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Shadowrun Returns Get to the NTSB Warehouse

In Shadowrun Returns, the hero returns to the Seamstresses Union, and gets to know the real place underneath the bar that is the Seamstresses Union. The continued investigation of Sam Watt’s death takes the hero to the NTSB Warehouse. This will guide the hero on who to get what supplies from in the Seamstresses Union and then guide the hero on how to get into the NTSB Warehouse and how to navigate the NTSB Warehouse to get the necessary ingredients for the hero’s new companion Shannon Half-Sky.

Shadowrun Returns Seamstresses Union Merchants

Aljernon in the Seamstresses Union is the one to buy spells from.

Aljernon in the Seamstresses Union is the one to buy spells from.

Shadowrun Returns Visit the Real Seamstresses Union

A grateful Mrs Kubota opens up the Seamstresses Union and its facility and goods for the hero. Go touch the piano and input the musical code into the piano. Then go downstairs.

The following is a list of the supplies that each merchant in the Union downstairs can provide for the hero.

  • Dr Sara Castle (near entrance) – medical supplies, can go provide cyberwares which will augment the hero’s attributes and health, but may reduce cooldown of magical powers.
  • Aljernon (top middle right area) – sells mage spells and chi caster spells.
  • Eric Mersmann (top right area) – sells armor.
  • T.B Gruberman (top left area) – sells weapons.
  • David Fry II (top left middle area) – sells decks, programs and drones.

Whilst down in the Seamstresses Union, go to the bunker area (bottom right area, near entrance) and pick up Sam’s photo. It shows him and his twin Jessica in happier times. The cabinet in this area also serves as a stash area for the hero’s equipment and spells.

Then speak to Coyote (near entrance) and Officer Aguirre (whom you may have met in the Pike Market Area) will ask the hero to get into the NTSB Warehouse.

Go upstairs into the bar area and speak to –

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  • Mr Delilah (left from piano entrance into the real Seamstresses Union) – allows recruitment of shadowrunners for the hero …….. for a price, of course. Mr Delilah will want the rune covered gem from Coyote’s failed shadowrun. Give him his gem and let him give the rest to the hero.
  • Van Graas (south from the piano entrance into the real Seamstresses Union) – buys valuable loot from the hero after his shadowruns. The first deal will be the gems that Mr Delilah has given to the hero. Accumulate as much nuyen as possible, because the hero needs money to recruit a team and buy equipment above.

Shadowrun Returns Get to the NTSB Warehouse

Shadowrun Returns get to the NTSB Warehouse using the ladder.

Shadowrun Returns get to the NTSB Warehouse using the ladder.

Shadowrun Returns Get Into the NTSB Warehouse

Now, its time to leave the Seamstresses Union and head to the NTSB Warehouse. The hero will arrive outside the NTSB Warehouse. Go west and then north and speak to the Lonestar Guard. Unless the hero has Security Etiquette, he will be rebuffed by the guard and will have to find another way to get inside the warehouse.

First, go back south and grab the ladder near the plane wreckage area. The men here will interrupt, preventing the hero from taking their ladder. Tell them you will find some blankets and other comfortable things for them and they will allow the hero to take the ladder.

Next, go to the lady to the left of the ladder and ask her to distract the guard, for a price. Then go to the right of the fence opposite the guard and pitch the ladder and get into the NTSB warehouse.

Shadowrun Returns Investigate the Murder Site in the NTSB Warehouse

Inside the NTSB Warehouse, speak to Officer Aguirre and then go speak Dresden to the left of the the detective. Yet to the left of Dresden is the NPC Shannon Half-Sky. Go speak to her and she will ask the hero to retrieve two ingredients, or haunted objects from within the warehouse so that she can cast her spell and find out what happened inside the NTSB warehouse, where her brother was murdered. There are several things to do inside the warehouse.

  • On the right, read the researcher’s private notes.
  • Down south from Shannon Half-Sky, go investigate a pile of rubbish near some chairs.
  • To the northeast of the pile of rubbish is yet another pile of rubbish. These two piles of rubbish will reveal the two haunted objects.

Return to Officer Aguirre first, and then Shannon Half-Sky. At this stage, Detective McKlusky will arrive and shove Shannon and the hero out of the warehouse. Shannon tells the hero that she will return at a “more suitable” time. Back her up by saying the hero will come too.

Before the hero leaves the area, Coyote calls in and says that she is trying to find Gino, her cousin. Coyote is on a personal crusade to wipe out the BLT trade in the city. Go assist her first, and then come back and assist Shannon Half-Sky.

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