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Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas & Lists


Photo scavenger hunts offer great ways to engage party guests in a fun activity that involves interaction with the other guests at the party and the environment. You can either send them out into the neighborhood or have them scavenge the whole city.

Whether you are hosting a party for adults or teens, the possibilities are endless for interesting photos for the hunt participants to take. You can either send them off looking for unique items or make them take photos of themselves being silly or daring. 

Just in case you are unfamiliar with the idea behind this kind of scavenger hunt, the goal is to retrieve photos of a specified object rather than collect the object itself. This is easy to make happen because most people today either own their own digital camera or at least a cell phone that is capable of taking photos.

digital cameras for photo scavenger hunt

digital cameras for photo scavenger hunt

With the popular of digital cameras and cell phones that include cameras, the rules of the game can be changed. For something different, instead of having the participants photograph various objects, have them take photos of each other performing different activities in specific locations that are easily identifiable.

If each team is equipped with a camera phone, then you can even have them send the photos back to the Hunt Master in real time. In fact, pick a special team to do the judging and have the teams that are running around taking photos send all their photos back as soon as they take them. This will help the judges feel much more involved in the game and keep them entertained as well as they review all of the photos.

And by the time everyone arrives back at party headquarters, you judges can have already picked the winners and put together a slide show.

Now let's get started.Here's a few of my favorite photo scavenger hunt ideas that will get everyone involved in the action and give them an unforgettable experience to talk about.

For a retro party, you can supply each group with a Polaroid camera. This kind of film can be expensive, so keep the rules short and sweet for this particular game. One rule can be that the group is limited to one package, or ten photos total. This will work great if you need to keep the game very local, like you would need to for a kid's scavenger hunt, as you can put both a time and photo limit on the game.

You can be completely creative when you are coming up with your photo scavenger hunt list. Keep things interesting by changing things up in different ways. Make some specified locations outdoors and choose some that are indoors. Include at least one very challenging location to find to give the winning group a chance to set themselves apart from the rest of the group. Choose items according to your party theme. Select locations that are silly and fun. Bachelorette parties can have a list that is a little bit risqué.

Consider some of the games you used to play when you were a child. Things like pillow fights, Charades, Light as a Feather and Statues are fun things that adults will get a kick out of doing again. Imagine the photos of your friends having an all out pillow fight or proving that Light as a Feather still works!

Now you want to choose rules for the hunt that are complementary with the rules for the various games you have chosen. They will have to play the game and bring back a photograph that proves they have done so. Tell them you want them to bring back proof that the levitation trick really works.

You can have them play Statues but acting like American presidents or movie characters or comic book heroes. Another idea is to have each group pick a phrase and then take a photograph of each person in the group acting out a word in that phrase.

I hope these ideas will help stimulate your imagination and you'll come up with some great photo scavenger hunt ideas of your own. Feel free to post your ideas in the comments!

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These are all great ideas. Voted up. I like the idea of sending the photos back real time so the judges can be in on the fun and know what the contestants are going through, and what roadblocks or challenges they are facing.

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