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Metro Last Light Get to the Church

Metro Last Light Get to the Church

In metro Last Light, the hero Artyom will have to brave the swamps and marshes in the Sundown and Nightfall missions. These are hard missions. Not only is this area crawling with creepers and preying mantis like monsters, the fog and tall grass makes this area difficult to navigate. If Artyom is not careful, he falls into the marsh waters. The marsh waters will delay Artyom's journey in this treacherous terrain. In addition, the delay will sap Artyom's oxygen and filter use. This means that Artyom will not have enough filter time to find his way to the church. And there is the large preying mantis monster just before the hero reaches the church. This will guide the hero in achieving the above objectives in the marsh and church missions.

Metro Last Light Get to the Church

The way to the church is blocked by this green monstrosity. And it is not the only obstacle between the hero and the church.

The way to the church is blocked by this green monstrosity. And it is not the only obstacle between the hero and the church.

Metro Last Light Get Past the Marsh in the Sundown Mission

The hero will start at the exit of the Venice area. Head out and upstairs to a building to find a sniper rifle and a filter. From here, the key is to find the fuel to power the ferry winch. The hero has to follow the red flags and get to an area where there is a large truck. There are some fuel tanks around here. They are empty.

Head out and look for a plane. Go inside and get the fuel from the fuel tanks. The hero will be acquainted at this point with the boss preying mantis monster. Go out of the plane and find the ferry winch. Put in the fuel and start the engine. Now run around the area and fend off the monsters before the ferry appears. Beware of the flying gargoyle like creature. Avoid it at all course and jump onto the ferry raft when it appears.

Metro Last Light Get to the Church in the Nightfall Mission

The hero will reach the other side of the marsh. It is nightfall. The hero can hardly see anything. At the ferry raft landing site, pick up as many filters as possible. Then look for a decrepit building ahead. Go upstairs and look around for the night goggles. Be very careful here. This area is booby-trapped.

Put on the night goggles and go downstairs. Follow the green light flares and camp fires and go towards the fog covered graveyard. Here, watchers will attack the hero. Stealth past them or use your precious ammo to take them down. Then follow the red flags and encounter the giant preying mantis again. It appears to be toying with Artyom. Run past the monster towards the last red flag. Crouch and enter the ruined building beyond. Go up the elevator and explore the building. Notice a shining beacon of light being shone from the church. Collect as many filters as you can from the building and go towards the light.

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Metro Last Light Defeat the Big Preying Mantis Monster

Descend through the series of planks from the building and pick up some precious ammo from the ground. The hero's imminent rendezvous with the other rangers is interrupted by the big preying mantis monster. Defeat it.

Finally, the hero crosses the wooden tree bridge and gets inside the church. A safe haven at last from the monsters in this post-apocalyptic Earth. Or is it?

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