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Might and Magic X Legacy Walkthrough

Might and Magic Legacy X Walkthrough


In Might and Magic X Legacy, the party, otherwise known as the Raiders, embark on a journey across the continent, hoping to accumulate riches and do greater good. All great things start with humble beginnings. The Raiders arrive at the idyllic town of Sorpigal by the sea. And their adventures begin. This might and magic x legacy walkthrough will guide the heroes through the town of Sorpigal by the sea, and tell them where to find the basic necessities needed to survive in the wild environment of the Aryl Peninsula, and where to buy their arsenal of spells, weapons and potions, and upgrade their skills. This might and magic walkthrough will also guide the adventurers through the first dungeon the Spiders' Lair and provide basic tactics on how to defeat the spiders and other monsters in the world.

Might and Magic X Legacy Sorpigal By the Sea Walkthrough

On alighting from their ship at the docks, the heroes enter the town. If the heroes are keen to start their main quest straight away, then go forwards a few steps and turn right. The heroes should enter the house and meet up with the orc-knight commander. When the heroes agree to take on his quest to destroy the spiders in the lair, Maximus will join the party as an NPC.

Do not be hasty and jump into the well and enter the spiders' lair. Instead, explore the town of Sorpigal By the Sea using the map below.

The important areas in the town of Sorpigal By the Sea that are important for the Raiders' survival are -

  • The inn (what else?) - here, the raiders can rest for a price, get 6 rations for 60 gold and recruit a chef.

[Note] that REST is mandatory for the raiders every so often. With the chef, the heroes will be well rested every time. This will give bonuses to their main attributes temporarily. Go back to the inn to buy more supplies when their rations run out.

  • Sorpigal where to buy mana and health potions
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  • Weapons shop - this shop is north and a few steps from Maximus's headquarters. This shop is needed for repair of weapons.
  • Armor shop - this shop will allow the raiders to repair their armor.
  • Arcane center - this arcane library allows the heroes to learn spells. The three essential spells to pick up early on are regeneration, sparks and fireball. Also certain expert level of spells can be found here.
  • Training center - this training arena allows the raiders to train in martial arts and weaponery skills of various types.
  • Church of Elrath - this is a really important area. It allows for resurrection, curing and training of expert light magic. It will also allow the heroes to start the third main quest.

Explore the other parts of Sorpigal By the Sea to familiarise oneself with where the other training areas are.

Might and Magic X Legacy Spiders' Lair Walkthrough

Once the heroes are sufficiently rested and happy, descend into the well and into the Spiders' Lair. The Spiders' Lair walkthrough is fairly straightforward. Follow the passage and engage the spiders along the passageways and barrels. Eventually, the Raiders will reach the Spider Queen. The tactics for defeating the Spider Queen is as follows (for a party of two main magic users, a ranger and a warrior) -

  • equip the magic users with the most powerful spells. The more powerful spells at this stage can be fire bolt, ice bolt or sparks. Use magic users and launch spells after spells at the spider queen.
  • use melee attacks of the warrior and the ranger at the spider queen.
  • if the ranger's melee attacks does not do much damage, equip the ranger with a spell such as sparks.
  • remember to use mana potions and antidotes when the party gets poisoned.
  • if the heroes' health gets really low, use one of the magic users or the ranger to cast regeneration spell. This will allow the heroes to heal up and re-engage the spider queen.

Using the above tactics, the spider queen will be defeated. At this point, Maximus will leave the party. The heroes can either return to town, or continue to explore the Spiders' Lair. Beyond this point, the heroes will encounter Elite Giant Spiders. However, the tactics to defeat them are the same. Collect a coffer at the jetty area as part of the side quest in the Spiders' Lair.

Now, once the spider queen has been defeated, the heroes can head outside Sorpigal By the Sea, and continue on the second main quest of Might and Magic X Legacy.

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