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Pine Needle Baskets by Nara White Owl


I Look Forward To Sharing My World Of Pine Needle Baskets

I began making pine needle baskets with the simple statement "I could never do that".

Hundreds of pine needle baskets later my simple statement has now become "I could never go long without making baskets."

Its true - so much of my every day life has been about making pine needle baskets. that I struggle when I am not able to create at least a little while on any given day. I would have never believed what a part of my life these beautiful little pine needle baskets have become.

My name is Nara White Owl and this is the story of my experiences making pine needle baskets.

Pine Needle Basket Showcase Album - All Pine Needle Baskets Are Made By Nara White Owl

Here you are going to see just a few of the pine needle baskets that I have made over the years.

NEW FROM NARA - Pine Needle Dream Catcher



This summer coming up with a new pine needle dream catcher was fun!

Making first the pine needle part then going back and with sliver sewing thread making the dream catcher.

I did have a great time teaching myself this new way!

With pine needles you can make anything you wish, just sometime you have to try it over and over tell you get what you are looking for.

I hope you enjoy them , Thank you , Nara

pin e3

pin e3

Christmas Ornament by Nara White Owl

All Pine Needle Made

I have been ask about my Christmas Ornament so I'm show just three of the Christmas Ornament I make.

Yes I do sell my Christmas ornaments if you wish to get one all you have to do is go back up to top of the lens and email to me .

I would like to thank all of you that have ask this question.

Here is one that most love to have on the Christmas Tree.

After my first year of making Christmas Ornaments I started to make a new one this one has been a great seller.

For this year I have again made a new Christmas Ornament I do hope you like it.

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I make then like a small basket and add green and red colors.

I enjoy very much making the Christmas Ornaments and knowing that other are given them as gifts. I know with the hard times some are having with the cost of things this year it is nice to know yes you can make and give someone a very different gift . I sale my Christmas Ornament are $5.00 . I would like to have you feel free to make your Christmas Ornaments and to have a great Holiday.

If you would like to order one email me at

Pine Needle Baskets

How to make pine needle baskets , I hope you have as much fun as I do and find a new love . Nara



Provided By The National Park Service In Florida.

Baskets are still made worldwide and are colorful and beautiful, as well as functional. Most baskets are made in a similar way, but with different materials. This basket can be made with pine needles, sweet grass, or raffia. Just follow these steps and diagrams and you'll be on your way to making coasters and baskets.

Step 1: Divide the raffia into bunches with ten strands in each. Thread needle with a long strand of raffia.

Step 2: Fold over an inch at the end of the first bunch. This will be your starting point to wrap your coils. The coils are what make the basket! Sew the folded end together with raffia.

When you feel comfortable with starting your baskets by this method, you might try using a button or bead for a more ornamental basket bottom!

Step 3: Coil the bunch around the oblong shape and sew across two coils. Keep your work as flat as possible so your basket will sit flat. Continue wrapping and sewing until it is about 4 inches wide.

Step 4: You can stop at this point and have a coaster.

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How Did You Learn To Make Pine Needle Baskets?

Learning to make pine needle baskets can become a great love.

About 8 years ago, my husband decided to go to Wrightwood California for an Atlatl competition.

A wonderful lady, Leni Clubb, offered to teach me how to make Pine Needle baskets.

I really did not believe I could do it but my husband convinced me to give it a try.

That weekend I got about halfway through my first basket and I have not stopped since.

After getting home I went right to work on the pine needle basket to finish it. It took me about a week and I can tell you I was so happy that I had it done.

The next day I was sitting around and I started to think of other pine needle baskets to make.

From that day on I have been making pine needle baskets.

First Place Small Baskets

First Place Small Baskets

First Place Small Baskets

Handmade Pine Needle Baskets - By Nara White Owl

This video is showing some of the pine needle baskets I have made.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.

The music is by Margie Butler


Leni Clubb

To The Lady That Start My World of Pine Needle Basket Making

She started making pine needle baskets at 16

Leni was at a Girl Scout camp as a Jr. Adult Leader Camp in Ohio

Leni has been make pine needle baskets from that time date to now. Leni is 94 now and at this time making a round basket and at this time is 6" long and 4" wide.

Leni believes by now that sure has teacher over hundreds to make pin needle baskets.

I asked Leni "How many pine needle baskets do you think you have made over the years?" Leni casually replied "somewhere in the thousands".

Leni has been teaching all over the United States, Some of the state Alaska , Arizona, Colorado, California, Nevada.

I have to tell having one day with this lovely lady my world changed forever, I can not see a day with out making a pine needle basket.


Why Do You Like Pine Needle Basketry?

Pine needle baskets are always a surprise when done

It is really hard to explain the connection I have with pine needle basketry. Some of it is tradition and some of it is a sense of accomplishment.

I have found something that is useful and beautiful that I can use my hands to create. I love going out into the forest to collect the pine needles, this makes such a connection.

I always enjoy seeing how a pine needle basket is going to turn out. Yes I have had baskets that started out one way and part way I can see a different basket starting to take shape .

At times I just start with center and then see what I should do next.

I do like to take a jar and make the pine needles cover it, sometimes this can be hard but at the end you have a work of art and love.

I wish I could explain my affection for pine needle basketry better.


How To Get Stated

Just the way I do it

Dry pine needle you need to gather needle and make sure they are dry. Put them in small bundle. When you wish to make a pine needle basket take a few bundles and put them in your plastic container and then add hot water. You are going to let them become soft the time is about 3 days and then its time to start making your basket

I start taken off the caps just do it slow they is a sheath on the needle that hold them together. Then I take about 6 foot length of sinew and put this on my needle( do not try the end together)

Next I like to turn from the end of the pine needle that has the sheath and bend back to the needle about 1/2 inch put the tail of sinew and begin wrapping tell you have cover the ends.

Now just start turn the needle like making a circle. Now with your needle piercing the sinew into your center and just keep going around. As the needle start to get to thin add more but them under the row you are working on.

You can make the flat part of the basket any size you would like. When you start to come up go slow just a small turn of the needle coming up over the top of the last role for your bottom.

Now it's up to you how tall you would like the basket to be. Do take your time and go slow and make sure that you put your sinew tied. Good pine needle basket time to all.

After sometime it's fun to go and learn how to dye you needles and make different pine needle baskets.



Pine Needle Basket Bottoms

Special Look To Your Baskets

Is it time to started add something new to the look of your Pine Needle Baskets?

Hand cut from the finest cabinet quality baltic birch and our pine needle basket bottoms add an extra designer's touch to your baskets.

And you'll love how easy it to start the first wraps of your basket!

Our basket bottoms are delivered with no finish applied so you can apply any finish (oil, paint, stain, etc.) with sheens and colors to create the style you desire for your basket.

Choose from oval or round in several different sizes and a variety of subjects.

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Funny River Trading

My baskets are handwoven using needles from Ponderosa pine trees. Each basket has its own distinct "personality" which forms as the basket goes along. I usually begin with a plan to create a small, plain, round bowl, but these guys tend to dictate their own characters. And so I have learned to just keep coiling and forget the plan.

I found this pine needle basket to be so beautiful. Hope you enjoy it too.

See More

This pine needle basket is at See More

Pine Needle Sewing Basket____ My Most Popular One

Pine Needle Sewing Basket____ My Most Popular One


Pine Needle Basket Supply

Prim Pines - Judy M. Mallow

The beautiful basket is one made by Judy M. Mallow if you would like to see more of Judy's basket Gallery.

Southern Long-leaf Pine Needles being "leaves" of the Southern Long leaf Pine tree.

The brown mature needles fall in the autumn, and are carefully collected. They are bundled, keeping the heads in one direction. These rich brown, 3 part needles are 10 - 15" long. They are clean, straight, and are banded on both ends. Sold by circumference, they are measured across the bundle under the heads. Being a natural material, they will have some broken short needles, and dead ends. Also you can get Waxed Polyester Thread

This is a waxed polyester thread made in USA!

if you like your thread to be Heavy-duty Nylon Basketry Thread you can get it also.

For me I like Artificial sinew super strong waxed nylon thread looks like raffia, but is easier to work with. It can be split, twisted, or used flat for wrapping coils. Will not break or fray. Natural color is a honey brown. You can also get other colors.

Wooden bases not stained, so that you can wood burn, paint, decal, or carve your own designs. If you would like to try using an agate or art wood centers great place to get some. You can get geodes and stones and walnut knobs for lids.

Prim Pines Company

Pine Needle Basketmaking - I spotlighted this porduct, one of the best to show you how

With the Pine Needle Basket making CD-ROM from Xbasket, you'll learn to make pine needle baskets the easy way - on your computer.

A Gathering Of My Baskets

A Gathering Of My Baskets

A Gathering Of My Baskets


What Influences Your Pine Needle Baskets?

See a basket come together from just pine needle

Some times when I see a picture of a pine needle basket I get a desire to try making something like that.

Usually there is just some sort of inner guidance. I pick up the needle and the pine needles and begin, the basket just seems to spring forth from there.

I have had fun learn to use more than one color on a pine needle basket, that is one of the challenges of pine needle basketry.

One day I did try using three colors and yes at times I missed the color I was going to use, I do like to put shells on the outside of the pine needle basket as I'm make it .

What you come up with can always be done on a pine needle basket.

October Winds - By Margie Butler

Just a look at the time of year fall. Time to get out and get your pine needles of the ground and put up for the winter. Great time to look at what pine needle baskets to make. Just a good video to help you get going.

Tennessee Crossroads - Pine Needle Basket Maker By Sharron

Great video on making pine needle baskets . I hope you enjoy this video.

Pine Needle Basketry - From Forest Floor to Finished Project

Create picturesque pine needle baskets, miniatures, trays, pencil holders and more.

Special sections address dyeing needles, making lids and handles, techniques, and gathering and storing materials.

Second Place Pine Needle Baskets

Second Place Pine Needle Baskets

Second Place Pine Needle Baskets


How Are Your Pine Needle Baskets Evolving?

I work each basket to be better

According to other people, my baskets continually improve. I am never totally happy with a basket and always find some place I believe it could have been better.

I think the biggest evolution in my baskets is the style. In the beginning they were very plain, with time I have tried to add new features.

Now I start to look for shells or beads and other things to but one the outside of the pine basket as I make it.

When you first start just getting the pine needle basket to look like a basket is the goal.

Then it's time to just let the basket maker out.

Oh yes I have make some that are to loose, that is basket making.

Always have fun and remember to laugh now and them at you work when it's not going good.

Have fun


Is The Tradition Of Pine Needle Baskets Important To You?

Basket making the old way

Yes it is. It is part of my own culture and so it is also a part me. I try to stick closely to the traditional ways of making pine needle baskets.

I can say I have had other people say to " Nara I like your pine needle baskets because you make then in the traditional way"

I think this connection reflects in the basket and I know it connects with my own inner pride.

When I make my pine needle baskets I use pine needles and try to make my baskets very much like the old days.

I do not put anything on the outside of my pine basket that is not safe, and I tell people to keep the pine basket clean just run water on the pine basket and let it dry in a place that has sun.


Ponderosa Pine Needle Basket with Hummingbird

Ponderosa Pine Needle Basket.

An earthenware hummingbird is the centerpiece for this 4 3/4" diameter 2 3/4" deep Ponderosa Pine Needle Basket.

Grizzly Mountain Arts creates their Ponderosa Pine Needle Baskets from start to finish. As soon as the snow melts in the upper elevations, Dave and Jo start their pine needle gathering expeditions in the Ochoco National Forest in central Oregon. Great care is taken in the collection of just the perfect needles, which are then taken home and dried. After the right amount of drying time has elapsed, the needles are then soaked and allowed to dry until they have just the right amount of moisture to allow for handling. Sometimes, at this point in the process, we dye the pine needles a variety of colors. Artificial sinew is our material of choice for stitching our baskets. It is just about as strong a material as you can find and closely resembles the real sinew used in many old Native American baskets.

We choose to not seal our baskets with wax or shellac. The great Native American basket weavers of long ago would use pitch to seal their baskets intended to hold water. We think you will enjoy, like we do, being able to pick up your basket and smell the forest.



Can You Describe Your Work Habits?

Pine needle basket work does not need a big space

Sort of ... it is a habit but I do not consider it work. I create because of the love of the basket and the sense of accomplishment when the pine needle basket is completed.

I have reached a point that I can not picture not working with the pine needles and creating baskets. I work on them every evening while watching television or when I go any place, even for a day to the lake or out camping have also worked on pine needle baskets in the car.

To me have your supplies ready to go you can make pine baskets anytime and anywhere.

The Base Of A Pine Needle Basket Begins

The Base Of A Pine Needle Basket Begins

The Base Of A Pine Needle Basket Begins


Do You Sell The Pine Needle Baskets You Make?

Selling basket is nice, but make pine needle baskets is fun!

I do sell my Pine Needle Baskets. I have a couple of stores that handle them, especially at Christmas Time. I make these small pine needle basket tree ornaments that people love.

My larger baskets I sell direct to people that come to my house or at Pow Wows.

I have thought about selling them on the internet but decided not to. My main reason is individuality.

Every basket I make is unique so they are hard to describe. The other reason is that I love making Pine Needle Baskets and they are a labor of love - I do not want the stress of making them work.

I have from time to time had orders for my pine needle baskets, but I always make sure the person ordering the baskets knows I have to make the pine basket one my time and I do not work on I need by a date .

I have to have the freedom of making the pine needle basket and time tables do not work for me.

If I know the person I'm making the pine basket for most of the time I can almost see how the pine needles basket is going to be for that person.

I hope I gave an answer that is helpful to all that have ask me about selling my pine needle baskets.baskets.



Are You Looking For Something New To Give At Christmas ?


Contains everything you need to start making beautiful, traditional pine needle baskets. Includes a copy of Lorna Pollock's booklet How to Make a Pine Needle Basket and it along with everything needed to make a beautiful 4-5" basket, two 3" baskets, or three 2" baskets. Easy and clear instructions for a variety of basket stitches and shapes. Once you have built one you can collect your own needles and create your own custom designs.

Includes pine needles, stitching needle, raffia "thread", cut straw to bundle the needles, and booklet. Creative, hands-on learning and fun for all ages 10-adult.

To Order


Pine Needle Basket Shell Art

Made by a Seminole

I found this basket and had to pick it to be on this lens. It is a beautiful pine needle basket that the maker add seashells to.

I hope you also like too.

A Kitschy Florida Folk Shell Art under glass Pine Needle Basket or tray. Written on the back of this vivid seashell artwork is "First Anniversary in Florida 1951". Nowhere near the romantic Sailor's Valentine of the Victorian days, this is still a wonderful old time souvenir collectible! Made by a Seminole Indian, it measures nine inches by thirteen inches and in overall excellent vintage condition, this mid century craft would be a perfect wall hanging or cabinet display.

To See More


Clay Pots With Pine Needlework

Melanie Walter

Melanie Walter found her creative home in clay and ceramics in the early 1970s. She attended Keystone College and worked with artist William Tersteeg and first as a student and then as studio assistant. Melanie loved all facets of working in clay and still does today as she works with well-known artist Hiroshi Sueyoshi in Wilmington, North Carolina.

In the mid 1990s, Melanie Walter came upon her first pine needle basket while helping a friend set up a local exhibit. She became interested in learning how to make these beautiful baskets and could see how her background in clay can be utilized. With both pine needle baskets and hand-built clay pots employed the use of coils to build their form.

Over the past 15 years Melanie has developed her own pine needle basket making style incorporating many other natural items into her work including sliced black walnuts, North Carolina river cane, hickory nuts, and shells. She has participated in dozens of crafts fairs and offered demonstrations in many venues and also taught classes, participated in arts competitions and placed her work in galleries, shops and museums. In 2001 she created her own business Pine Garden Baskets and developed a website to share and sell her work. Melanie has begun adding clay components to her pine needle baskets which will take her work in a new and exciting direction.

Melanie Walter


Do You Teach Other People To Make Pine Needle Baskets?

It has been an honored to show other to make pine needle baskets

I do teach other people, if some one really wants to learn. Leni told me that over the years she had shown hundreds of ladies how to make pine needle baskets and only a few had ever finished one. It is rare for people to make more than one or two before moving into some other field and forgetting these little baskets.

I feel very honored to have had a half dozen ladies not only complete one but they have made more. A couple of the people I have taught to make pine needle baskets now make them as gifts.

My most fun class on pine needle baskets was with a a group and one was a man that works all day with iron .

At first he was have a hard time getting the pine needle together and just enjoying making his pine basket.

I think that day he must of start over about 5 times, but about 2 hous into the day he got it and made a great pine needle basket.


Lightning Shield

Baskets by PineWeaver

Pine Needles mixed (green, yellow, brown) coiled in the Navajo Lightning (swiftness) pattern around an open bone ring center. Each color has a slightly different "Lightning" pattern. The trim is bone, glass, wood beads with hackle and goose feathers.

Sometimes it takes me a couple days to decide the right combination of feathers and beads for a piece but other times everything just falls into place on the first try. This was one of those longer times.

This is one of the original Owl eyes from "Night Eagle Shield". I decided to make a something else out of them, still remaining in the same "Lightning" pattern.

Overall measurements 9" W x 15" L. Finished .

The Shield looks good viewed from either side however I consider the Front side to be with the Lightning bolt tops pointing to the left.

Read More


Home Decor Gifts

Pine Needle Baskets

Beauty craftsmanship and culture radiate from each of our Pine Needle Baskets.

These beautiful and sturdy baskets are hand woven by a group of women in the village of Cinco Pino (Five Pines) nestled among pine trees in the mountains of northern Nicaragua.

The design of these unique baskets starts with the gathering of pine needles from the floor of the forest. Flexibility and length are important features of the thousands of needles chosen to make one basket.

The pine needles are soaked in water until pliable, coiled and stitched into continuous a bundle, bound together with thread, and woven into the shape of a basket. Although the largest baskets can take up to a week to complete and

each artisan is paid according to the Fair Trade Federation standards. These women feel great pride and dignity in their work and your purchase of these Pine Needle Baskets continues this wonderful art form and helps their community to flourish and grow. Let our Pine Needle Baskets become a beautiful and durable work of art in your home.

To Read More


Baskets Naturally

By Judy Arledge

Just to show you how beautiful a pine needle basket can be made you need to see the work that Judy Arledge. I do hope you enjoy her work and remember it takes time to learn before you can do the same.

Come along for a walk in the forest step lightly where the pine needles have fallen creating a warm blanket for Mother Earth. The fragrance is pure pleasure

especially when we are blessed with a soft rain on our journey.

Respect must be shown for the pathway worn soft like the bottom of favorite moccasins by the wild creatures of the wood, as they make their way home or to places of refreshing water. It is an honor to be a guest here and a privilege to share in the bountiful harvest of needles from the Proud Ponderosa.

Be vigilant as we pass through the land of tall pines and creatures of the forest, for blessings abound. Perhaps a new grass or colorful moss will catch our eye a feather shed in flight, or an unusual seedpod may find its way into our gathering vessel.

We select these treasures with a gentle spirit of gratitude for when we add them to our weaving project, they will sing to us of memories from our time in the forest.

Judy Arledge


Do You See Yourself As A Keeper Of The Culture?

In someway we all are the keepers of our culture

I don't know if I actually see myself that way.

I know I try to pass on my culture to other people. Not only pine needle basket making, but also, pow wow dancing and etiquette.

I always try to pass the culture of pine needle basket making on to anyone that wishes to learn.

I do think that when other wish to learn you have passed the culture on and you hope that someday that person may show someone else how to make a pine needle basket.

I feel extremely blessed to have a Granddaughter that is learning about the Drum, Dancing and making Pine needle Baskets.

I can tell you that Leni Clubb is very much a keeper of the culture.

PINE NEEDLES ARE NOT JUST FOR BASKETS - Bear Made From Pine Needles by Richard Carenter


One day a friend sent this beautiful picture of a bear made from pine needles.

If you would like to see more of my art, please have a look at

my website.

Richard also has a question and answer page that might answer any question you have about his wonderful art.


Make A Pine Needle Basket Tutorial

Here are easy to follow instructions to make your own pine needle basket

Clay Burnette created this pine needle basket which he calls "Tribal". You can make a pine needle basket, too.


Step 1: Begin To Make Your Pine Needle Basket

The fascicles or heads of the pine needles can be removed for looks. These heads are also sometimes referred to as "caps" or "sheaths". If you choose to remove these caps, slide your thumbnail against the side of the pine needle cluster and pull the caps off. Do this to several dozen pine needles so you will have enough pine straw to complete your project.


Step 2: Starting The First Coil For Your Pine Needle Basket

Shape the covered needles into a small circle by first curling the cap or sheath end. Keep in mind that the caps or sheaths themselves may have been removed, but in these instances you can still usually tell.


Step 3: Adding Coils To Your Pine Needle Basket

Push the threaded needle through the circle of dampened pine straw, drawing thread through from back to front. Go around the circle, stitching each new row onto the previous coil.

As you can see, Clay Burnette offers easy to follow steps for creating your own Pine Needle Basket, so are you Ready to Begin your Basket - Click Here