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Might and Magic X Legacy the Battle of Karthal

In Might and Magic X Legacy, the heroes embark on a final quest into the Battle of Karthal. They are joined by the legendary Crag Hack. This will guide the raiders as they fight their way through shades, chakram dancers, a black dragon, the leader of the dark elves and finally get into the Vigil and Ken-Thal to defeat the master of assassins and faceless Erebos. The heroes will also rescue Jon Morgan's daughter Ann Morgan, from Markus Wolf in the process.

Might and Magic X Legacy Defeat Black Dragon

Might and Magic X Defeat Black Dragon in Battle of Karthal

Might and Magic X Defeat Black Dragon in Battle of Karthal

Might and Magic X Legacy get to Karthal Battle

Accept the quest from Crag Hack at the Crag and then proceed to the ship the Revenge to rendezvous with the pirate king. However, when he joins the party, one of the NPCs must leave the party. It is best to have Alesia the healer with the party, because the heroes will need lots of healing for where they are about to go.

The ship reaches Karthal and the final battle begins. First the cannon fodder consisting of shades, chakram dancers, elite black guards and elite darks wizards come out to try to annihilate the heroes. At this stage, the heroes' combined might and magical prowess will overwhelm the enemies. However, the heroes must be weary of limited supplies and mana potions in this entire series of battles. Hence, bring along -

  • a full supply of rations
  • a lot of mana potions

After the first batch of enemies is defeated, the heroes will reach the black dragon Taraleth. Taraleth is a formidable foe indeed, but it is not as fearsome as it looks. Taraleth has the following weapons and defences -

  • poison tail swipe which is an area attack
  • claw swipe
  • poison cloud attack

At light magic grandmaster level celestial armor will not take away all the damage from the black dragon attack, so prepare to use Alesia the healer and cast resurrection and have lots of resurrection scrolls in your inventory. Mass healing spells and scrolls are also ideal. Use lots of highly potent spells of high damage. Use your tactics right and the black dragon will be defeated.

Might and Magic X Legacy Defeat Salvin

Might and Magic X Legacy Defeat Salvin in Battle of Karthal

Might and Magic X Legacy Defeat Salvin in Battle of Karthal

Might and Magic X Legacy Defeat Salvin

With the defeat of the black dragon, turn right into the plaza and look for Salvin. Salvin stands at the top of the stairs. In front of him stands the largest hordes of shades and chakram dancers ever assembled. Now, spot a little corner on the left of the plaza in front of Salvin and begin making your way there. Hide behind the walls and wait for the enemies to approach. The key is not to approach them head on.

In the little corner, buff up and cast celestial armor. Wait for the enemies to line up in front of the raiders and then hit them with fire blast after fire blast. Remember that the party needs to be conservative with their manager potions and rations. Once the shades and chakram dancers are defeated, go ahead and engage Salvin.

First, Salvin will ask the heroes what they are actually fighting for -

  • fame
  • revenge
  • justice
  • fun

This particular party answers 'revenge', and then the action starts. Salvin is probably the second easiest foe in this grand battle of karthal. Put up buff spells and then blast Salvin to oblivion.

Might and Magic X Legacy Defeat Markus Wolf

Might and Magic X Legacy Defeat Marcus Wolf in the Vigil Level 1

Might and Magic X Legacy Defeat Marcus Wolf in the Vigil Level 1

Might and Magic X Legacy Defeat Markus Wolf in Vigil Level 1

The adventure is not yet over with the defeat of Salvin. Behind Salvin lies the entrance to the vigil. Enter within and defeat the hordes of black guards and dark wizards guarding Marcus Wolf. As the heroes emerge triumphant with each battle, Marcus Wolf will proceed deeper and deeper into the Vigil.

  • The key tactics is always to go into an alcove or corner where only one batch of enemies can come onto the raiders.

Eventually, the heroes will have Marcus Wolf trapped at one end of the vigil. Finish off the final batch of enemies protecting him. Then, all it takes is one arrow to finish this weakest enemy of the entire game.

However, the action continues. Crag Hack goes deeper underground to engage Erebos the master assassin. He manages to weaken Erebos but dies in the process. Erebos is now vulnerable to the party's attacks. Find the entrance to the vigil level 2 and go deeper underground.

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