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Are Plushies Alright to Have as an Adult?

Marx is a soon to be freshman for college, planning on studying for graphic design.

Plushies are a nice form of toy, soft, fluffy and in some cases cute. But some would say plushies are a kid's thing and only for kids. Are plushies only for kids? Nope!


Plushies. Big or small, soft or fluffy, these stuffed animals are harmless. These little buddies tend to be gifts for Valentine's Day, and some use it as a way for some comfort, but some say these stuffies are childish and adults are too old to have any.

Plushies are harmless little stuffed animals that can be played with or to just have as decoration. For some people, plushies are connected to toys, and toys are typically aimed towards kids, so they just assume that plushies are only for kids and that all adults will grow out of it, but this isn't the same ideology for everyone. Some people use plushies to face anxiety, loneliness and insomnia. Some find happiness having these small buddies, some have them because it let them feel innocent and childish in a good way, and some just like the companionship of them just sitting on their beds.

On the other hand, there are a certain amount of people who more prefer to hoard their stuffies, which can lead to hoarding other belongings and possibly lead to an addiction. For others, their stuffie can mean more to them than their significant other or their pets, which can lead to an unhealthy attachment to it. This and being childish is what most adults think about whenever they see other adults with a plush, that and thinking it is a waste of money, like Pokemon cards or video games.

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The main point is that people think plushies are childish, but this sin't really a bad thing. Some people like Nintendo, some like Disney movies, and others like toys, and it's alright to like all of those things. Liking these doesn't make you less of an adult, everyone has interests, as long as it's perfectly legal, it's alright to like them.

So should adults have plushies? Sure, as long as it is not harming anyone and makes them happy, there is no problem with having plushies, no matter how old you are, plushies have no rating.

As for me, i have a couple plushies that i like and own myself because I think they are cute, like my Ditto, and I even have a little Espeon sitting on my desk as I right this because its a cute little decoration. Also I've seen some advice that stuck with me while dating, "If you have to hide your plushies from your significant other, they probably are not the one,". If you don't like plushies, that is perfectly fine, you have your right to like and not like whatever you want.


Tori Leumas on September 24, 2019:

I don't think is weird at all to have plushies as an adult. I have a few. In fact, some of my plushies that I have now were given to me as an adult.

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