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Pokemon Quest

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Pokemon Quest Continues

Pokemon games live on through evolving into new games and adaptation. Following the popularity of Pokemon Go, also other Pokemon games make inroads. The most popular mobile game Pokemon Go keeps fans engaged through various events as well as related films such as Detective Pikachu and Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution. Similar to Pokemon Go Plus there will be Pokemon Sleep game that will help people to sleep better.

More interaction will be available in Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure where players will be able to interact with their Buddy Pokemon through AR camera as well as use multiplayer mode. In the new game Go Battle League, players will be able to explore the world.

Previous games that followed Pokemon Go included Pokemon Quest, where Pokemon could move independently. In this game that has been set on Tumblecube Island Pokemon could venture for food, fights, and treasure. Pokemon was free to move but needed to attract new Pokemon and add monsters. A big part of the game is cooking that helps advance. The game is free and can be played on Nintendo Switch, but some packs that needed to be purchased.


Other Pokemon Games

Pokemon: Let's Go

Pokemon Let's Go is similar to Pokemon Go. Its main feature involves throwing balls to catch Pokemon. It is easier though to see Pokemon in this new version of Pokemon Go game.

The game occurs in Kanto region. As such, it is inspired by Pokemon Yellow. This game involves Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee. To catch Pokemon, the player needs to touch it which enables then throwing a Pokeball.

The new core Pokemon Go game is to be released in 2019. Pokemon Let's Go is available for Nintendo Switch.

Shiny Pikachu and Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Go continues to unroll challenges. Global Catch challenge may have proved too great for players who were to catch as many as three billion Pokemon in one week or a shiny Pikachu that was perhaps available only in Yokohama. Its Legendary raids with legendary birds such as Articuno involve group raids. There are also now single player raids about to be introduced along with quests. Part of a new current challenge is Legendary Pokemon Lugia that has just joined Pokemon Go, appearing only for a short time with its new Sky Attack move.

Pokemon Go Anniversary

Pokemon Go unveiled Pokken Tournament in September 2017 allowing for combat using button commands that changed the play method.

In Pokken Tournament Pokemon can be battled in combative settings. Mastering moves and burst attacks are all possible with new types of Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Pigeotto

Pokemon Go Pigeotto

Pokemon Go Zubat

Pokemon Go Zubat

Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO has been one of the most popular mobile games ever created, followed by Candy Crush. Its popularity has been actuated by augmented reality component as well as already popular Pokemon monsters such as Pikachu.

Players need to find and capture Pokemon to advance and collect coins. They do that with pokeballs that need to be collected near various sites such as monuments or shops. Pokemon hunting can be done anytime and anywhere. New additions such as Pokemon Plus made capturing Pokemon possible even without connecting to the Internet.

The most wanted Pokemon are rare. The most common include Pidgey and Zubat while the rare include Staryu, Tangela, and Exegcute. Grimer is very rare, Abra is uncommon and Jynx is epic. One of the rarest is Snorlax. Some Pokemon are available only in certain countries. There have been mystery concerning the whereabouts of Pokemon called Kangaskhan that was to be in Australia, which has been confirmed.

Some Pokemon monsters are easier to catch. Others require practice. One of those is Zubat that sways to the sides so quickly that the only to catch it is by throwing a ball directly at the circle on Zubat before it moves away.

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Nearby Pokemon can also be found with the help of the map available at

Pokemon Gaming

In Super Mystery Dungeon that is part of Super Mystery Dungeon series, the player becomes part of the Pokemon world as a Pokemon child providing one of the best experiences of this game for the player who has no human memory left and has to deal with the world as a Pokemon. In this video game players can experience self-created, mystery dungeons along with puzzles, such as why Pokemon turns into stone. It features 20 Pokemon that players can choose as their characters, various new aspects, and captivating music. There is always some preconception as to what the newest Pokemon game will be.

Pokemon has been revived with Pokken Tournament recently released for Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Crystal and Pokemon X

Pokemon Crystal has that advantage that it could be transferred to Pokemon X. Pokemon Crystal coming to 3DS offers the opportunity to encounter other legendary Pokemon such as Suicune, Raiku, and Entei.

Pokemon X and Y revolves around catching a Pocket Monster through contests that encourage owning Pokemon just like in all other Pokemon games that include Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Collecting creatures persistent in all Pokemon spinoff games is an adventure that is also part of card games as well as other Pokemon games. Strategies involve paralysis, psychic skills, insomnia or confusion to weaken monsters by exploiting their vulnerabilities. Both Pokemon X and Y are worth exploring because of their similarities as well as differences.

Pokemon video games are some of the best role-playing games. Its adventures are based on the experiences of the game creator, who collected insects as a child. The first installments were Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue known in Japan as Pocket Monsters: Red and Green. Its other popular predecessors include Pokemon White and Pokemon Black. One of the best versions for Nintendo DS is Pokemon SoulSilver, where players go on an adventure to catch and train a Pokemon. There are four moves for Pokemon here. In Pokemon X there is also a new Pokemon type, called Fairy.

Pokemon X

Pokemon X

Pokemon X

Pokemon X

In Pokemon X players have additional abilities allowing them to roller-skate, interact with the environment as well as other players in areas such as Kalos and Lumiose city. Moving around becomes easier with bicycles and taxis available later. Players develop bonds with their Pokemon monsters through petting, feeding and playing with them. They can also mimic their movements. Battles with Pokemon to make them stronger or take advantage of their weaknesses are similar to adventure games.

The main features of the game remain the same as in previous games, but the appearance and graphics are improved. The game's appeal are rich 3D environments. The game takes place initially in coastal, mountainous and central areas of Kalos. With new skills, other areas can be explored, but they cost energy. Players move in the 3D world within a grid space, but the game also features 2D elements.

How to Play Pokemon

To play a game such as Pokemon you need to know how to train and evolve these monsters. This evolution changes them, making them stronger, giving them a trait, certain ability or create them new altogether. There are various Pokemon evolution levels while they also differ throughout the entire Pokemon series. At times, Pokemon need to reach certain condition to evolve.

Through training and battles, players gain points, eventually becoming Trainers of the region. As Trainers, players choose the way they look. They can play this game starting at the same time around the globe as well as discover the secrets of new battles. They can fight their Pokemon through Sky Battles, but only if their Pokemon also fly. They can fight several Pokemon at the same time, as part of Horde Encounters.

There are many challenges for competitive players in this game along with various new features. It is not just about catching a monster, but also about gaining achievements. There are some seven hundred Pokemon in this game, and Pokemon lists or Pokedex can help to identify them. Celebi, one of the most difficult monsters can be downloaded from Pokemon Bank. It is always fun to choose Pokemon natures that determine the way they will interact. You will also need also Pokemon natures explained.

Pokemon can be mastered with Pokemon toys such as Hasbro Pokemon Pokedex, where points can be earned and your expertise tested. Pokemon appears also in Pokemon Trading Card Game, where each card features a Pokemon just like in the video version with the same name. Flashfire card game corresponds to Pokemon XY Series.

For those already familiar with this game, the main question is how to catch Pikachu that is also a good strategy in this game. This monster is in Santalune Forest and Route 3. It is Ash Ketchum who catches Pikachu and other similar monsters because it is his ambition to become Pokemon Master. You'll also need to evolve Pikachu into Raichu that stores and discharges electricity. It takes more time and strategies to catch Snorlax. If you get to like Pikachu, you can also have more fun with Pokemon Wii games by getting PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure.

One of the most appealing aspects of this Nintendo game is that 3D effects can be admired without the need of using 3D glasses or accessories. Apart from evolutions, there are baffling puzzles in this game. Even though battles are part of all Pokemon games, you'll have fun with 3D battles. If you enjoy online games, there is also an online aspect of this game such as Competitions that need to be entered online. Pokemon games online enable Pokemon battles. If you like to play with Pokemon itself you may try Pokemon fusion.

Other features include augmented reality, touch screen or the ability to download other games such as those released for Nintendo Entertainment System or Game Boy. There are various applications available such as Nintendo eShop, and social networking services. You can explore Pokemon mysteries such as Mega Evolution that involves Mega Stone or Mega Ring that allows for even greater Pokemon evolution. This game can also be experienced virtually with an Oculus Rift version of Pokemon X. Many consider this game to be the best Pokemon game so far.

Battles can be tested online in a battle simulator at Pokemon Showdown. And to try anything Nintendo visit Nintendo World.

For anime lovers, there is Pokemon Origins' television series. Some Pokemon episodes are also available on Youtube.

You can also buy all Pokemon ds games and consoles at Game Hub.


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