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Money Bags: A Game About Dollars and Cents for Children

Mickie Gee is a retired librarian and a grandmother. She knows a little bit about a lot of topics. Life experiences are wonderful.

Money Bags: a great gift for the grandkids!

I gave Money Bags, an educational money learning game, to 3 of my grandchildren for Christmas a few years ago.

They love this game because:

  • 1. the game is can be played by the entire family at the same time from the youngest to the oldest (the older children actually enjoy helping the youngest with money challenges);
  • 2. The game pieces actually look like real money;
  • 3. Every game is always new and the challenges are not the same;
  • 4. It is FUN and makes you THINK!

I actually played the game with them one day to see how it worked. I was all set to be bored silly because I do not really enjoy board games. Happily I was not and actually had a good time. Hooray! I was so afraid that Coopy, who was 4 years old at the time, would get discouraged by the money counting, but he loved it. He even played the banker and since the play money actually looks very similar to real US dollars and cents, he learned real life skills. One of the most satisfying thing I saw: my other grandchildren helped Coopy count out the money and shared with him their knowledge about how to make change. I loved their generosity! Go read the reviews written by other adults who purchased and played this educational money game with their children. Always do your own research before you spend your hard earned money.

This game is appropriate for children between the ages of 4 and 10 years of age, in my opinion. I am very glad that I bought it for my grandchildren and would recommend that you do the same.

Images of the Money Bags Game above are mine (except for the product Images of the Money Bags game and the books from

Three of the grandkids playing Money Bags A Coin Value Game

Three of the grandkids playing Money Bags A Coin Value Game

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No Adults Needed to play with this money!

Do you see any parents playing this game? No, the game is simple enough for the children to play unsupervised. Even though the game is recommended for children 7 years and older, my 4 year old grandson loves this game. The older siblings enjoy explaining the money to him and helping the youngest child learn to count! The game is never boring for the kids and they love the fact that the game pieces look like real money. See the images I took of the game pieces below to get a really good look. Click on the game images to see them better and read the comments.

Do you think it is a good idea to educate your children about money?

Feel free to add your opinion about the Money Bags Game I shared with you on this page. I think it is one of the best gifts I ever gave my grandchildren. They learned that 4 quarters makes one dollar. They learned different ways to make ten cents: use ten pennies, two nickels or five pennies and one nickel. So many young adults today do not know how to "make change" in my experience. The Money Bags game can help your children understand the ins and outs of coins and dollar bills.

OR do you think that actual pieces of money will be gone by the time today's youngsters reach adulthood? Will the plastic card become the only way to exchange earnings for goods. Hmmm. What do you think?

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