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Remember Me Find Captain Trace in Mnemopolis

In Remember Me, the heroine Nilin finally arrives at Mnemopolis, the founding capital of Memorize and where it all began. Here, Nilin must get into the Conception Cube and get the main memory server of Memorize disconnected once and for all. However, the key to the Conception Cube lies with Nilin’s old foe – Captain Trace. This will provide Nilin with a guide to find Captain Trace and then solve the puzzles to get into the Cube. It will include the mnemonic code needed to enter the cube.

Nilin arrives at the rooftop of the main Memorize Tower in Mnemopolis. Captain Trace spots her and makes a run deeper into the Tower. Nilin must chase after Trace and find Trace in the tower. However, she is stopped in her tracks by some enforcers and robots. Defeat them and head for the elevator. As Nilin enters a large hangar area, the second Zom of the game arrives to attack her. The tactics are the same as before –

  • Get rid of the health bars of the two arms and then attack the central armor piece of the Zom.

Once the Zom is defeated, open a ladder with the Spammer and then go up the ladder. After running through some corridors, Nilin will arrive at a delivery cart area.

Remember Me Solve the Delivery Cart Puzzle

The idea here is to reverse one of the delivery carts so that when Nilin climbs onto it, it will take her to the required door to the elevator.

Once Nilin arrives at the required door, go through it. Nilin is almost at the elevator.

Remember Me Use the Elevator in the Mnemopolis Tower

Before Nilin can use the elevator, she must steal some power to power the elevator. Nilin will get into an apartment in the tower. The way left will lead to the elevator. However, Nilin should go right and past some elite enforcers. Then proceed into another apartment and find the fire exit power panel.

Stand next to the fire exit and draw its power with the Spammer and the Pick Socket. Then, before the door closes, go through and head back to the elevator.

Remember Me Find Trace

When Nilin arrives at the required floor, the whole place is in chaos. People are escaping, leapers are attacking people and enforcers are being mauled by leapers. Defeat some leapers and skinners here. The way to defeat the two skinners is to finish off the other leapers and then use Cameo Sensen and Overload on one of the skinners. When one of the skinners is defeated, the other skinner will be easy to defeat with Junk Bolt.

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Proceed to the next area. Nilin has almost found Trace. But be careful of the drones floating in this area. Avoid their detection fields and then move along through the doors.

Trace will command more enforcers and robots to stop Nilin. This will be a difficult fight. Use all your S-pressens, regen combos, cooldown combos and regen combos. Nilin will defeat these enemies. Then proceed to the main security post.

At this time, Nilin spots Trace near her. However, as she is making her move, two mourner leapers dive into Trace, crashing Trace to the bottom of the foyer. Nilin will descend to the bottom through some ledges and steal Trace’s memory. There is nothing left. Nilin must chase after the mourner leapers.

Remember Me Piece Together Trace’s Memories After Defeating the Mourner Leapers

Head to the Mall. Within one area of the mall, Nilin is attacked by the mourner leapers. The mourner leapers are the Johnny Greenteeth type leapers. They summon minion leapers around them and use invisibility to shield themselves. The way to defeat them is to use Sensen DOS. However, once Sensen DOS is activated, it will take more than one series of damage combos to defeat them. Nilin must use regen combos and then cooldown combos to heal herself and to allow DOS Sensen to cool down as fast as possible. Then go back and hit at the mourner leapers until they are defeated.

It will take skills and patience to defeat the mourner leapers. Then steal their memories and piece together Trace’s Memories.

Go up to the entrance to the central security post and use Trace’s Remembrance to enter the access to the Conception Cube.

Remember Me Captain Trace Mnemonic Code Access

Remember Me Captain Trace Mnemonic Code in the Central Security Post.

Remember Me Captain Trace Mnemonic Code in the Central Security Post.

Remember Me Family Pillars Conception Cube Access

Remember Me Family Pillars Conception Cube Access Code - move the husband pillar last.

Remember Me Family Pillars Conception Cube Access Code - move the husband pillar last.

Remember Me Captain Trace Mnemonic for Cube Access Code

  • Activate the first remembrance and synchronize with the control panel.
  • Then, when faced with the wall code of “M3MORIZE HOMINIS EVOLUTION”, pull the three letters into the middle layer with the Spammer, forming “H3O”. This will cause three pillars to rise.
  • Go up the stairs and synchronize with the control panel.
  • Rotate the three pillars so that the wife’s pillar listens to the child, but abandons the husband.
  • Then, rotate the child’s pillar so that the child will love both the wife and husband.
  • Finally, rotate the husband’s pillar until the cut scene is activated.

Now, go forth into the Conception Cube. The end is nigh. It’s almost time to remember everything that has been forgotten in Nilin’s life.

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