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Mass Effect 3 Clear the Camp Mission

Mass Effect 3 Clear the Camp Mission

Mass Effect 3 Clear the Camp - Defeat the Brutes to Reach General Victus

Mass Effect 3 Clear the Camp - Defeat the Brutes to Reach General Victus

Mass Effect 3 the Story So Far Before the Clear the Camp Stage

In Mass Effect 3, the clear the camp mission is the final stage in the Priorty: Palaven mission. In the story so far, Shepard has to defend the Turian Command Post on Menae (Palaven's moon) from husks, maurauders and a brute. Shepard has to repair the command tower, fend off the husks and defend the airfield and then defend the command post from husks and the brute using turrets and other weapons. Finally, General Corinthus orders Shepard to save General Victus, set to become the new Primarch of the Turian forces.

Mass Effect 3 Squad Members and Preparations for the Clear the Camp Mission

Shepard has to prepare before the clear the camp mission. Dispatching Liara to the Normandy means that Shepard has the following squad members and their powers at his disposal - Garrus: powers include -

  • Concussion Shot
  • Overload
  • Armor Piercing
  • Proximity Mine
  • Turian Rebel

And James Vega: powers include -

  • Frag Grenade
  • Incendiary Ammo
  • Fortification
  • Carnage
  • Arms Master

Take a moment to run through combat scenarios in Shepard's head on how to tackle the clear the camp mission, using Shepard as the infiltrator, and then Garrus's and Jame's powers to complement this. To prepare for this mission, bring 4 med kits along and save before entering the camp.

Mass Effect 3 Synopsis of the Enemies Entering the Camp

This will run through a synopsis of the enemies and monsters entering the camp to allow Shepard to set up strategies and tactics to eliminate the enemies as they appear. When Shepard first enters the camp, marauders and cannibals will be pitched up at the far end straight ahead. The second stage sees cannibals arriving from the right hand side of the path in between the two buildings on the right (where turian troops are positioned high up). A brute will enter the camp behind the cannibals. The final stage sees marauders arriving from the same position, followed by two brutes. That's right – two brutes.

Scattered across the camp battlefield are med kits, a sniper rifle enhanced scope 2, and a Reaper Blackstar. The Reaper Blackstar allows for one powerful shot at the brute which will rip it apart. The Reaper Blackstar is located on a rock somewhere to the right and directly ahead of the entrance to the camp. Do not pick up (and waste) the med kit unless Shepard is already down from the maximum med kit capacity he has.

Mass Effect 3 Tactics to Clear the Camp

Here are the proposed tactics for Shepard the infiltrator to clear the camp:

  • when Shepard first enters the camp, hide behind the bottom of a long ridge and take down the first wave of marauders and cannibals from afar using tactical cloak and the sniper rifle.
  • when the second wave of cannibals and brute enters, change to Shepard's favorite shotgun, likely to be the katana M-23 at this stage. Tactical cloak and run out of cover and attack the brute when he comes charging down at Shepard.
  • to attack the brute at the camp, first concentrate Garrus's concussive shot and Jame's frag grenade at the brute. Then tactical cloak, and throw off an incinerate attack (only if Shepard has finished off the tree skill of tactical cloak and can release one bonus power before uncloaking) and then repeatedly fire off the shotgun at close range on the brute. If the brute is not finished, use the omniblade to finish it off. If Shepard is hit, use med kit to heal up, and run for cover before coming back to hit at the brute again
  • finish off the rest of the cannibals.
  • there is brief break before the final wave. Use this opportunity to run out and grab the Reaper Blackstar. On the way back, grab some med kits if Shepard is down in this area.
  • for the final wave, Shepard must unleash the Reaper Blackstar first on one of the brutes. Use tactical cloak, wait for the brute to come into plain sight, and unload the reaper blackstar (it takes some time to charge up).
  • run for cover as the marauders and the remaining brute will hunt for Shepard. Heal up under cover, and prepare to annihilate the second brute.
  • when Shepard is ready, repeat the tactics for the first brute on the last brute.
  • finish off the remaining marauders and cannibals and go speak to General Victus.

Battles rarely go according to plan. The war veteran Shepard should be able to use his instincts by now to attune his powers to the battle situation and adjust his tactics if things go wrong. For the clear the camp battle, the key words are – run for cover, cover, heal and massive damage (as much as possible) on the brutes.

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