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Pub Golf Outfits

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How To Get The Look For Your Next Game Of Pub Golf!

If you're looking to find one of the coolest Pub Golf outfits for your next game, then you're in luck!

But first of all I hear you ask What is Pub Golf? Well... let me tell you!

Pub Golf is a drinking game, that in theory, could be played by all (depending on the legal age of drinking alcohol in your country). You plot down a course of 9 or 18 holes (a hole is a pub/bar/club) and choose a specific drink to have at each. The amount of times you sip or drink your drink in order to finish it off, is the score for that particular hole. Like in real golf, the one with the lowest score is the winner!

(by the way, check out the video below for an insight into the rules!)

I'll be honest, I've never had the delight of playing Pub Golf yet. I've really wanted to, but for whatever reason, it hasn't happened as of yet! But, this is all abouts to change!

I play golf regularly and having taken on the honour of being the best man for one of my golfing buddies wedding, on the stag do I'm making sure we get a round in!

I'm currently looking for the best Pub Golf outfits out there at the moment, so thought I'd share with you my findings in case you're in a similar predicament! As remember.. if you aren't in golf gear, apparently there's some drinking penalties to be had....

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How to Play Pub Golf

For those who haven't heard of Pub Golf, check out this cool video that shows a group of YouTubers playing it!

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Pub Golf Outfit for a Guy

Check out this Pub Golf outfit that ensures you'll look the part for your next game!

The Best Pub Golf Outfits On The Web!

Here are some of the funkiest ideas for getting 'the look' right for when you're thinking of playing your next game of Pub Golf. If you're like me and I want to show that you've made some effort in fully participating in the game, have a look at some of the coolest items below!

I'd love to guage a feel for how many people have actually heard of Pub Golf before having found this page! So let me know below..

Pub Golf Visors - The Most Important Part of the Outfit!

One of the most important things that you wear for Pub Golf is a visor! Without it, you'll just look like you're dresser in weird clothes for no reason! Even if you were to wear a visor to the game, people would still understand the link! So take a look at some of the great products below and pick yourself up a bargain!

Cool Pub Golf Outfit For Men

Check out this pretty cool outfit for playing Pub Golf in! It may not be the sexiest outfit out there - but let's face it, it's Pub Golf and you're meant to look silly!

Pub Golf Gloves

The second most integral part of your outfit for playing Pub Golf should be wearing a golf glove! Again, this is an integral part to the outfit! So take a look at some of the best gloves for Pub Golf below!

Pub Golf Outfit For Women - Cool costume for playing Pub Golf

I think this Pub Golf outfit looks really great (maybe I'm a bit biased because I like women and golf!) but from having seen other people play the game before, this outfit would definitely be a hit!

Check out some of these useful links!

I'd love to hear your experiences of playing Pub Golf! How did it go? Was it messy? What did you wear?!

As usual, any comments would be greatly appreciated!

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