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Ultimate Perfect World Wizard Build Guide


Understanding Wizards

Welcome to my Ultimate Perfect World Wizard Build Guide. I would like to start off by saying that Wizards are my dirty little secret. Being a person that will mostly play Melee class characters, I have found that my time playing my Wizard is really fun. Yeah, I occasionally die for stupid reasons, but I love seeing the amount of damage I am able to dish. Wizards are truly an under appreciated class, and often miss used.

So, what is a Wizard? A Wizard is a Ranged Magic Damage dealer. Maybe the best damage dealer in the game. It is debatable though, some may feel their Archer is or others may prefer the DPS that you get from your Psychic. But there is no doubt about it. Wizards can consistently hit for the highest total in the game. Casting speed does play a factor in actual DPS. But they are the True Nuke in Perfect World International

Some people will get frustrated with the Wizard class. Early in the game your damage is average, and you have no defense to speak of, so, you either are dyeing a lot, or you are running for your life regularly. This is the nature of the beast. As your Wizard ages though, they become VERY strong, and their defense does improve. It’s never gonna be great, but there is nothing wrong with your great offense being your best defense.

Often, Wizards have a hard time finding squads to play with. If a person does not understand the mechanics of a Wizard class, or the effects they can have within a group, they can become a huge problem for the group. In a Squad a wizard is there strictly as a damage dealer. And being that their hits can be so hard, it is very important that they communicate with their Tanks, to make sure the mob you target is the same one they are spamming with Flesh Ream. This is critical, because of the damage output of a Wizard. If you target a mob that is not being spammed with Flesh Ream, you are going to pull aggro on that mob, along with any random mob that may also be in the area, due to residual effects of your damage. And this can create havoc. Barbarians hate it because they either have to stay focused on their mobs, or risk running back into the squad with mobs chasing them. Blademasters hate it because the damage a wizard produces makes it very hard for them to get aggro once a wizard has it, and Clerics hate it because it bring mobs right to them. And if they are forced to spam heal, THEY can wind up pulling aggro. So, I cannot stress enough, it is so important to be very aware of what you are doing.

Soloing as a wizard is fun to me. It takes a lot of fancy footwork to be able to kill a mob before they kill you sometimes. But, it can be done. While soloing it is important to remember you have to pay close attention to your HP and MP. If either drop to critical levels, you’re in trouble. It is also key for you to practice kiting. This is hitting and running and while you are running, hit again. Run some more. This tactic, plus any form of knock back skill will be vital to your survival.

Wizard Weapons

Part two of my Ultimate Perfect world Wizard Build Guide is about weapons and understanding what each one offers.  As a Wizard, you will always be using a magical weapon.  Every weapon has good and bad.  Being a Wizard though, it is my opinion that you would want to look for the highest spike damage.  Since you’re not a speed attack class, I recommend you focus on single attack damage.  Weapon speed really has no bearing, being you will be waiting on Casting time and cool downs for your attacks.

There are four different magic class weapons,  Magic swords, Wands, Glaives and Patakas.  Below I will cover all of them and give you a brief understanding of what each one offers.  If you are looking for my personal opinion, I prefer the Patakas and Glaives.  Pataka giving you the highest possible magical damage out of all the weapons available to you.

Magic Swords (3rd place)
Magic swords offer the most physical damage.  They have the second highest minimum physical damage and the highest maximum physical damage and also will offer the best DPS.  The physical attack speed foe swords are 1.25 Hits/Second.  Magic Damage places the sword a second for the minimum and 3 for the maximum, giving you very consistent damage.  In my opinion, magic swords are a solid option, better suited for Wizards who are a light armor build. Due to the lower magic damage and higher physical damage, it will give you better protection when you are left to fight melee.

Wands (4th place)
Wands, in my mind are not a weapon suited for Wizards.  Granted, they can use them, their physical damage is lowest minimum and lowest maximum, and lowest DPS.  Attack speed is the same as swords at 1.25 Hits/Second.  Magical Damage is flat.  They have the highest Minimum Damage and Lowest Maximum Damage, giving you ver consistent damage, but not great spike damage.  This is a weapon I would use for my Cleric. 

Pakata (1st place)
Patakas would be my fist choice for Wizards.  Physical damage is the best minimum damage, second best maximum damage, but third best d.p.s. Due to the 1.0 Hits/Second.  This is the slowest attacking magical weapon.  But for magical attack, it has the lowest minimum damage, and highest maximum damaged, giving you the chance for the biggest spike damage.  I would rank this as my first choice for Wizards, as long as you don’t find a Glaive or Sword with better bonus stats.

Glaive (2nd place)
Glaives are a great option if you find a good one.  Physical Damage is flat at third best for both minimum and maximum damage and it falls in second for DPS.  And with the magical side, it has the third best minimum attack and second best maximum attack.  Some people might like this better, giving you more consistent damage output.


Wizard Gear

Part three of the ultimate Wizard guide is going to cover gear. There are two differing mindsets when it comes to gear.  Are you going to build a Light armor Wizard, or a Robed wizard?  Personally, I find Light Armor wizards to a poor build.  But, I will do my best to cover each build correctly. 

Never buy your gear from the vendor.  This is the bottom of the barrel gear.  I will tell you to always make your own or buy something from the Auction house.  Never settle for the junk.  It really makes a difference.

Light Armor Wizard
Armor-When building a light armor wizard, I would look for +MP bonus stats, or +Magic bonuses.  Being that you are sacrificing your MP and Magical Damage for the ability to wear light armor, you will want to make that difference up as best as you can.

Rings-You will always wear Magical Rings.  Again you will want bonuses of +MP, +Magic, -Channeling, or + Vitality will always help too.  Being a light armor, even +physical attack would be beneficial.  Always, no matter what gear you wear, extra M.Atk is a plus too.

Ornaments-As a light build.  You choose either Physical or Elemental.  If you can find elemental with good magic bonuses, I would jump all over it.  Like I have said, a light armor build Wizard has it’s biggest strength gimped by lower Magic Attack and MP.  So, anyplace you can make it up, I would. 

Shards- For a light armor wizard, Vitality in armor.  Always, and Magic attack in weapon.  You could use Earth attack in your weapon to amp your earth damage, but I would not. 

Robed Wizard
Armor-This is a pure or true magic Wizard.  You sacrifice actual physical defense for more offensive output.  In this build the best defense is going to be your offense.  Armor bonuses to look for will be +Vitality, +MP, +Magic, +Physical Defense, and with your Wrist guards, if you can find a –channeling time, that would be a big plus.

Rings-You will always wear Magical Rings.  Again you will want bonuses of +MP, +Magic, -Channeling, or + Vitality will always help too.  Extra Magic attack is also always nice.  I would personally never refine your rings as a wizard; the extra elemental defense is not worth the cost.

Ornaments-Physical Defense Ornaments will be better suited for a robed build.  This will give you some basic physical defense.  And will improve your Stone barrier’s effectiveness.  +Vitality and + physical Defense would be good bonuses to focus on

Shards- I would recommend Vitality Shards in your armors.  There is really no substitute for more life, and it will be my stance for most classes.  If you don’t agree with that, then physical defense stones would be my next option, but for me there is no next option.  As far as weapons, always use +Magic attack.

Wizard Statistics

Part four of the ultimate Wizard build guide is going to cover statistics. This section may be a little geeky, and I do apologize for that, but, I want to try to be as thorough as possible to help you determine what sort of statistical allocation you will want to implement.

There are three basic builds to consider with a Wizard. In my opinion I only feel there is one viable option here. That is pure magic build. But there is also a Vitality build and a Light armor build. Both of these may have their place, so I will cover both with you.

Damage is always going to be a Wizards strongest aspect. Building a Vitality Wizard or a light armor Wizard comes at the expense of your damage. This is why I consider the other two builds as gimped versions. If you think about it, your defensive prowess will never be equal to a Blademaster or Barbarian, those types of classes are built for Defense, and that is proven out in their statistics.

Stat Options
Before you decide which build to go with, I would like to cover the basic statistical necessity. To use your most current weapon, you will need 0.5 strength per level and 3.0 magic per level. This leaves you with 1.5 points per level to play with. I will never recommend you put less than 3 magic per level in order to do something crazy like wear heavy armor or be a light wizard with vitality. That would be a fail….Always

1.) Vitality Build –The Wizard Vitality build is going to maximize your HP, at the cost of your MP. By going (1) Strength, (6) Magic and (3) Vitality every other level, this will give you the most Health. Giving you an additional 30HP for every other level. Wizards are naturally low in HP and adding more Vitality will not solve that problem.

2.) Light Armor Build- For a light armor Wizard. You lose top end firepower, but you gain Dexterity (Crits), better physical attack and better physical defenses. This build may be best suited for people who plan to solo a lot. It will give you the most well rounded Wizard. (1)Strength, (1) Dexterity, and (3) Magic for every level will give you the ability to wear the latest light armor and still carry the latest magical weapons.

3.) Pure Build- Pure build Wizards are dirty. They do massive damage and can cause mass carnage in a pretty quick hurry. They do so at the expense of survivability. They have to be able to perfect kiting and will often find themselves looking for someone to squad with. But later in the game the rewards are great. For a pure Wizard build you will go with (1) Strength and (9) Magic every other level. Giving you the ability to wear robes and the latest weapon.


Wizard Skills

Part five of the Ultimate Perfect World International Wizard Build Guide is going to cover Skills. And there are a lot of skills to cover. I will try to not drag it out too long though. I will also not go crazy with what the skills are and their descriptions; there are other places on the web you can go to find that information.

Skills are always broken down like this for me.  There are Passive, Buffs, Defensive, and Attack skills.

As a side note.  Something I learned Early on, playing Wizards is, They need a LOT of spirit points to keep their skills leveled.  This means you need to keep your primary skills your focus, and level the other skills when you start to see you have spare points and cash.  I am going to rank skills from importance.  A score of 5 being most important to me and 1 being the least important.  Later in game you will be able to start to level your skills that I rank as less important, because you will WANT to.  The stronger skills are much more expensive, so, early in game I recommend you not level them at the cost of other skills.

A formatting note.  The first set of () is the level the skill is learned, the second set is importance.  I will always recommend you at least learn all skills, in order to open up all the skills.  But whether you level them immediately or not will be determined on the importance they have to you.

Passive skills
(29) Fire Mastery (5) Increases fire damage by a percentage.  It is much like weapon mastery for other classes.  This is a must have, your damage output increases quite a bit with this skill.

(29) Aqua Spirit (5) Increases your water damage by a percentage.  Also a must level. 

(29) Earthen Spirit (5) Again increases your earth damage by a percentage, and is a must level.  You will want all your elements at your disposal.  Variation is key to your strength with these elements.  Some enemies will have resistance to some elements, meaning you will need to find their weaknesses.

(100) Manifest Virtue (5) when you reach level 100, you should be ok with your spirit and coin in order to buy this skill.

(29) Wellspring Quaff (4)
This is a very important self-buff.  It increases your MP by a percentage.  And as a Wizard, you can never have too much MP.  Make this a fairly high priority.  But not a top priority.

(39) FrostBlade (2)
This is nice to have.  It is a squad buff.  But it is not critical.  It adds water damage to your squad members attacks.  Once again, it is nice, but not a must have.

(9)Pyro Shell (2)
Pyro Shell increases your Fire resistance by a percentage.  It also increases your HP regeneration, 1hp per level.  I rate this as a 2 only because you cannot use multiple shells at the same time.  And I find Stone Barrier to be a better choice to level.

(9) Glacial Embrace (2)
Glacial Embrace increases your water resistance by a percentage.  It also increases your MP regeneration, 1mp per level.  I would consider this a little more important than Pyro shell, but not enough to increase its overall importance.  Learn it but don’t bother leveling it until you know you have spare money and spirit.

(9) Stone Barrier (5)
Stone barrier is your primary defensive buff.  This increases your earth resistance and also increases your physical resistance, both by a percentage.  This will improve your survivability more than the other shells.

(29)Distance Shrink (2)
Distance shrink is a skill I would learn but I would not bother leveling it.  It is also a very specialized skill.  Leaping you to your target, by a distance.  The distance increases for higher levels, but at level 1 you have the effect.  And for a Wizard, you will spend more time extending your distance, not bringing yourself closer to your enemy.

(24) Morning Dew (5)
Morning dew is your Heal.  It is a self heal and can heal other characters.  It is not a great heal compared to a Cleric, but it is important for self  survival.

(59) Essential Sutra (3)
Essential sutra is important.  This is like a Heal for your MP.  It recovers a percentage of your MP when used.  It is a spell that requires two sparks.  That makes it a skill I would call expensive to use.  Not so much to have.

(79) Elemental Shell (2) This is just a one level skill.  It increases a squad members elemental resistances by 1000% for 4 seconds.  I would recommend you learn it, but I would not be in a big hurry.  It is a very specialized skill.  Learn it earlier if you feel it will help your squad, and you can perfect timing on when to use it.

Wizards use Fire, Water, and Earth elemental attacks.  For this section I will break it up into the different Elements, just for organizational purposes.  It is important to build all three elements.  Due to the fact that some mobs will have resistance to some of the elements.  It will be important to recognize that and to use your attack skills accordingly.  The same goes for your defensive skills.  You are only able to use one of your defensive shells at a time, and it will change depending on the enemy.

Fire elemental
(1) Pyrogram (5)
Although this is a starter skill, it does decent damage and is a pretty fast skill for the Wizard.  It deals Base Damage, plus extra damage, and also deals a % of fire damage.  Channel time is 1.5 seconds and Cool down is 3.0 seconds.

(13)Crown of flame (2)
This if a fire D.O.T.  It does base damage plus fire damage over 15 seconds.  I think I would hold off on the D.O.T’s until later in game, focusing on skills that do immediate damage.

(19) Divine Pyrogram (5)
I would consider this skill as an important one.  This one plus Pyrogram should be your base fire skills.  This one does fire damage equal to your base damage plus a percentage, plus additional damage.  Level it often.
(29) The Dragon’s Breath (3)
Dragon’s breath is a doosy.  This skill doesn’t really shut off.  It will keep dealing fire damage in a radial AOE until you’re out of MP.  That can be useful.  But I would consider this skill specialized.  It is not going to be a primary skill until later in game, when you’re spending time Zhening or AOE grinding.

Will of the Phoenix (4)
Will of the Phoenix is a solid skill to learn, but not for immediate leveling.  It is a linear AOE with Knockback effect, and that is what makes it valuable.  Those effects can move enemies off you quickly.  It also does base damage plus a percentage of weapon damage, plus additional damage.

(49) Emberstorm (2)
Another Radial AOE, Emberstorm charges for 5 seconds, using up to 60% of your HP, dealing damaged based on your HP spent plus a base fire damage amount.  This skill is strong, but at a very high cost of survivability.

(59) Blade Tempest (3)
Blade tempest is a radial AOE, this delivers fire damage and physical damage equal to your base damage, plus a percentage of your weapon damage, plus additional damage.  This is a nice skill based on the addition of physical damage, increasing your chances for higher damage outputs.

(3) Gush (4)
Gush is a solid skill to level, it deal base water damage plus a percentage of your weapon damage, plus additional damage.  On top of that has a high percentage chance of slowing your enemy for a time. 

(16) Hailstorm (3)
I like Hailstorm; I like it at level 60 something though, not at 16.  It does base water damage, plus additional damage and has a chance to freeze enemies.  This is an aggro beast though, because it will attract mobs around your targeted mob.  Not a great idea for a level 16 wizard.

(49) Glacial Snare (3)
Glacial snare is a good water elemental skill, and one I would consider leveling when you can.  It would be my third choice as a water skill though, it deals base water damage plus a weapon percentage damage plus additional damage, and has a percentage chance to slow your target.

(59) Black Ice Dragon (5)
Black ice dragon and Gush would be my primary water elemental attacks.  This is a great skill.  It is a radial AOE.  It deals Base damage, plus a percentage of weapon damage, plus additional damage, and has a really good chance to slow enemies.  This is a monster skill for sure.

(6) Stone Rain (3)
This skill is ok, it is not particularly fast and doesn’t do great damage though.  It does base Earth damage plus a weapon percentage, plus additional damage.

(19) Pitfall (3)
Pitfall is a quick cast, at 1.0 seconds, slower cool down at 8.0.  IT does base earth damage plus it is a D.O.T doing additional damage over 15 seconds.  The dot is what makes this less appealing to me.  If you like the Dot effect, I would level this one over crown of flames.

(39) SandStorm (5)
I would consider this your primary earth attack.  It does base damage plus a percentage of your weapon damage plus additional damage.  It also decreases your enemy’s accuracy by a percentage for 10 seconds.  Good earth skill and should be leveled

(49) Force of will (1)
Learn Force of will for the effect.  It cancels your targets channeling.  It has a high cool down, which improves with leveling the skill.  It also silences your target for time.  Learn it but don’t bother leveling it for a while.

(59) Mountain’s seize (3)
Mountains seize is much like Hailstorm, it deals damage to your target and also in a AOE around your target, this will attract mobs, but at level 59, you will be better suited for the skills effects.  It deals base damage plus a percentage of your weapon damage, plus additional damage; it also has a chance to stun all mobs.

(79) Undine Strike (1)
Undine strike is hard to real explain.  It does earth damage, but it is almost like a de-buff.  Reducing your targets resistances to Earth Fire and water elements.  I would learn it if you have spare points and cash.

(100)Elemental Invocation (1)
Elemental Invocation is another skill that is rather confusing.  It does damage over time, it reduces your targets mana by 50% over tile, and it reduces your targets Chi over time also.  It is a PvP skill more than a PvE.  Because the MP drain and the Chi drain do not apply to monsters, only other players.

Wizard Genie Skills

Part six of the Wizard guide is going to talk about Genies and Genie skills. This is an area subject to personal preferences. Whatever you do with your genie is not going to make or break your Wizard.  I am only going to talk quickly about a couple skills. And they will all be revolved around self-preservation, and Damage Amplification. 

Second Wind-This is a Strength based Heal.  I love this when I am soloing.  It really can save you at moments notice.

Wind Shield- Dexterity based defensive skill.  It reduces damage received and increases attack speed and evasion.  Attack speed means very little to a Wizard, you will always be hampered by your casting time and cool downs.

Celestial Sword- Strength based physical damage skill.  Deals physical damage based on your Genies available energy.  More strength increases the damage output.

Earthquake – Dexterity based skill, is an AOE, and causes earth damage, has a chance to cancel enemies cast and has a knockback.  I like this skill a lot for Wizards.

Final Thoughts

So, this concludes my Ultimate Perfect World International Wizard Build Guide. I hope it helps you in your very own quest for the Ultimate Wizard. I hope it gives you some things you may not have thought about. Or hope it makes you want to start your own Wizard. They are a great class. Thank you for reading.

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Hawke on August 20, 2014:

Great! Thanks for the input mate :) also, could you tell me your IGN and Server? Perhaps we could meet some time :D


Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on August 13, 2014:


I will see what I can do about the youtube channel. Also, it has been a long time since I wrote these guides and the game is a lot different then it was back then. 100 was a huge milestone for people, and TT99 or R8 (if it was even out) was endgame. With RA now and atk levels, war avatar, and R9, just to touch on a few things, I have been considering writing some new guides. I still play, but have a few favorite classes I tend to spend most of my time on, and since Wizards are not one of them, maybe there is a chance I can tap you for some pointers or something. And...dirty little secret... I still love to play my R8/APS Assassin, even though he is usually permanently sitting in TT.

Hawke on August 13, 2014:

Also, can I make a request from the author of this page? I've been playing a mage for over 5 years & I am now one of the strongest mages on the server (Harshlands), I'd really appreciate if you could post my YouTube channel (Dedicated to PvP videos from my mage) on your page, here's a PvP video from my channel:

Thanks! :)

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Hawke on August 13, 2014:

I made a comment 3 years ago, and now I'm back! the meta of PWI has changed considerably since the last time I made a comment, the build for Wizards is only one build & that is the same that has been posted here (Pure Magic Build, 9 mag, 1 Str, every 2 levels), DPS assassins are a joke for well built wizards, DPH Assassins is the new way to go (Full Rank 9).

There's two standard Gear Options for Wizards atm:

1) Nirvana (3rd cast Gear), this is basically for people who cannot afford Rank 9 & I'd say, are not planning to go end-game.

2) Rank 9 (Tier 3), the best gear in game, OP as hell & definitely the way to go for a hardcore PvPer (like me at least).

The LA build is simply useless, especially at this point, because now after the last major Update, all characters have their base defenses increased by a certain % with the help of some new Passive skills that have been introduced, and the sole purpose of going LA was more P.def, its completely futile now.

I can help any wizard in detail with anything regarding wizards, I am on Harshlands server in PWI, my IGN is : Ruby_Inferno


azn on December 17, 2013:

My advices are go 3 magic, 1 str and 1 vit at the beginning level. Because many times you have to solo mobs and some HP helps along the way. I stop once my vit and str reach 50. Use arcane armor only if you want max damage. Light armor wizards are rare, and heavy wizards are for LOLs. Refine gears to + 5 if you are keeping it for a long term. +3 or +4 for short term. Once your high level start working for end game set, R8, R9, or G16. My G16 set is all +5 with weapon +10. My armor shard with physical defense shards and weapon with magic attack shards. Reset your attributes using reset notes and put all vit into magic. You’ll get HP from refines on your armor or shards. Reset your str attributes if you have extra, but make sure you have enough to equip your end game weapon. Rings should be magic ring for extra damage. Necklace and belt should be physical. As you can see, I can do damage but can’t take damage. Wizard’s job is to kill, not to stay in a fight and tank, that’s barbs job. My best advice is to ask OP wizard in game for their advices.

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on August 10, 2013:

I am not replying to kireon. Just a general statement...

I have complete control over every comment people make on my pages. I have always allowed all comments and always will. I have always accepted opinions about skills or point allocation. I do not think light armor is fail, I prefer robes. And, I will always respond to comments. Good, bad or indifferent.

Kireon on August 10, 2013:

excuse me jnkman. i like being a wizard alot and the guide you made is just not a good one. you talk if all the dislikers are just noobs. I am reading this guide to get better because you can always learn more from other players. I know exactly what i'm doing so don't be so hatefull. All i ask from the readers of this guide: do not just use 1 guide to make your wizard. I used alot maybe 3 or more. And ask high lvl wizard you meet in game how to upgrade attribute points. Again mr jnkman do not reply to me because I am not looking for more senseless answers from you. We should all be very happy you made a guide for new wizards. :)

( plz don't reply my post, makes you look like a fool.)

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on August 09, 2013:

Again. I know I have said this before. If you are level 92, why are you reading this guide? If it is because you don't know what you are doing, because you hypered to 92, then you should keep your mouth shut. If you know what your doing and your just here to troll, then gtfo.

kireon on August 09, 2013:

To all wizards, do not follow y this guide. (wiz 92)

:) on August 23, 2012:

Its good build well thought out sadly im pure magic so i skipped most of it sorry but i hope your still enjoying your light build i do understand having that extra armor in lower lvl i think good idea for someone starting out but i think they should try to switch to pure magic once get hang of it and when can reset stats that are needed else were which would be great way to learn i think just thought i like to share all h8ers

Kaitlynn on August 15, 2012:

I really appreciate the guide.. I've been wandering pw aimlessly looking for a good class and suggestions for that class; and u really sold it. ^^ I made a wiz on Sanctuary based off of this guide and she is 9x with no issues getting there. Pure wiz is clearly the best way to go. Tysm for making this guide for us! :)

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on June 19, 2012:

:) maybe you should write the world a guide of your own then.

nafin on June 14, 2012:

fail guide. lvl all shells esp when tanking bosses in 59. la wizzies are bomb with DB which is a wizs main skill. with DB going on and on and doing continuous damage a wiz inflicts massive amount of damage. i have a pure mage wiz but i know tons of wizzies with LA who wreck.

next... distance shrink is PHENOMENAL. don't bother lvling it but don't count it as a junk skill. just turn around and shrink and you are away from your mobs. you said you wait until lvl 60 to write a guide. tbh, get to lvl 90+ before you start writing a guide. 60s is when you get your final attacks. most wizzies don't deal near enough damage as a psy until than.

overall, don't say LA is junk, include DB in your guide, and don't talk trash about skills you don't know how to use properly.

Alex on May 20, 2012:

I have my wizz at lvl 63(for now) and it really gives me a hard time on ranged physical mobs(pure build)...i really hope that over time it will get as better as u say:D...btw..good guide...i build mine from another one but it is not much more thing...don't listen to all those "cute" guys out there:)...

nikos on April 30, 2012:

really helpful man!tyvm :D

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on March 23, 2012:

I posted my gear on the Barb guide

dethofall(RT) on March 22, 2012:

:D What kind of gear do you have anyways on your barb o.o I have APS gear cuz ima farming barb atm :3

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on March 21, 2012:

It's too bad I don't Play on RT. I guess we could prolly have fun bashing each other in the head for a but :)

dethofall(RT) on March 21, 2012:

I just like to talk to someone o.o

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on March 20, 2012:

I only mock you. And am not sure why you keep coming back unless you feel the need to vent frustration. The only things you have said is Arma rules, and that I don't know what I am talking about. Nothing else. If I really thought you were soooo much smarter than me, would I not just delete your comments, I do have that kind of control you know?

dethofall(RT) on March 20, 2012:

Loolololol I have every class above 70+ xD. I just like to watch you try to mock someone that know more about the game then you xD. You sir do have many holes in most of your Guides. Come meet me on RT if you still Play :D. Ima fail Fluffeh kitteh named Dethofall level 100 demon barb. also Level 100 Sage barb named Tiggher :D. Also Level 100 Sage Cleric named Avatar_aang__

You sir have fun gameing :D.

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on February 16, 2012:


You are one cute little hater. I have other guides if you would like to flame those as well. You talk about getting a Barb to lvl 100 and then about getting a Wiz to 100, but if you had either I would assume you would have no need for a guide. In fact, if you had a toon above level 70 I would hope you would have no need for a guide.

dethofall(RT) on February 16, 2012:

I want to hit you in the face.Learn the class first. There are holes everywhere. Get to 100 first before you make a guide.

Jerry on January 14, 2012:

This guide kicks butt. It helped clear a lot of the questions I had. For the most part I agree with your thoughs on the wizard class. I know I'm kind of late but thanks for writing this guide. It's detailed and informative.

:p on January 02, 2012:


later on in the game wizzies are amazing dds. but one of the most useful attacks as a wizzie that you can get is The Dragons Breath. constant aoe damage and at a high lvl it does TONS of damage. especially useful for fcs, delta and all that junk. also my personal opinion for any magic class is to NEVER use a pataka for anyone but a veno. most high lvl patakas give bonuses for p.def p.attack. magic. whatever. as a high lvl wizzie i would preobably prefer a channeling weapon as in the faster your channel the more attacks you can fire off. my opinion :p also i would probably suggest lvling glacial shards if you are a hardcore questing person because of the intensity of the slow effect that it has is just what a wiz needs to not take damage. another thing is that glacial embrace becomes your BEST friend. sure you don't get the p.def you need but if you arent tanking than why should it matter? at higher lvls people should know how to do there job and i would recommend lvling both asap. and finally... this is a good guide but to be honest... i have seen better. i would suggest making it to a high lvl before makiung a guide on a specific char.

btw... i have seen TONS of LA wizards and they wreck everyting in sight. you just have to know how to play as your hybrid

Bryan pegg on November 22, 2011:

Thank you very much for taking your time to make this guide.

crystal_chang on October 05, 2011:

ty it was very helpful to me i had no idea how or wat to lvl it up but now i can and how i will mak a better wiz from ur suggestion tks

Frico on September 12, 2011:

Nice Guide post...

Any more on Tw Wiz will be appericate..

Mj on August 24, 2011:


JoySter on July 23, 2011:

Should i reset all my 44point's in vit?...

Got a level 99 wiz.

But Just think's it maybe is to little life whitout any point's in vit at all:P...

But then again its only 440hp more... So i should maybe just buy some reset and put the 40 in magic also...

mhmmm... What you think?

Michael on July 01, 2011:

Pure Magic is the way to go 9 mag 1 str every two levels. he covered skills already. I have to agree that magic swords are better because you don't have the low factor you will hit the same about every hit. Your endgame armor i would have to go with Rank 9 if you can afford it. Shards i would go with P def or vit. Starting off kinda sucks but if you have guild mates or friends that play its fine as long as they help. La armor is kinda dumb if you want to do that just make a seeker. And everything else he has listed very nicely just follow this guide.

Reckeng on June 01, 2011:

I'm normally a melee player. I had a barb that was real nice, a tank. I've had a blademaster, he was a pretty nice fist attacker. I decided on trying out a wizard because of the attack. Can you guys send me and email at for tips and advice? Thank you.

Craig on March 22, 2011:

Typo on prior post. Tueobs should've been mobs lol.

Craig on March 22, 2011:

Good guide in all. I went to Etacomb after reading this and played around s stats and gear (70 wizz on DW) and it was a diff of base magic attack of 1k more with Pure vs La. I tried a la into the 20s before (not a long time granted) but found I wasn't doing enough damage to kill tueobs before they killed me lol. Was thinking about restating to LA for pvp and tw but after playing wih the stats I'm looking for better robes lol.

Mario on March 20, 2011:

This is very nice and complete tutorial for wizard. It can be very helpful. I dont agree with some skills importance but nvm its my opinion. I play wizard curently and it was vwry hard in begining but with every lvl pleasure is bigger. It is great class in PWI.

One quick note on March 14, 2011:

In your guide, you list 'distance shrink' as a method of jumping on to your enemies. It works a lot better if you hold the a direction away from the mob when you cast- you can run away and kite much more effectively. Higher levels may not be necessary, but I would say it's a good investment.

anon on March 12, 2011:

IMO, LA is good in low-mid lvl PVP --- sacrificing some dmg to increase your survivability. It's still mediocre in mid lvl PVE since you'll most likely be hitting magic mobs and sucks end game as it is in end game that you'll actually feel the multiplier from magic points as you'll probably refine your weapon with +7 or higher.

Also, contrary to your statement in the barbarian guide that DOT generate more agro, DOT for mages or any other DDs is the way to generate lesser agro ON bosses while still maintaining good-high DPS.

And for a hardcore wiz that I am, using wizzies for DD for farming TT etc, -channeling gear increases your DPS more than +crit gears.

DPS > spike when dealing with bosses.

Chris on March 10, 2011:


qawsx on February 11, 2011:

hello wiz peopl

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on February 10, 2011:

Thanks Z,

In my opinion, Pdef shards for Wizzies are solid, especially with stone barrier. I have let all the comments go through here. I always let all comments get posted, mostly because some may find something in the comments that are helpful. I am not here to teach a LvL 50+ wizard how to build their Toon. By then they should already know what they are doing. Mostly I am trying to shed some light on a character for a "beginner" wizard. I have guides for Barbs and BM's also, and am working on all classes. And this is just my opinion from actual playing time, its part of the reason it takes so long for me to build my guides. This is not Theory, this is actual.

Thank you all again

Zohanz on February 10, 2011:

I think this tutorial is helpful regardless of the poor comments.Did any of you who left a comment make your own tutorial? No,you came looking for one so you knew how to build your wizard.In my opinion and build,I went with pure,all mag and just enough strength for armor.The armor can be sharded and I myself like the phy def shards as they help quite a bit,the vitality shards are ok but def is the way to go,especially for tw.I 1-2 hit lvl 100+barbs with my build.I recommend getting 2 sets of armor for what you are doing in game,a phy def set and a vitality set.As for the weapon i prefer the glaive with -6 channeling,any -channeling gear is good.R8 is a thing of the past there is r9 if you can afford the set.I also recommend warsong belt,heavenrage boots,warsol helmet,exc.For pvp def is the way to go.with all the stuns as a demon wiz it is hard to overcome,once they stun you it doesn't take many hits to make you drop,major damage,as for sage,in my opinion sage for wizz is a waste and fail!

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on January 16, 2011:

Your cute. I think that you fail if you really believe what you are saying. Reality is, statistically speaking your Int increases on a curved scale, you are only gimping your output and I knew this at level 1. I knew this because I RESEARCHED THE CHARACTER. And all characters are numbers based and fairly simple to comprehend without ever even playing them if you take the time to look. And read, and understand. I do not even have some sort of unhealthy hated for LA wizards. I Think that if you are comfortable with them you should play them. All I am telling people is, if you want to build to a Wizards Strength, you are going to go pure. IF you are a person who wants to dabble with hybrid builds, or builds tat are not classic to a wizard, which is and pretty much always has been a PURE magic build, you really don't need to be reading a guide, because you already probably have an idea of what you are doing.

WizPro on January 15, 2011:

Wow you judged LA wiz by how it performed at level 40? Demon Wiz can get 150% EXTRA defense. You can essentially have similar defense to any heavy class as well as having insane Magic Defense. And the extra damage from pure magic isn't that much difference in pvp, since all damage is reduced it barely comes out to any difference. Fail guide l2 play first.

Hawke on December 12, 2010:

Yup & since you're about to enter PvP server with a sin, you're going to find them *ridiculously* over powered - not exagerated at all, just another thing, the strongest Sin on my server (HarshLands) atm is BloodFeast, he is Full Rank 8, geared as much as anyone can imagine, Def/Attack level shards and what not, 5 APS/....and..... he can kill a barbarian lvl 100 or any level regardless with 20K HP....IN 5 SECONDS, Discerned by my eyes...he can kill other rank 8 people (Who are infact OP) before their charm ticks, assasins are horribly powerful, squishy, but their abilities MORE than compensate for their squishyness......Ugh

randomguy on November 28, 2010:

I disagree with much of what's stated in this guide as well, however..It's very well done! You put some effort into this, good job!

LA wiz til 90, if you want. Although pure mag is still faster meaning better hypering and just overall general grinding or oracling if you choose to do that. Also magic sword / wand's have the best base channelling, pataka's have longest as well as unreliable dmg. Wizzies already hit hard enough, you don't need spike dmg. LA is pointless, you gimp your dmg (and your role as a wizzy) for crit (unreliable) and HP, which isn't a big enough issue to make a difference really. Endgame, you get a good 10-13% crit from gear alone as pure int, and LA is just the worst armor available, it sucks for both phys and mag def. Go pure int, shard pdef, refine for hp - win.

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on November 23, 2010:

Your not kidding. Just recently started a new Cleric on Lost City, the second I broke level 30, the sins started ganking me. Totally OP.

My Wizard I play is on a PvE server, so, no experience with that problem.

I am gonna be starting a PvP sin to see what they are all about. I have leveled one up on a PvE to about 33, but got bored. I think the Sin class is way too geared to Pk, not to have one.

Hawke on November 23, 2010:

Thank you for fixing the typo mate, now all we need to figure out is a way to counter those god damn assasins, OP by far & the biggest threat to all squishy classes =P

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on November 22, 2010:


I do believe there is a place for LA wizards. I would not deny that at all, And I also do agree they would have to be geared well. they do lose a lot of firepower, long term with the build and need the gear to not only fill in some of those gaps but to add other strengths, since it is a more balanced build.

And Hawke. Mostly the stuff about physical damage with weapon was added tongue-in-cheek. physical damage really plays no role in deciding a weapon. Personally I go with high spike due to my pure build, I am looking for the biggest number I can pull. But while playing my cleric (who is also a pure build) is prefer a more flat damage weapon, for repeatability purposes.

Thank you guys for your comments!

And the Typo has been fixed! I keep forgetting

Hawke on November 22, 2010:

Great effor first of all, however, there are certain miss conceptions in this guide. First off, I don't understand why the hell a wizard would even care about the "Physical damage" he/she would do, ergo, comparing Magic Swords, Wands, Galives etc in that aspect is futile. Secondly, I think its either a typo or completely retarded, to add "9 VIT" for a PURE Wizards, I think he mean't "9 Magic" =].

Other than that, I totally agree that PURE wizards are the way to go, however, declaring "LA" Wizards as "Fail" is ridiculous, LA wizards have their boons and is an equally good build, depending on your play style.

Once again, Pure wizard = 1 Str + 9 Mag (NOT Vit)

mathy~ on November 22, 2010:

I have played Wizards 3 years, and i can tell that LA Wiz are a good option BUT you need good gear and lvl. To begin you will need at least a lvl 70 set [ hall ] +7, jewellery [ neck adorn and rings] with Int/str/const to affort have a good weapon . I recommend star a LA build at lvl 80-90 but u will like to be RObe at 99.

In Weapons i can tell that Swords and Wands are the best options. the mages need balance in their skills. And if max and min atk are close The dmg is always the same, with a Crit Build this is the best choise.

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on October 28, 2010:

Thanks shin... I agree, some people can make LA wizards work, but I do believe you will ALWAYS be better suited to handle more situations with the more fire power.

Even a LA buid wizard is seriously defficient in vit.. And no evasion. It will always be my opinion that you will want to kill your enemies as quickly as possible.

And as far as missing stuff. I know, I figure I will do some editing on this guide soon, and write some suplimentals.. Giving more detai on skills and stuff

Shin on October 28, 2010:

those builds r for fail wiz

the true build for a wiz is full magic

just add str to use ur gear

good tutorial but u forgot that detail

Kentaro on October 18, 2010:

I agreed with raine. I cant imagine how u thought up with 1 str and 9 vit is a pure build that do massive dmg. This build will be helpful only if u want to use the lvl59 fire skills

Raine on September 05, 2010:

at point 3 in your build section you are saying 1 point to strength and 9 to vitality every other level. Surely this is a typo and the points should be going to magic...

Otherwise great guide and thanks for taking the time to make it.

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on August 30, 2010:

Haha, thx Payton. I appreciate the comments.

I don't mind the haters so much. It's why I don't moderate out their comments. I figure I give the information I have. If they don't like it maybe they will find a guide that tells them what they want to hear.

Thanks again, and thank you all for reading my guides. With over 10,000 views in my 3 guides I would have to say they have been successful.

I hope to have a few more done soon.

payton on August 30, 2010:

lol my message to haters of the guide is to stfu or write a better one. good work computerjnkman. thx for your time and effort.

Simon on August 19, 2010:

Nice guild this made me want to make a wizard but before i decide do you know what is the end game armor of a decent robe wizard?

indra pd on August 18, 2010:

Thanks for making the wizard/mage guide, though i only undestand partially of it because i'm newbie in this game.

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on August 12, 2010:

Sorry for the delayed response ken, I have played a LA wizard, for about 25 levels, I restated at level 15, but then restated again at around 40. It was not much of a test run, but knew I was going to see more magical mobs after 40 and felt robes would serve me better. I have a basic wizard build guide on another site, if you search that you will see more detailed information about the effects stats have on your wizard, also, there is a pwi character it and you will find it. the actual effect of magic points is based on a sliding scale and there is no real hard and fast number you can use as a multiplier. but bottom line of it, the increase in output is not amazing, but it is more than nothing.

And I like to stick to my ideals, I am stubborn that way, I have a point of view and do not vary from it. I will not purposefully knock anyone for playing a LA Wizzy or any other class/stat combo I don't completely agree with, and in many cases I will at least give them a try if they are not completely insane. I have too many characters to waste my time with some builds I have seen.

Good luck

Ken on July 20, 2010:

I like your GUIDE. I just wanted you to know that I understand the difference between you telling me and you suggesting to me what I should do.

I have a few questions, being the geek I am.

1. This is NOT a flame. I understand that you have probably not played a LA mage because of them not being total magic orientated, but how do you know that it is always a failure (see question 2 below)? Just so you know, I am about 85% sure that I am going to be playing a pure mage.

2. Do you have any damage numbers (average dam.) between a pure mage and a LA mage? The reason I ask is that I saw a post that suggests that a mage using Sandstorm, on average, only does 200 more damage being a pure mage (3100 dam.) vs. a LA mage (2900 dam.) build. This was done with same level, same gear, and same target. I am just trying to get some verification on numbers, if I can.

3. Do you know the formulas for how much stats change with the addition of a point to a characteristic? I see at lower levels that I am getting about .4 to .6 magic attack per 1 point into magic, I would guess that the ratio gets better as you level up (at least that is what it did on my veno).

4. Have you ever done PVP or TWs with your Wizard?


Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on July 14, 2010:

Great thoughts. As a rule of thumb I wait till I break lvl 60 before I try to write a guide. I try to make sure I have some actual working knowledge behind what I am writing. I have to say I am very reliant on MP heiro's for my Wizard and really have not given Glacial Embrace much love, I will mess with it though, that is for sure.

harrydresden on July 03, 2010:

just skimming over your guide i feel that there are some places you can strengthen your build. First off, glacial embrace (your mp regen shield) is amazing. It saves you countless mp pots especially in instances such as TT or FC. Also essential sultra is essential imo. It gives you 0 channeling time so your combo before 9x and sage/demon spells would be divine pyro -> sandstorm -> gush/glacial snare -> divine works and hits riduculously hard.

Also, undine strike is great...its a debuff that adds about 20% more dmg to all your combine with essential sultra and undine and you will hit 20% harder on four spells within 6 TW this will surely drop most people even if charmed (unless a OP barb)

Also, for you genie, i have a 70/90 LP genie so i can play around a lot more with it. I have cloud eruption (~127 chi gained back instantly), 2nd wind (which I will replace with tree of protection when i am lvl 100), extreme poison (adds 20% more dmg for x seconds), frenzy (adds 20% more dmg to all targets hit at the cost of reduced defences), and holy path to jump around dungeons fast.

Im a lvl 93 wiz on a pve server so i am not completely geared towards pvp but more so TW...just some thoughts

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on June 25, 2010:

Thank you for the positive comments. While some feel that Light Armour Wizards are the way to go, it is and always will be my approach to build my characters to their strengths, and light armor wizards is the opposite of what I feel are their strengths. Thank you again.

magnuz on June 22, 2010:

vry good guide nice 1

...... on June 18, 2010:

I definitely have to agree that a light armor wizard is a fail, because light armor is self is mediocre at best when it comes to both defenses, and a wizard was meant for magic, not defense, if you want attack and armor, make a damn archer.

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on June 11, 2010:

I am really having a hard time with you wizard people. If you really want to be a light armor wizard. READ WHAT I WROTE!!!

LA is fail. Your not going to have the damage output you would by going pure...So, if you are going to gimp your primary strength to wear light, you might as well be the ULTIMATE mediocre wizard and consider your physical damage output.

I have not ever had a level 100 wizard, nor have I ever said I did, and I am ALMOST sure that you are not one either.


Roland on June 10, 2010:

I won't go into depth or be rude, but this guide really is bad. You're comparing the physical damage of magic weapons? Telling light armor wiz to look for +mp and +magic? (and light is NOT gimped :) "Due to the lower magic damage and higher physical damage, it will give you better protection when you are left to fight melee" ??? no, you're a wizard, you do not fight melee. +phys attack beneficial to light armor? What do these even have to do with each other for christssakes?

You talk about reaching lvl100 lol, are you there? How's PVP going? A wizard following this guide will be a total failure from day 1. Read a few of the other guides out there and compare... well, now I have to stop before I start being rude. I just hope no beginning wiz follows your guide, and no, this is not a matter of preference or personal opinion. It's that your guide is just wrong.

I suspect you're a troll who has written this to get this kind of replies from experienced wiz PWI players.

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on May 28, 2010:

Thank you very much for your comments. It has always been my goal with my guides, to not to tell people that they are a noob or are wrong if they don't build their characters the way I think they should be built. I try to give all viable options, and sprinkle in my own opinion and experience. I am by far a noob in this game, I have been playing for a LONG time now. Thank you again

xhainekox on May 27, 2010:

I actually found this tutorial really helpful,Ive been playing a Veno since the start,and wanted a Wizard as well to play to help out in my faction,and this tutorial really helped me with what builds to pick,and what skills to choose.

That person who commented before is downright rude,and a complete and utter moron IMO. he/she/it should have read the tutorial properly before making themselves look like a complete idiot.

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on May 27, 2010:

I think it is funny that you would be so rude without even reading what I said. I specifically stated Light armor and vitality build wizards are GIMPED!!! maybe you should read what you intend on commenting about. I am allowing this comment because I would like to stress the fact that I STATED VITALITY WAS IN MY OPINION FAIL!!!

Ttt on May 27, 2010:

THAT IS CRAP TUTORIAL. It must be retarded who put his points in vitaliti, 1 points give only 10Hp. Allpoints must got to MAGIC and some points to STR. Get it n00b?

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