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Might and Magic X Legacy Lost City Quest

Might and Magic X Legacy Search for Lord Kilburn Quest

To find the Lost City, the raiders must first get to the Observatory in Yon-Chall Forest, and find Lord Kilburn.

To find the Lost City, the raiders must first get to the Observatory in Yon-Chall Forest, and find Lord Kilburn.

In Might and Magic X Legacy, the heroes or raiders must head into the Lost City and find montbart. This will include the hunt for Montbart quest. Montbart is hiding somewhere in the lost city. There are 4 levels of the lost city. This will guide the raiders on the battle tactics for various monsters in the lost city and where to find monbart.

Note that this quest is available only after the heroes find Lord Kilburn in the Search for Lord Kilburn quest. Lord kilburn is located in the observatory in the Yon-Chall Forest.

Might and Magic X Legacy Find the Cave in the Yon-Chall Forest that Leads to the Lost City

Once the heroes find Lord Kilburn, head east and then north and east again and the heroes will reach the cave that leads to the lost city. If the heroes wander away from this relatively straight path, then they will encounter enemies that they cannot deal with. Examples of such enemies include the blackfang thugs.

Once the heroes are within the lost city cave, they will encounter ghouls and skeletons. The undead found at the start of the lost city are easy to defeat. They are relatively susceptible to fire based spells and do not have that much health. Finish them off, explore the dungeon and then find the way to the entrance to the lost city.

Might and Magic X Legacy Lost City Level 1 Walkthrough

And then the fun begins. The lost city levels are no easy walks in the park. The party must come equipped. For a party specialising in magic, that would mean lots of

  • Mana potions
  • At least two magic users with defensive spells. In this case, the defensive spells are shadow cloak and celestial armor.
  • Lots of offensive spells. Not just fire based spells, but a variety of spells such as sleep, drain life, lightning bolt, poison spray, etc.

The enemies here are easily recognizable. They are brigands, militia and archers. However, when grouped together, their attacks are formidable. At least one of the magic users must have the celestial armor spell. Use it to offer some protection for the heroes.

It is also advisable to try to locate the rusty key here. Other than that, it is fairly easy to get to the entrance to the lost city level 2.

Might and Magic X Legacy Lost City Level 2 Walkthrough

The lost city level 2 consists of some short passages and is easy to navigate. However, the monsters are tough indeed. They consist of undead including ghosts and ambushes set up by groups of brigands hoping to surround and entrap the party.

  • Montbart is hidden somewhere in this level of the lost city.
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To get to him, the heroes must get the silver key and the bronze key. The bronze key is located in a chest that is on the opposite wing of a passage. The other side of the passage leads to a secret passage to Seahaven. As the party steps into the intersection, they will be ambushed by brigands in all directions. Survival is tough but essential. Pick up the bronze key after surviving and then go look for Montbart's headquarters.

Might and Magic X Legacy the Hunt for Montbart Quest

Montbart uses fire-based spells that can annihilate the whole party. Fight fire with fire.

Montbart uses fire-based spells that can annihilate the whole party. Fight fire with fire.

The charge into Montbart's throne room is essentially simple. Find the first locked door and use one of the keys to unlock it. Take turns to defend and attack. It takes time but this tactics offers the best chance for success. With the first batch of enemies defeated, move in and destroy the next batch of enemies.

Now it's time to take on Montbart himself. Funny enough, Montbart is actually a fire spell based fighter dressed like a knight. This particular group of heroes also likes to throw fire spells around. It's a fire slug fest to see who wins the battle of the fire spells. Once Montbart is defeated, the heroes will complete the Hunt for Montbart quest.

Once Montbart is finished, collect some quests from him and then explore the rest of his throne room for treasure. Then head out and find the way to the lost city level 3.

Might and Magic X Legacy the Lost City Level 3 Walkthrough

At this point, level 3 of the lost city is not that essential for the heroes. The heroes can choose to go along the corridor and NOT explore the rooms if they are not that high level. The reason is that the rooms contain tons of really tough undeads all grouped together into one tile. Then more undeads will line up behind the undeads and unleash arrows onto the heroes.

So just go through the corridors to level 4 without disturbing the undeads.

Might and Magic X Legacy the Lost City Level 4 Walkthrough

The purpose of going through the lost city level 4 is to find the water shard. The heroes need the water shard to get the Blessing of Shalassa for the next part of the main quests. The heroes need access to a room that contains some chests. The key to this room lies in a chest underneath some stairs.

The undead here are powerful indeed, especially when they are grouped into the same tiles. Unfortunately, the heroes need to defeat the undead to get the water shard.

With the water shard, return to the Elemental Forge and get the Blessing of Shalassa.

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