.

The monsters who may survive these tactics inside and outside the Labyrinthian are few and far between. They are most likely -

  • the Frost Trolls outside Labyrinthian - using the above tactics and the follower should suffice to eliminate the frost trolls. Try to avoid being hit by the frost trolls as they can deal massive amounts of damage.
  • the Skeletal Dragon inside Labyrinthian. When the lever is activated, the hero needs to rush in before the gate closes. However, as soon as the hero is in the chamber of skeletons, the gate closes, separating the hero from the follower. To defeat the skeletal dragon and the other skeletons in this chamber, either pull the lever behind the hero to allow the follower to come in, or just run to the other end of the chamber and take out the skeletons one at a time. When the smaller skeletons are defeated, concentrate on the skeletal dragon - all the skeletons are very vulnerable to fire damage.
  • the Draugr Deathlord sitting in a throne and his back is facing the hero - sneak attack him before launching into the above tactics. Defeating the Draugr Deathlord and looking around for a wall will reveal the Shout Time, Slow Time (other slow time words of power locations at Hag's End, Korvanjund)
  • the Draugr Scourges who emerge from the tunnel after the Draugr Deathlord is defeated - use your follower to tank one and quickly attack the other with as much offensive spells and melee attacks as possible. Do not give the first Draugr Scourge time to cast Frost Atronach; otherwise this fight is almost impossible with two draugr scourges and two atronachs. The hero may have to run away to recover magicka and finish off the Draugr Scourges.
  • the Wispmother who will summon wisps to attack the hero. Finish off the wisps before trying to defeat the wispmother. The wispmother is best defeated by launching dual firebolts and fireballs at her from a distance, and then when the hero runs out of magicka, run up and spam melee attack with the best offensive melee weapon. Do not allow the wispmother to cast Shade; otherwise the hero may feel like he is fighting two wispmothers.

In Skyrim Labyrinthian, in addition to the minibosses above, the hero has to get through two doors which are guarded by spirit guardians. The first one is opened by launching a fire spell like fireball at it. The second door is blocked by flames and these flames can be doused by the spell frostbite.

Skyrim Tactics to Defeat Morokei

In Skyrim, once the hero has gotten past all the obstacles, monsters and minibosses in the Labyrinthian, the hero finally has the chance to defeat Morokei at the last large chamber of the Labyrinthian. Morokei is held in stasis by two enthralled mages. The hero must defeat the two enthralled mages to unfreeze Morokei. The situation is very ironic indeed.

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To defeat the enthralled mages, simply go into sneak mode and then sneak attack the mages. With a good enough melee weapon, these mages can be defeated with one sneak attack strike. It is recommended that the hero takes out the mage on the lower level last. This will allow the hero to be in a position to draw a bow and use arrows to reduce Morokei's health after defeating the second mage. As can be seen, Morokei will move to a position just beside a stone pillar, and his devastating electrical attacks will just not hit the hero. Now the hero can use the bow and arrows to hit Morokei and reduce his health. The follower will at some stage engage Morokei and this will cause Morokei's position to change. However, Morokei will concentrate on the follower and forget about attacking the hero. Now just change position, and continue to use bow and arrows on Morokei. When Morokei's health is low enough, either the follower will defeat Morokei, or the hero can just rush in and attack with a spell or melee attack to defeat Morokei.

Skyrim Defeating Ancano and Becoming the Archmage of Winterhold

In Skyrim, the hero obtains the staff of magnus (and the mask of Morokei +50 Magicka) after defeating Morokei. The hero must return to the College of Winterhold and speak to Tolfdir. Tolfdir is outside the College of Winterhold, and asks the hero to use the staff of magnus to dismantle the shield erected by Ancano around the college.

The hero destroys the shield and enters the Hall of Elements to defeat Ancano. The fight to defeat Ancano is easy. However, the hero should not bring the follower into the fight, as Ancano will immobilize the follower anyway. Arm the hero with the staff of magnus in one hand and the fireball spell in the other. Use the staff of magnus to sever Ancano's link to the Eye of Magnus, and then use the staff of magnus on the eye of magnus to reconstitute the charging eye. When the eye of magnus is back in its original configuration, Ancano is vulnerable. Hit Ancano with the fireball spell or the most powerful and critical swing of the melee weapon, and Ancano will be defeated.

The Psijic Order will then appear to take the eye away, and the hero will become the archmage of Winterhold, along with the rewards of the Archmage Robe (15% less to cast any spell, and + Magicka and 100% Magicka recharge rate), and the Archmage's quarters.

Congratulations on becoming the Archmage of the College of Winterhold!

Skyrim Defeating Morokei and Ancano

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