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What to Look for in Metal Detecting Gloves?

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When it comes to getting involved in a fun experience and activity like metal detecting, it sure is fun to explore and look at the various options open to you. This includes kitting yourself out with needed items.

For example, many people who go metal detecting do not realise the benefits of bringing a pair of quality metal detecting gloves.

If you are new to the prospect of wearing gloves when digging deep for treasure, then we recommend you take a look over our guide which will cover:

  • What matters when buying a quality pair of metal detecting gloves.
  • The benefits of wearing gloves when metal detecting.
  • Recommendations for the best metal detecting gloves on the market.

Let us take a quick look, then, at the key things that matter when it comes to picking out a pair of quality, reliable metal detecting gloves.

With so many options on the market today, choosing can seem harder than it should be; this guide, though, should make your decision a whole lot easier.

What Matters When Buying Metal Detecting Gloves?

Before you go ahead and buy a pair of quality metal detecting gloves, you first need to know what to actually look out for when buying such a product!

Typically, we recommend that anyone looking to buy a pair of metal detecting gloves looks to try and find the following attributes as they shop around:

  • Thickness. You want to have gloves which are thick enough to cover your hands and keep them warm, but also thick enough to ensure that anything sharp or rough isn’t going to cut your hands either.
  • Protection. Whether avoiding a jaggy nettle stabbing into your hand or avoiding a sharp end on a piece of metal you have found, gloves offer that needed layer of extra protective covering you require.
  • Warmth. You want to make sure that anything you buy is also providing some kind of extra heat and warmth to your hands either through a nice fleece lining or by extra padded protection.
  • Waterproofing. Since you will likely be out in the rain and also out and about in areas where you might have to deal with water, having gloves that don’t allow the water to soak in/through is useful.
  • Space. You still need to have control over each of your fingers, though, so make sure you don’t buy gloves which are too thick to actually allow freedom of movement within your fingers.
  • Durability. You need gloves that can take a fair amount of punishment as you go about your day, so make sure that you have gloves which are designed with a thickness that allows them to last.

Focus on the above key factors, and you should find it much easier to go ahead and buy some quality metal detecting gloves which are worth the money you have paid.

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The Benefits of Wearing Gloves When Metal Detecting

You might think that wearing gloves is a bit excessive, and you might think that right up until you dig your hand into a soaking wed mound of mud as you look for that first precious find!

You might even wish that you had listened when you first need to deal with some near-frozen terrain, or when you first have to dig deeper and deeper into harsh, tough landscaping.

Even those who enjoy the art of digging deep will soon wish they had protected their hands, nails, and cuticles from all of the dirt and soil that is going to be stuck all-over your hands.

Why, then, might you wish to add some metal detecting gloves to your accessory case?

  • That is why you should definitely look to pick up some gloves if you wish to make the experience a touch more enjoyable – put simply, metal detecting gloves protect your hand from damage as you dig.
  • Instead of having to go in manually and risk stabbing yourself on something sharp or having to risk your hand getting hurt due to something dangerous, gloves help to add a very useful layer of padding.
  • This padding goes a long way to ensuring that your hands feel better, and it also ensures that your finds aren’t going to be hard to discover underground, as with gloves on everything sticks out more.
  • Another big benefit of wearing metal detecting gloves is protecting yourself from sharp and damaged edges. Not everything you find is going to be in pristine condition, so protection is vital!
  • On top of all this, though, you get to make sure your hands stay nice and warm as you go about your digging; this is very useful, especially if you are trying to dig on a typically British winter!

Buying the Best Metal Detecting Gloves

If you wish to go ahead and buy gloves that you know are 100% of the right quality, then you should take a look at gloves from Minelab. Minelab digging gloves have become a premium starting place for most.

Why? For one, Minelab is one of the most well recognised and well known names in the metal detecting industry; they are famous for creating MD-specific clothing, accessories, and useful items.

As such, you can trust that a pair of Minelab gloves can take the kind of challenges that you are going to face when digging for treasure; they are purposely made to be durable, tough, and reliable.

On top of that, they help to keep your hands nice and warm; this means that your fingers can work faster, meaning you can be more productive and ensure you get everything wanted on your trip.

At the same time, these gloves help to keep the heat in nice and tight so your hands never need to feel as if they are unable to move with any kind of agility.

The more that you do to take care of yourself when metal detecting, the more likely it is that you will head home with a precious haul. For that reason, focus on getting the best accessories that you can; including a pair of digging gloves!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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