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Outdoor Toddler Toys: All The BEST Options for Kids


Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

Is your toddler cooped up inside, bored out of his or her mind (and therefore driving you crazy?)? Outdoors toys for toddlers to the rescue! Or, are you searching for that perfect gift for a small child? Do the parents a favor and buy a toy for outdoor use this season!

All these toys are approved by--you guessed it--toddlers! So, whichever you choose, you can be confident that they'll not only love it, but they'll get a lot of use out of it, too.

All images of outdoor toys for toddlers from Amazon, unless otherwise noted.

Outdoor Toys for Toddlers: Go Crazy for Climbers

Keeps toddlers busy!

Sports Climber for Toddlers

Perfect Outdoor Toy

This sports climber is a personal favorite of mine. We got this when my son was about 11 months old -- he was still learning to walk so he couldn't really go up the back to get to the slide by himself. But, he LOVED for us to plop him down on the slide so he could zoom down. Now, he's 18 months and absolutely loves this! We actually pull this inside if it's going to be rainy for a few days so that he can continue to use it.

It comes with a few balls, which he loves, but he just can never get enough of climbing up to slide down.I can say that he has used this consistently for the past 6+ months, and I don't see him stopping use of this great outdoor toy for toddlers!

Was: $99.99NOW ON SALE

Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout TreehouseBUY FROM AMAZON

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing Along CastleBUY FROM AMAZON

Step2 Panda Climber in Fun ColorsBUY FROM AMAZON

Water Outdoor Toddler Toy

Keep them cool

Pool Play Center

Fun All Summer Long

This is a great, affordable outdoor toy for toddlers! It's large (117x76x53 inches!) so it'll keep them busy for hours! This pool center has over 70 reviews; parents says that this is a great value due to it's large size. Your toddler will enjoy a water slide, wading pool, water sprayer, and ring toss game.

Was: $59.99NOW ON SALE

Soft Sprinkles Tide Pool for Young ToddlersBUY FROM AMAZON

Ocean Play Center 100" X 77" X 31"BUY FROM AMAZON

Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play TableBUY FROM AMAZON

Fun Outdoor Toy for Toddlers: Sand Table

Sensory Fun for Toddlers

Sand Table for Toddlers

A New Sensation for Little Fingers

This is an awesome sand table, and over 120 reviews agree with me. You wouldn't think something so simple would be so fun for toddlers, but it IS! This holds a 5 lb. bag of sand nicely (you can get this for $5-$6 at your local home improvement store).

Overall, this sand table is very sturdy and portable--simply move it to a shady place if the sun gets too hot. This sand table also comes with a lid to keep out the rain (and neighborhood cats!) from your toddler's new favorite toy!

Was: $54.99NOW ON SALE

Fun, Mess-Free Outdoor Toy for Toddlers

Does your toddler love bubbles, but you hate the mess it makes (don't we all?)? Enter this ingenious bubble bucket: it has a twist-open top tha prohibits wasteful spills. Having a play date? Up to three children can use this at the same time--no tears, all smiles!

Since you obviously have to dip the wand to get bubble solution on it, this is also a fun toy for building coordination skills.

Was: $15.99NOW ON SALE

Bubble Machine BUY FROM AMAZON

Fisher-Price Bubble Mower BUY FROM AMAZON

Fisher-Price Disney/Cars BlowerBUY FROM AMAZON

Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

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I'll go for the Pool Play Center!

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Nice selection. The bubble bucket seems like fun.

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I love the outdoor slides but really all these outdoor toddler toys are perfect for kids!

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These are really awesome outdoor toddler toys!

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