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Quests in Dungeons and Dragons: Misery's Peak

A Beginner's Perspective of the Final Quest in Korthos

The introductory adventure zone, Korthos, ends in the lonely spires of Misery's Peak. The quest has a well-deserved reputation for being the first real challenge for players new to Dungeons and Dragons Online. Dungeonraider explored Misery's Peak in search of the white dragon that had been menacing the populace of Korthos. At stake for Korthos was eternal winter, and for our hero, a great opportunity to thin out the ranks of the seemingly endless number of cultists.

The story line that brings players to this adventure continues inside the mountain. There is an obvious effort being made to keep curious explorers from areas that will allow them to activate levers that bring down the magical barriers. Organized bands of humans normally have in their company a cultist necromancer, who can raise dead into zombies. The majority of these zombies were formerly elves and dwarves, a grim reminder of the brutal tactics employed by the Devourer cult.

Among DDO players that have been playing awhile, Misery's Peak is already a classic adventure. It's such a huge place, with so much freedom to go wherever you want to go (careful you don't get lost in the process), that it gets people excited about what they might find after they're done with the Korthos stories. As expected, DDO delivers in the next adventure area, Stormreach Harbor. Misery's Peak delivers realistic elements in this dark, cold cavern system, and players will take what they've learned here with them to the more advanced quests awaiting them in Stormreach.

Detailed artwork and a fun storyline keep players coming back to Misery's Peak.

Detailed artwork and a fun storyline keep players coming back to Misery's Peak.

Tips to Help DDO Players Navigate Misery's Peak

The size of explorable territory inside the mountain is huge, and there are tasks to be completed throughout the maze of caverns that allow players to advance further. It's very possible for players to find themselves exploring the same parts of the caverns repeatedly. The involved cave system is cleverly designed. It can be easy for wandering adventurers to get lost, or worse, get separated from one another. Pressing 'm' on your keyboard will display the overhead map, and it is strongly suggested that players master this feature. One of the excellent features of this map is that is shows the location of each of your fellow adventurers.

Ice Spiders are creatures that hatch from their eggs quickly, and once they have done so, they will immediately attack adventurers, if they are nearby. They will never stop coming. Adventurers will need to find the levers within the caverns to open doors that lead deeper into the underground dungeon. Don't get caught up with fighting the spiders, unless they are swarming your party. Focus on fighting the more dangerous denizens of these caves, the cultists and undead.

Attempt to take out ranged opponents before melee enemies. Spell casters and archers will cause extensive damage to parties trying to clear the front line attackers, before dealing with those behind.

Rest shrines are very important to most adventurers, and especially important to casters.

Rest shrines are very important to most adventurers, and especially important to casters.

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Utilizing Rest Shrines and Resurrection Shrines

Like any dungeons that players explore in DDO, it takes a little common sense to achieve completion. Misery's Peak is a long quest and casters must decide when to use their spell points most effectively. Clerics that are forced to heal party members often will need to find the many rest shrines located within the twisting caves and caverns. Rest shrines are used by players and hirelings to restore themselves. Some health (hit points) and all spell points will be returned to players after resting at a rest shrine. Resurrection shrines - standing stones that look very much like rest shrines - can be used if a member of your party dies. Players that die leave behind soul stones. So long as a player's soul stone is reasonably near the shrine, the player can have their spirit walk up to the resurrection shrine, and click on it. The player doing so will be immediately be brought back to life, with a small percentage of their total hit points returned. Explorers should also note that soul stones can be picked up by other members of the party and brought to within range of a resurrection shrine.

Early Level Quests are Important

The ultimate objective of Misery's Peak is to end the wintry hold an evil has on Korthos Village. Dungeonraider won't spoil it for you by giving any more details about that. Part of the fun of a good MMO is to discover, and overcome, difficult challenges. Players deny themselves a better gaming experience when they focus solely on finishing a quest. Rather, it is much more enjoyable to let your imaginations soak up all the details that quests like Misery's Peak reveal, especially in Dungeons and Dragons. You might encounter something in the game at level 20 that actually has background details hidden in earlier level quests.

Solo victory can be achieved in this quest, but you may have to bring along one of the hirelings that DDO allows you to purchase in game (game money), or from their DDO Store (real-life money).

Misery's Peak is the best quest available on Korthos. There is plenty of action, some thinking required to solve tasks, and a great ending to a great story line. Now, off to collect some quest rewards, perhaps stop in the tavern for a wee celebration, and then book passage on a ship bound for Stormreach Harbor.

Cultists sacrificed themselves to summon this ice flenser rather than fall victim themselves to dungeonraider's blade.

Cultists sacrificed themselves to summon this ice flenser rather than fall victim themselves to dungeonraider's blade.


Jason Marovich (author) from United States on August 28, 2011:

Games like DDO and other MMOs are involved and they require a serious time investment. There is a fine line between making short quests and having a decent storyline so I guess all developers of these sorts of games are hard pressed to keep the time investment down. DDO has many casual gamers because the clan (guild) requirements aren't stringent. Many other games allow its players to become too demanding on other players that just don't have the time to sit and play all day and night.

VonShanks on August 28, 2011:

I like playing these types of games, but don't have a lot of time to play online anymore. I hope to soon get a chance to check out some of these games.

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