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Neverwinter MMO Control Wizard Level up Guide

In Neverwinter MMO, the control wizard is a support type mage fighter with the ability to cast and throw spells from range and attack the enemies from the back of the party. He can control the mobs and prevent them from causing too much damage to the party. The control wizard can also deal lots of damage if he so chooses. This will guide the hero on how to level up the control wizard and tailor him to suit one’s playing style.

Neverwinter MMO Set Up Control Wizard

Setting up or starting up the control wizard is important. At the start, players have a choice of choosing the race of the control wizard. It may be wise to choose the standard elven bloodline to enhance the primary ability scores of the control wizard. The important ability scores are –

  • Intelligence
  • Wisdom
  • Charisma

The other ability scores are also important, but will not affect the combat prowess of the control wizard that much.

Neverwinter MMO Level Up Control Wizard Powers and Feats

The magical powers of the control wizard can be divided into -

  • At Will Powers
  • Encounter Powers
  • Daily Powers
  • Class Powers – these class powers are mostly passive abilities that add on more damage to the powers listed below
  • General Abilities

Neverwinter MMO General Abilities

The control wizard has the following (more) important general abilities –

  • Utility power – teleport: allows the control wizard to dodge teleport away from enemies’ main damage effect areas
  • Arcane Mastery – casting arcane based spells causes stacks of arcane master to be added up, to a maximum of 5. This causes damage to be increased, and the spells get additional arcane effects.
  • Chill – cold based spells cause stacks of chill to be added up, to a maximum of 6. This will slow enemies and freeze them when enough stacks are done.
  • Arcana – allows the mage control wizard to collect and sell magic items, and interact with them. Interaction may lead to increased combat abilities.

Neverwinter MMO Control Wizard At Will Powers

At Will powers are earned quite early on as the control wizard levels up. The all time Great Magic missiles and often ignored the Ray of Frost is earned at an early stage.

  • Magic Missiles – strikes the enemy with magic missiles, causing arcane damage. The third cast strikes 3 times and adds a stack of Arcane Mystery to the hero.
  • Ray of Frost – strikes the enemy with a beam of frost. The beam of frost can be continuously cast so that the enemy gets chilled and then when 6 stacks of chill are done, the enemy is frozen.
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As the control wizard levels up, these at will powers will become more and more powerful and the control wizard will earn more at will powers. The control wizard will have a number of points to distribute at early levels and as he progresses up each level. Each at will power can be upgraded from rank 1 to rank 2 to rank 3. Rank 3 can only be achieved once 20 such points have been distributed.

Neverwinter MMO Encounter Powers

Encounter powers are assigned to the E, R and Q keys. These keys are unlocked progressively as the control wizard levels up. As the control wizard becomes more powerful, he will gain more encounter powers –

  • Chill strike - hurls an icicle at the enemy, Stunning them and adding Chill
  • Entangling force - stuns the target, pulling them into the air and choking them. Duration of power increased for each stack of Arcane Mastery
  • Conduit of Ice - turns target enemies into a conduit for an ice storm, damaging them and causing reduced damage to enemies around them
  • Repel – pushes target away from control wizard at high speed. Distance increases with stacks of Arcane Mastery.
  • Ray of Enfeeblement – a Debuff power; this spell damages enemy whilst decreasing the damage they cast and Mitigation. Again, the debuff duration increases with stacks of Arcane Mastery.

More encounter powers (like Icy Terrain and Time Steal) can be unlocked with points as the control wizard levels up. With spell mastery, the effects of encounter powers will be enhanced. At higher levels, the control wizard will have to make a decision between putting points to increase the ranks of previous well used encounter powers, or invest the points in getting newer (and hopefully more powerful) encounter powers.

Neverwinter MMO Daily Powers

The daily powers of a control wizard can be unleashed when enough action points are built up. The three daily powers early on are –

  • Ice Storm – unleashes a massive wave of ice, knocking away enemies leaving them briefly prone and adding chill.
  • Oppressive Force – creates magnetic force that will daze nearby enemies. This force will explode causing more daze and the control wizard also gains a stack of arcane mastery.
  • Ice Knife – summons and slams a huge blade of ice into the foe, leaving them prone and adding on stacks of Chill.

Neverwinter Control Wizard Level Up Guide

Distribute feat points to make the control wizard a maniac of control and destruction in the battlefield.

Distribute feat points to make the control wizard a maniac of control and destruction in the battlefield.

Neverwinter Use Control Wizard Abilities in Combat

This will illustrate the use of the control wizard abilities in combat, particularly against the boss of a single character dungeon. In this case, the boss is Rhazzad, a mage sorcerer who aims to take advantage of the spellplagued era of Faerun.

For the control wizard, use ray of frost on the boss to the point of freezing the boss enemy. Next, press E to hold the enemy in place and R to repel the enemy. Then hit the frozen and held enemy with magic missiles after magic missiles. When the frozen enemy thaws, teleport dodge out of the way and use Chilling strike on the enemy. Then follow this up with conduit of ice and then unleash either Ice Storm or Oppressive Force when enough action points are built up. This will eliminate the boss enemy and the surrounding minion enemies.

As the control wizard levels up, he will also get feat points to distribute into various heroic channels. Once enough heroic points are accumulated, the control wizard will become a heroic paragon and move into the paragon terrority.

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