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Might and Magic X Legacy Darkness in the Lighthouse Quest

Might and Magic X Legacy Darkness in the Lighthouse Quest

The ultimate goal is to get to the top of the lighthouse and defeat Mamushi

The ultimate goal is to get to the top of the lighthouse and defeat Mamushi

In Might and Magic X Legacy, the raiders visit Maximus at the Sorpigal garrison and are given another quest. The raiders must investigate the darkness in the lighthouse. This is the second main quest of the game. This will guide the raiders on how to get to the lighthouse, how to get up to the top of the lighthouse and how to defeat the enemies in the lighthouse, including the second boss of the game - Mamushi.

Might and Magic X Legacy Get to the Lighthouse

The raiders will get out of Sorpigal via the only exit. From the exit, move across the plains and then turn right. The heroes will see a lighthouse in the distance. Head towards it.

As the raiders reach the lighthouse, it becomes clear that the route into the lighthouse will not be easy. The path is blocked by coral priestesses and nagas. At this stage, after the Spiders' Lair quest, the heroes should have levelled up enough to be able to purchase at least one point for ranged skills. The ranger should have as many points as possible in the bow or ranged weapon category. The ranged skills are needed to decrease the health of the coral priestesses and the nagas, especially.

When the nagas come into close melee quarters, pelt them with melee weapons and massive damage spells. The nagas and the coral priestesses will be defeated, and the path to the entrance of the lighthouse will be cleared.

It is essential for the raiders to equip themselves with enough rations, mana potions and at least one magic user with the regeneration spell. Before each battle, make sure the magic users are well rested and have enough mana to counter the nagas with spells.

Might and Magic X Legacy How to Get to the Top Level of the Lighthouse

Once the raiders are in the tower, be aware that the lighthouse is divided into three levels. The fourth level is the top level, where the main boss is.

The first level of the lighthouse is straightforward. Defeat the nagas and coral priestesses in the first level and then look for two passages. One of them will lead to the second level. The other will lead to a captive good naga who will then become the guardian of the lighthouse once the boss is eliminated.

Once the party has freed the good naga, go down the other corridor and go to the second level of the lighthouse.

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On the second level of the lighthouse, go outside and walk around the ledge, defeating the nagas and the coral priestesses until the heroes reach a transportation light. Go through and reach the other side of the lighthouse. Defeat more monsters, go inside the lighthouse and then go up to the third level.

On the third level, the party needs to look for two alcoves on the outside and at the edges. Once the heroes step on the pedestals in the alcoves, they will be attacked from behind. Defeat the enemies and then go looking for a pedestal in the centre of the third level. Step onto the shining pedestal and the party will be transported to the fourth level.

Might and Magic X Legacy Defeat Mamushi

Mamushi is the naga boss at the top of the lighthouse. He will occupy a tile at the far corner at the top of the lighthouse. He will advance towards the heroes.

[Note] that the raiders must step from the pedestal onto the tile that is shining. This will prevent the heroes from dying outright in the third or fourth turns.

Now, the tactics for defeating Mamushi are -

  • Level up the mages or magic users so that they can wield massive damage fire wielding spells. Launch these spells at Mamushi.
  • Keep striking Mamushi with heavy melee attacks.
  • Top up health and mana with regeneration spells and mana potions respectively.

[Note] that the earlier versions of the game maybe a bit faulty and the physical form of Mamushi may not be exactly where he should be. Just rotate around and keep striking until Mamushi is defeated.

Once Mamushi is defeated, the raiders must find a way to light up the top of the lighthouse again. Touch the angels in the correct sequence to achieve this.

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