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Old School Toys and Games Gen Alpha Kids Love


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Oldies but Goodies

If you are like me, you have favorite childhood toys and games that you spent hours and hours playing with every day. They were so much fun I have never forgotten about them even though it's been many, many years since I was a child. When I think about these toys and games some of my best childhood memories come back to me. Playtime is so important to a child. That's my passion for writing this article, "Old School Toys and Games Gen Alpha Kids Will Love."

Let me take you on a little journey down memory lane..........

Old School Toys and Games Gen Alpha Kids Will Love

Old School Toys and Games Gen Alpha Kids Will Love

Here is a list of some of my favorite toys and games as a child.

  • The Slinky
  • Battleship
  • Mr. Potato Head
  • Connect Four
  • Play-Doh
  • Simon
  • Marbles
  • Play Money
  • Puzzles

One of the Greatest Toys Ever Invented

Kids Love Marbles

Kids Love Marbles

Old School Toys and Games Gen Alpha Kids Will Love

Everyone had a Slinky growing up. You probably had more than one. They were so much fun but didn't seem to last long. We didn't have stairs inside so we had to take them outside. They endured very harsh conditions. I remember getting mad when I couldn't get it to work the way it was supposed to.

Things I Remember

I remember being the master at Battleship, but my oldest sister always beat me at Connect Four. She never let that go. She is still the champion, challenging and beating her kids at Connect Four.

Marbles were just fascinating. I loved standing in a trance watching the colors gleam in the sunlight.

I can still remember the smell of the Play-Doh and how it would end up in the strangest places around the house. Who tasted it? Come on now, we all tasted Play-Doh.

Remember how proud you were when you put the last piece in the puzzle or how mad you were when the last piece was missing!

If you played Simon Says or Duck Duck Goose with us, you were really brave or just plain country crazy. We made up our own rules.

I Was the Master at Battleship!

Some of my favorite games were....

  • Duck, Duck Goose
  • Red Light, Green Light
  • Hide and Seek
  • Simon Says
  • Red Rover
  • Pattycake, Miss. Mary Mack
  • Hopscotch
  • Double Dutch
  • and Dodge Ball

Old School Toys and Games Gen Alpha Kids Will Love

As a pre-teen and teenager, Double Dutch and Dodge Ball was the thing in my day. Right around this time we moved into a neighborhood that had lots of children. The streets were flooded with kids playing and having a good time all day, every day. We had Double Dutch contests in the street almost every single day. You could find about 10 to 20 kids playing Dodge Ball in the front yards once the sun went down. We had some fun times.

These really were some of the best toys and games. I know gen Alpha kids would love and appreciate them the same way we did.

Mr. Potato Head = Hours of Fun

Mr. Potato Head = Hours of Fun

Some Fun and Crazy Things We Did as Kids

  • Climbing trees. I've climbed many trees in my day. I can still remember how fun it was to sit on a limb, kicking my feet and enjoying the view.
  • Making playhouses in the woods. We find a good spot and set up camp. If something was missing from the house my mom knew exactly where it was.
  • Frying leaves just for the fun of it. Don't ask me how we made fire, but we did a lot of things in those woods we probably shouldn't have.
  • Running through cornfields. When you got confused, you would yell and somebody would yell back leading you in the right direction.
  • Drawing pictures with sticks in the dirt. If someone drove in the yard and messed it up, we'd start all over again. No pencils or paper needed.
  • Catching fireflies/ lightening bugs as we called them.
  • Going for walks and picking plums off of the plum trees on the side of the road.
  • While waiting on the bus, getting truckers to honk their horns. Beep, Beep with our arms in the air pulling our invisible horns. They honked their horns every time.
  • Running from dogs. Our dogs would chase us, but they would tire out before we would.
  • Chasing dogs. You haven't lived until you've chased a dog!
  • Splash time. No pool, but we still put our bathing suits on to get soaked with the water hose. Now that was some good fun.

Connect Four is Still a Very Popular Game Today

Outside All Day

We played outside from dawn to dusk. The only break we took from playing was when we heard, " Come and Eat." Boy did we have a good time growing up in the country. We only had three things on our mind, school, playing outside and church. No computers, no cell phones, no worries. We didn't have a care in the world. Children remember their childhoods so make it fun for them. We had plenty of fun that didn't cost a thing.

It's so dangerous nowadays children can't play the way we did. They have to be watched 24/7. They can't just run out in the woods and be called in when it's time to eat like we did. Most little kids can't ride their bikes all over the neighborhood and down to the country store. It's just not safe anymore. This is the reality of the world we live in today. If you live in a place where they can, you are really blessed. Don't take that for granted.

Old School Homemade Toy

Old School Homemade Toy

Times Have Changed, but Playtime Will Never Go Away

Your kids can still have the same kind of fun you just have to be a little more creative. I made sure my kids enjoyed some of the same toys and games as I did coming up. They weren't allowed to run around in the woods, but they played outside every day. I'm sure they were in the woods from time to time and I just didn't know about it. They could ride up and down the street in our neighborhood as long as they were back at a certain time. On any given day, my yard would be filled with children playing basketball or football. They weren't allowed to sit in the house and play video games all day and they didn't want to.

How Do Your Kids Have Fun?

Encourage Playtime Outside

If you can take your kids outside to play, do it. Make memories with them that they will never forget. If you have children encourage them to get off the computer and stop playing those video games so much. Give them an old school toy to play with. Play an old school game with them and their friends.

These toys and games will be forgotten if we don't teach generation Alpha all about them. Have your teens put those cell phones down for a little bit and have some fun with mom and pop. They may be irritated at first, but they will also love the attention. Teach them different ways to have fun. If they know then their kids will know and so on and so on. Playtime is precious.

I hope you've enjoyed reading, "Old School Toys and Games Gen Alpha Kids Will Love."