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Mass Effect 3 Cure the Genophage Mission

Mass Effect 3 Priority: Tuchanka - Genophage Cure or Sabotage Mission

Is this a cure or a sabotage? Shepard's choices will make a huge impact on his war allies and his war assets

Is this a cure or a sabotage? Shepard's choices will make a huge impact on his war allies and his war assets

Mass Effect 3 Priority: Tuchanka Mission

In Mass Effect 3, the cure the genophage mission is also the Priority: Tuchanka mission. Shepard must accompany Eve, Mordin and either Wrex or Wreav to Tuchanka and spread the cure for the genophage through the Shroud. Unfortunately, the reapers have the same idea as Shepard, and have sent forth a special reaper to spread a poison through the Shroud. This will provide a synopsis of the monsters to defeat and the interesting items to pick up during this mission, and will discuss the tactics to activate the maw hammers and defeat the brutes and the Tuchanka reaper. Finally one of the endings or outcomes for the cure the genophage mission will be discussed.

Mass Effect 3 Synopsis of Priority: Tuckanka Mission

On arrival on Tuchanka, Shepard, Wreav and team exit the Normandy shuttle and meet with the other Krogan clans. Their meeting is interrupted by husks. Defeat them using the tactical cloak, shotgun and melee attacks. Head into the military vehicles and continue the mission. The military vehicles are stopped by some ripples and cracks on Tuchanka's ground. Exit the military vehicle and pick up all the items (includes Death Mask and Graal Spike Thrower amongst the more interesting items) on the ground, before speaking to the Krogan scout. This will end this part of the mission, and send Shepard underground into an ancient Krogan catacomb and city. Defeat husks, cannibals, marauders, ravages and the occasional brute on route to rendezvous with the military vehicle again. Tactics for defeating these enemies (brutes and ravages) may need to be revised. Also get acquainted with the mother of all thresher maws here. Finally Shepard and team come up with a plan to defeat the reaper guarding the Shroud tower – attract the thresher maw to the reaper with the maw hammers. This will be the most difficult part of the Priority: Tuchanka mission.

Mass Effect 3 Tactics to Activate the Maw Hammers

Shepard must activate the two maw hammers. There are two main ways to do this, either trying to defeat the brutes (about five or more of them here) and then activating the maw hammers, or just dash and roll your way past the brute and to the maw hammers. The latter approach is recommended here. When Shepard is ready to do this, jump down onto the lower platform, and this will start the Shepard vs the brutes vs activate the maw hammers combat scenario.

Make a dash straight ahead, and then tactical cloak before the first brute, so that tactical cloak will last longer, and the brutes will lose track of Shepard and go for his companions instead. Next turn left and head up the stairs. If tactical cloak dissipates and the brutes charge at Shepard, start rolling before the brutes hit Shepard. Heal up if hit, and also heal your companions, as this will allow them to distract the brutes. Continue dashing for the first control lever of the maw hammer, and activate this.

During the dash, Shepard must also be wary of the reaper stomping onto him. If Shepard is hit by the stomp, roll quickly and then recover and heal up before proceeding.

The way back and to the second maw hammer is actually more difficult, as tactical cloak may be in a state of cooldown here. Nevertheless, use the same tactics: dash and roll away from the brutes when they charge, and avoid the reaper's ground crushing attack. Heal up if hit. The second maw hammer is found down the stairs from the first one and to the left up the stairs again. Once Shepard reaches the second maw hammer, activate it and watch the cut scene as the mother of all thresher maws - Kalros engages the reaper in a titanic battle.

Mass Effect 3 Outcomes of the Cure the Genophage Mission

To win against the reapers with as much war assets as possible, Shepard must make the hard decisions in the cure the genophage mission. With the aftermath of the thresher maw vs reaper fight, for this particular ending, Mordin walks out of the military vehicle without Eve, who has perished in the mission. Mordin wants to go to the top of the shroud tower (which is falling apart). At this point, Shepard could have done the following to sabotage the cure for the genophage -

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  • In the military vehicle for the first time, not tell Eve of the sabotage.
  • In the military vehicle for the second time, not tell Eve of the sabotage.
  • Before Mordin goes up to the shroud tower, delay him from going in. Because Mordin knows Shepard from Mass Effect 2, he would guess that Shepard is attempting to sabotage the cure. This will lead to conversational options where Shepard hopes he has earned enough paragon or renegade points to stop Mordin from going into the shroud tower peacefully; otherwise Mordin will continue walking to the lift. There is only one option left when the renegade trigger point is activated at the lower right hand corner of the screen.
  • If Mordin survives the mission and has been persuaded by Shepard to support him in sabotaging the cure, then Mordin will be added to Shepard's war assets as he turns to working on the crucible
  • If Mordin succumbs to Shepard's determination to sabotage the cure, then he is not available as a war asset.
  • If Wreav is Shepard's krogan war comrade, and Mordin is dead, then Wreav will not know of the effects of the sabotage on the genophage cure, and will send in the following krogan troops to help Shepard in his war assets - Urdnot Wreav (25 military strength score), Krogan clans (250) and Clan Urdnot (300).
  • By sabotaging the genophage cure, Shepard will also have gained the support of the salarian dalatrass and the salarian forces as war assets.

By sabotaging the genophage cure, Shepard appears to have gained the best of two worlds (three if one counts the Turians as well). However, these hard decisions take its toll on Shepard's perfect face, as it begins to degenerate from the war scars and hard renegade decisions Shepard has to make........

This is only one possible outcome out of a few depending on how Shepard wants to play the mass effect 3 game. Experiment with the different outcomes and endings of the cure the genophage mission depending on what one wants to happen at the end of the game.

Using this particular ending in the Priority: Tuchanka mission, and if Shepard had been diligent in almost all the missions up to this point in the game, then Shepard's total military score would have exceeded 2000, and would likely have passed the minimum required in the war room.

On to the citadel........

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