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5 Octane Quotes That Reveal How Crazy He Is in Apex Legends

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With his unexpected face-reveal during Lifeline's cinematic story, Octane once again caught us off guard. But it wasn't just his face that charmed the fans. The dude showed he got words, too.

The following is a list of 5 of Octane's quotes from his cameo in the recent Stories from the Outlands episode.

TL;DR? Here are the quotes:

  • "I thought you were dead, or worse, ignoring me."
  • "I'm always serious; you just can't tell because of the mask."
  • "Wow, chica, nice moves."
  • "Now, this is my speech."
  • "Should've been faster."

Top 5 Memorable Octane Quotes in Apex Legends

Here are five of Octane's statements that fans will never forget.

"I Thought You Were Dead, or Worse, Ignoring Me."

As an attention-seeking stuntman, nothing can bother Octane more than ignorance—not even a close friend's death. When calling him after a while, Silva's first reaction to Lifeline is, "I thought you were dead, or worse, ignoring me."

No one-liner could better summarize Octane'slove for the spotlight.

P.S. that's what I'm going to text my friends who reach out to me after a while.


"I'm Always Serious; You Just Can't Tell Because of the Mask."

We should take a moment to apricate Octane's face-reveal in the Stories from the Outlands. But Apex Legends' witty boy makes us love him as he is—with or without the mask. When messing with his childhood friend, Ajay Che, he goes, "I'm always serious; you just can't tell because of the mask."

It's ironically funny. Octane is actually serious about being crazy. So, you should believe him when he says I'm always serious; the dude lost his legs to prove that.

"Wow, Chica, Nice Moves."

A cheeky boy, Octane enjoys flirting with his best friend—just for the sake of fun. So, right when Lifeline takes out two Silva Pharmaceutical guards, he says, "Wow, Chica, nice moves." In case you're unfamiliar, Chica is a Spanish word for a female friend or girl.

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But knowing how crazy he is, Lifeline often ignores his flirtatious remarks. The quote shows how strong their friendship is because they seem to get to be who they are—without being judged or anything.

"Now, This Is My Speech."

The speech: *chaos*. It's adorable how enthusiastic Octane is about mayhem and adrenaline. You could see that when he yells, "Now, this is my speech!" when breaking out of his parents' factory and blasting their drones.

Danger tempts Silva. He can't deal with an ordinary life with no unpredictable, risky routine. So, his heist mission with Lifeline is all he desires to experience for the rest of his life. That's his speech.


"Should've Been Faster."

In the Apex Legends universe, Octane is another word for speed. An offensive hero, he suits fast-paced playstyles and quick maneuvers. Yet, his first reaction to being shot is, "[I] should've been faster."

It seems like there is no limit to his craziness, and nothing would ever stop him. This innocent quote exposes his survival instincts, too. To him, speed equals living. So, you'd never see Octane slowing down in and out of the arenas. He's the guy who "got the need for speed."

Honorary Mentions: Octane's Iconic Voice Lines

With his colorful personality, it's hard to make a short list of Octane's quotes. His lines are a vibe even when he's not trying. So, I added three more memorable voice lines to make up for the hardcore fans.

"Reckless and full of wrecks. Let's go!"

If you don't know what Octane means by reckless and full of wrecks, check out his backstory. He performed Outland's biggest and most dangerous stunt, costing him his legs. And hadn't it been for his best friend, Lifeline, he'd never be able to walk again.

But you know how it is; a pair of bionic prosthetics won't slow him down. So, as he points out, reckless and full wrecks, he's ready to go.

"Can't we do the blah-blah-blah after? I'm ready now!"

Aren't we all, Octane? We all wish the blah-blah-blah-blah could be skipped. But here we are.

Some Octane quotes like this imply that he might have ADHD, though. You can never see him hold it steal. And he's always in a rush—for no apparent reason.

"Time is flying, and I am too."

Of course, he would say that. A total flamboyant Legend, Octane is not afraid of showing off. In fact, he enjoys it. Quotes like that are a self-nod to his ambitious, fearless, and adventurous personality, which has helped him top the charts of Apex Legends.


Add Your Favorite Octane Quotes

Don't hate me if the list is not complete. As a talkative and overactive Legend, it's a pain in the neck to cherry-pick Octane's lines. But you hardcore Apex Legends fans like you can always help. You could lend a hand with perfecting the list by commenting your favorite quotes of the beloved Octavio Silva.

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