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I Went to the Roswell UFO Festival

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Melissa lives in Downtown Albuquerque. She loves sharing her local discoveries with fellow travelers and explorers.

This photo is copyrighted AHA Creative, Albuquerque.

This photo is copyrighted AHA Creative, Albuquerque.

Summertime, small town, backyard fun!

The Roswell UFO Festival is an annual celebration held in Roswell, New Mexico over the 4th of July weekend.

The festival commemorates and celebrates the crash (and subsequent government cover-up) of a UFO northwest of Roswell, NM in 1947. The festival events usually spread across four days, from an opening celebration on Thursday evening to a closing fireworks display Sunday night.

Festival activities center around the Roswell UFO Museum located in downtown Roswell. The museum is located in the converted movie theater. Not much about downtown Roswell has changed since 1947, which makes a great backdrop for this truly original, American celebration.

The whole town decorates in anticipation of the festival and much of the artwork in shop windows stays in place througout the year. Looks like this year's festival is going to be the best ever.

I attended the 2011 Roswell UFO Festival. Here are some of the events we saw and advice on attending the festival and visiting Roswell.

See where Roswell is located

How To Get to Roswell

Roswell, New Mexico is located in the southeast quadrant of the state. There are direct flights from Los Angeles and Dallas to the Roswell airport.

You can visit the Roswell airport website here.

You can also fly into Albuquerque, rent a car and drive to Roswell. Here is a link to Google maps for directions from ABQ airport to downtown Roswell. Driving can take anywhere from 3.5 to 4.5 hours depending upon which route you take.

Getting Around Roswell

Although there was a rumor that a shuttle bus could take you into downtown (Roswell's modern hotels are located in a centralized area), we found it much easier to drive in (it takes all of two-three minutes--there is one main street and you can't miss downtown) and park the car on the streets or side streets of downtown.

In fact, we parked about four car lengths from the front door of the UFO Museum late Saturday afternoon for the evening panel and party in the park (much to our disappointment, the parade was cancelled in 2011). That's front row parking. Side streets are easy parking too. Plus, you can keep a cooler with water and food in the car and get to it pretty easily throughout the day.

What Really Happened at Roswell in 1947?

Things You Will Need to Bring

  • Water. Not just a few bottles but many bottles of water. It's hot and you can get dehydrated quickly if you don't keep drinking fresh water--not sodas. On Saturday, the festival was handing out free bottled water to people on the streets and while we were really impressed by this you shouldn't count on this ocurring--bring your own water.
  • Sunblock. Don't think you are going to work on your tan while you are there--no time for that. FYI Notice how tan the locals are and know that they got that way from months of being in the sunny, hot weather and not from one or two days in the sun.
  • Walking shoes. Roswell is a small town and you can walk to just about every event but you will need comfortable shoes to walk around in. Some venues may be 6 to 10 blocks from the center of town.
  • A hat, umbrella or some other way of shading yourself. There is a wonderful, shaded park area on the main town square. If you choose to wander into the older, nearby neighborhoods you will have lots of older trees to shade you. However, main street is wide and unshaded except for shadows cast by the sun--bring a hat.
  • Sunglasses--protect your eyes from sun glare.
  • Camera. There is no way to explain to anyone what you see at the Roswell UFO festival. Pictures are the only way to even get close to a good explanation.
Hello Earthlings!

Hello Earthlings!

Festival Videos - Videos are mostly from festival years 2011, 2010

2010 was a phenomenal year for the Roswell festival. There must have been big money sponsors which allowed the festival organizers to load up the venues with celebrities, great music and comedians. 2011 was more low-key and small town America.

Famous People at the UFO Festival

Stanton Friedman signing books at the 2011 Roswell UFO Festival

Stanton Friedman signing books at the 2011 Roswell UFO Festival

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Roundtables and discussions occur throughout each day of the festival. Venues can vary so read through the list of events to find out where each one is.

Most speakers or panelists are authors or folks who have personally investigated various aspects of the crash, the crash site, items found at the site, the cover-up or the various characters in the story of the Roswell UFO crash.

If you are at all familiar with the Roswell story, Stanton Friedman will be a name you recognize. Stanton was a speaker at the 2011 Roswell UFO Festival. Although uncredited for his role, Stanton did much of the original research for the first book about the cover-up titled "The Roswell Incident".

Stanton went on to write numerous books on the subject of UFO's and to uncover details that support the stories witnesses told about their experience.

Stanton autographed books inside the UFO Museum during the festival.

Photo is copyright aha-creative 2011.

The Best Reason to Go to the Roswell UFO Festival

Roswell Alien Costume Contest

Roswell Alien Costume Contest

Without a doubt, the best reason to go to the festival is for the costume contests (and the parade, I would guess, but they cancelled it in 2011).

Both are held on Saturday. In 2011, the pet contest was held outdoors around mid-morning at a grassy and shaded spot outside the Roswell Civic Center. The human costume contest is held Saturday afternoon at an indoor, auditorium venue.

The pet contest is really cute and some folks create "vehicles" that their pets arrive in. Tip: Unless you get a center stage viewing spot it may be difficult to see the antics folks perform with, and for, their pets.

People come from all over the world to see the adult costume contest and the competition grows every year. The costumes are home grown, raucous and fun. Participants write stories about their characters (yes, even the participants in the pet contest do this) that explain what part of the galaxy they came from, how they got here, what their favorite foods and hobbies are and may also go into detail about their outfits and why they look the way they do.

Winners have usually done some amazing costume building -- the child winner at the 2011 contest had amazingly talented parents who built a transformer/alien costume--the kid, on cue, went from a standing alien transformer character to dropping to his knees and folding himself into a car--the crowd LOVED it!

Enter the Human Costume Contest - And the Alien Parade

Make your own costume and enter the alien costume contest.

Typically you can register up to several hours before the costume contest begins. Throw together a costume and have some fun hamming it up on stage--it's expected that each contestant will have its own walk, talk and story!

Other Places to Visit in Roswell

Laser shows at the Robert H. Goddard Planetarium

Roswell Art Museum - Really worth the visit--world class exhibits and artists. (NOTE: This is not the "art show" advertised with the festival and is not oriented toward alien or ufo stories.)

Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art -- another world class art museum.

Walker Aviation Museum

Bitter Lake Wildlife Refuge - located 9 miles northeast of Roswell.

The UFO Museum

The Official UFO Museum in Roswell refers to the UFO festival as the "Galaxy Fest".

The museum has its own event schedule that is separate from the city's festival schedule. The museum provides the lectures, discussions and panel presentations that occur during festival week.

You can tour the museum exhibits for a small fee during most of the year and definitely during festival week.

The museum has a great gift shop with lots of fun items. I love my "alien shotglass" and alien glitter stickers I bought there.

Bring an easy going attitude

Not everything runs exactly on time and that's what makes this festival a true All american event. It's home grown and a lot of fun--not professionally run and very small town, backyard America.

Making our own fun at the festival


We bought Neon Glow Wire and wrapped it around us, keeping some length to swing and twirl.

You get great photos when the glow wire is in motion. If we had thought to buy bulk glow wire at wholesale we could have sold tons of it on the street during the evening hours of the festival.

Make sure the glow wire you purchase has a battery pack attached otherwise it won't glow.

Have you been to the Roswell UFO Festival? - It seems to be a bit different every year.

David Gardner from San Francisco Bay Area, California on February 22, 2013:

I've been to Roswell many times (used to live in Alamogordo, home of the International Space Hall of Fame), but have never been to the UFO Festival -- it sounds like it would be a bunch of fun. Since I married an alien (she's naturalized now *grin*) and since I worked for NASA briefly, this would be a festival that I could really appreciate! Congrats on a Squidoo masterpiece!

pawpaw911 on July 26, 2012:

Never been there, but it looks like it would be out of this world.

ansruthi on July 03, 2012:

ufo festival great to watch !

Computersloth on July 03, 2012:

Awesome! I love fun posts like this. Hopefully, my wife and I will visit Marfa, Tx soon.

gypsyman27 lm on July 02, 2012:

No, but someday I'd like to go and visit. This lens covers the festival in a well done fashion. See you around the galaxy...

sojourner-1 on July 02, 2012:

So much info about Roswell, so little time, you know, with the aliens and stuff coming...

SandiCaldwell on July 02, 2012:

Great Lens!

Nancy Tate Hellams from Pendleton, SC on July 02, 2012:

Hope the 2012 Roswell UFO Festival was a big hit. Sure sounds like fun.

MillBucks on July 02, 2012:

Haven't been there yet but it sounds like it would be a wonderful trip, what a great idea!

danniblaze on July 01, 2012:

Love to go to this

Melissa (author) from Albuquerque, NM on July 01, 2012:

@datakrunch: That is highly likely datakrunch--we are all alien.

datakrunch on July 01, 2012:

I think I can see my cousin.

anonymous on June 30, 2012:

Sounds like this would be a lot of fun. Nice lens.

mouse1996 lm on June 30, 2012:

I'm not a fan of the thought of real aliens out there, but this festival looks like it was fun. I'd be willing to try it out and see how nervous I get there. LOL! Near lens.

xriotdotbiz lm on June 30, 2012:

Haven't been but would like to plan a trip sometime. Bet hotel rooms are at a premium during that time.

rchtjain on June 30, 2012:

nice lens..


dahlia369 on June 29, 2012:

Haven't been to the festival, but I enjoyed your lens, thank you!! :)

flycatcherrr on June 29, 2012:

I've never been to the Roswell festival, but I have met Stanton Friedman - does that give me any street cred with your alien friends? :)

Darcie French from Abbotsford, BC on June 29, 2012:

Sweet - what a fun and funky page of the extraterrestrial kind :)

RinchenChodron on June 29, 2012:

No, but it does look like a fun time!

anilsaini on June 29, 2012:

nice lens

UKGhostwriter on June 29, 2012:

Fantastic!! I once ventured to Area 51 - sneaky security peering through their telespopic rifle lenses - nowhere near as fun as your adventure!

ethantrevors on June 29, 2012:

Haha I had a laugh over this one! Work well done indeed :)

Gavmar on June 29, 2012:

Great lens.

Elizabeth Sheppard from Bowling Green, Kentucky on June 28, 2012:

I have not been the Roswell UFO Festival, but I hope to go some day. It was fun to read about it. Thanks for this lens!

cybernunchuck-mic on June 28, 2012:

oneday, just a bit far for now.

Rom from Australia on June 28, 2012:

Great lens, loved watching the show, 'Roswell' when it was on. Never been to it.

bill-beaman2 on June 27, 2012:

never been there but looks like a fun time by all. Great lens and thanks for the information.

antoniow on June 27, 2012:

Very nice lens, well done! Thumbs up

Deserthorse on June 27, 2012:

Looks like fun. Great lens. Maybe I will go next year.

TK2012 LM on June 27, 2012:

I have not, but it sure does seem interesting and fun. Thanks for sharing!

sarasentor lm on June 27, 2012:

So beautiful lens, i really enjoyed. It deserve vote up.

ryokomayuka from USA on June 26, 2012:

No, I've never even heard of it but sounds interesting.

Kae Yo on June 26, 2012:

I have never been there, but I think that would be fun to do sometime. It looks like a lot of fun! Congrats on making the front page!

rayo-fud on June 26, 2012:


rayo-fud on June 26, 2012:

wow!! too kewl.. looks like fun..very well written as well!! cheers!

DeimonJai on June 26, 2012:

I'd love to try the event. ^^

Sara Krentz from USA on June 25, 2012:

I haven't been yet, but I really want to go!

Leah J. Hileman from East Berlin, PA, USA on June 25, 2012:

No. It looks amazing! And I love your ice bandana recommendations. I live in South Florida---gotta get me one of those!

MrInfopreneur on June 25, 2012:

No, but it sure looks cool

WriterJanis2 on June 24, 2012:

I haven't, but I would love to. Blessed!

thepropertyshop on June 24, 2012:

Cool pictures!

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on June 24, 2012:

I have never been. It must be interesting.

robertzimmerman2 on June 24, 2012:

Not this year but it's on my list!

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